iPad, Android, Kindle, or Windows tablets.

How can I stream all my music from my iPad?

Episode 1255

Bobbie from Hunting Beach, CA

Bobbie has ripped all her CDs and is trying to sync them to her iPad, but they won't sync. Leo says it's likely that her iPad is full and just can't take anymore data. Leo says she can manually manage her iTunes music, or she can use playlists. That way she can replace her playlists as needed. She can also use iTunes Match, which for $25 a year, will enable her to stream music from the cloud. She could also get a device that supports Bluetooth or AirPlay. Then she can stream to her home theater or Bose system.

What's the best tablet for $50?

Amazon Fire Tablet

Episode 1250

Doug from Santa Barbara, CA

Doug has heard there's a $35 to $50 tablet that would allow him to just surf the net. Leo says for $50, the best option is the Amazon Fire Tablet. It's just a 7" tablet, so it isn't very big, but that's the only one Leo would get for under $100. Amazon is essentially subsidizing the price of the tablet because it's an entry into the Amazon store to buy more content and products.

How can I turn my iPad into a secondary display for my computer?

Apple iPad Air 2

Episode 1247

David from Irvine, CA

David is looking for an app that will turn his iPad into a secondary display. Leo suggests Duet, which was written by former Apple Software engineers. He can make it mirrored or extended and it works on both Mac and Windows. It uses remote access from his computer. This requires a wired connection to the computer, though.

Do I have to have the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro?

Apple Pencil

Episode 1246

Roger from Lomita,CA

Roger wants to buy an iPad Pro and he wants to know if the Apple Pencil is for more than drawing. Leo says it can be used for anything, but Leo says that the $100 price tag is obscene. What about the keyboard? Leo says that the Keyboard is awesome. It's really a full case and it makes it much bigger. But the Logitech keyboard is $20 cheaper and has backlighting.

What eBook reader will read aloud to me?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Episode 1246

Gail from Covina, CA

Gail is looking to get a Kindle eBook reader and she wants one that can read to her. Leo says that the Kindle is good, but she doesn't really have to buy a separate eBook reader for that. The Kindle App can read to her as well, because it has something called Whisper Sync. She'll just have to be sure she buys the eBook that has an audio book option, and not all do. But Leo says that the Kindle Paperwhite is a great option.