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Why can't I find my downloaded files on my Android tablet?

Episode 1291

Paul from Corona, CA

Paul has updated to Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 on his tablet, but now he can't see any files that he's downloaded. Leo says it's likely that Paul is just looking in the wrong place and that he's actually downloaded his files and just can't see them. There are a few download files in Android, one for apps and one on your SD card. That's why Android has gotten rid of the SD card option. It's confusing. A third party file manager like Astro File Manager or ES File Manager will show you what you're looking for.

Should I buy a new iPad?

Apple iPad Pro Family

Episode 1287

Cricket from Santa Barbara, CA

Cricket has an old iPad and wants to know if she needs to upgrade to a new one or if she can upgrade to iOS 8. Leo says that everything from the iPad 2 and newer can run iOS 8 and it should run fine. Should she buy a new one though? Leo says not really. Apple is having issues selling iPads now because people just don't feel it necessary to buy a new one once they buy one. Sure, she can get a new one if she wants, but she doesn't need to. She should just go into settings and tap on Software Update.

Why am I getting flashes of vertical lines on my Android tablet?

Episode 1285

John from San Diego, CA

John is experiencing a brief flash of vertical lines against a white background on his Android tablet. He's swapped out the tablets more than once and wonders if this is a hardware issue or software issue. Leo says that since John is putting the same apps on the tablets, no matter which model he tries, that points to an app or software issue. Leo suspects that the tablet is making a quick adjustment in the video mode as it does in the app. It could be normal since it goes from tablet to tablet. The common denominator is the user, so that's where he can focus his troubleshooting efforts.

What's the best Android tablet?

Episode 1282

Gary from Buffalo, NY

Leo says that the Google tablets would be updated first, but frankly, it seems that Google's Nexus 7 and 9 have been somewhat abandoned with no updates in the last few years. He's concerned, though, that he won't be able to use LTE on AT&T. Leo says he'll want to make sure it shares the same band as AT&T supports. The Google Nexus 9 does support every frequency but 700mhz. Leo says that was a recent development and it's what he'll want.

Why won't my Kindle Fire hold a charge?

Amazon Kindle Fire

Episode 1282

Shelia from Chatsworth, CA

Shelia has a Kindle Fire tablet, but it doesn't hold a charge. Given the age of her tablet, Leo says that the battery is just worn out. Lithium ion batteries have a limited charging life, about 500 cycles. Once she's gone past that, she'll begin to see battery failure. She could try to contact Amazon and see if they can replace the battery. But she shouldn't spend a lot, as a new Kindle Fire is only $60.

Is the Sony's Digital Paper worth the money?

Sony Digital Paper

Episode 1281

Jeff from Atlanta, GA

Jeff wants to know more about Sony Digital Paper. Leo says it uses e-ink, and while it has extremely long battery life, it has traditionally had a problem with latency. Sony has a video that shows it keeping up with handwriting, so maybe they've overcome the latency issues. At $800, though, it's a bit pricey. But if it does what Jeff needs, being a digital yellow pad, then perhaps it'll be worth it.

Do I have to install updates on my mobile phone?

Episode 1280

Pat from San Pedro, CA

Pat keeps getting a notification of a security update on her Android phone. Should she do it? Leo says absolutely. Mobile phone companies have started doing monthly security updates to keep phones more secure and functioning properly. Being that it's from her mobile company (Verizon), it's safe. Leo says it may be a good idea to wait a day or two to be sure it works right.