Apps, Operating Systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux), or pro level software.

Can I run my phone apps on my computer?

Episode 1489

Linda from Quincy, IL
Android logo

Linda wants to know if she can run her Android apps on her Windows machine. Leo says that there is an emulator called BlueStacks which is supposed to give Windows users that functionality. But Leo's experience is that it isn't all that consistent. And Leo says this is something that people are starting to want, and why developers are being encouraged to create Progressive Web Apps that run in the cloud.

How can I repair my car operating system?

Episode 1488

Paul from California

Paul is getting a Windows CE error in his car. Leo says that Windows used to have a car edition and it sounds like the firmware has become corrupted. Hyundai wants $3,000 to fix the radio. Leo recommends going to another dealer. The trend is to just replace things, rather than try and fix them. Paul should check out They may have a fix or a solution, and they are big supporters of the right-to-repair movement.

Why can't I update my Linux computer?

Episode 1487

Tom from Hawaii

Tom uses Ubuntu, and lately, he's ran into issues updating his HP computer. Leo says that Linux only works on a computer that has drivers that are written for it. When people update, they may run into issues where their drivers have been "broken." It's often a video driver issue. Starting over and trying again will cause Linux to choose the right driver and continue. But if not, then it's a driver or hardware compatibility issue.

Why is my computer so slow?

Episode 1486

Kevin from Malibu

Kevin says his computer is running really slow using SuperFetch. Super Fetch is a memory manager that's supposed to improve performance, but in this case, it seems to not be doing the job. Leo suggests disabling it. It'll be in his services menu. If that works, then he'll know SuperFetch is the problem. More likely, because Kevin only has 4GB of RAM, running SuperFetch is slowing it down because it pre-caches.

Why can't I open my files?

Episode 1485

Cavin from Carolina
Adobe Illustrator CS5

Calvin uses Adobe Illustrator CS5, and his files won't open anymore. Leo says it sounds like the files have been corrupt or damaged. It may also be that CS5 can't read older CS2 formats without converting them. Backups don't work either. Leo says it sounds like the files got corrupted, and then synced to the backups, overwriting the healthy files.

Adobe has a tech note "Troubleshooting Damaged Illustrator Files". It's possible that reinstalling the software will help.

Why won't my computer turn off?

Episode 1482

Arnie from San Fernando, CA
Process Explorer

Arnie gets constant updates on Windows 10, but the last one won't let him shut down the computer. It starts to shut down, the screen goes black, but the computer won't turn off. Leo says it's a failure of Windows update, where it stops the shut down process until all programs are closed out. Many services are running in the background and they have to shut down before the computer turns off. If there's a bad process that won't stop, it causes the computer to stay on, crashing the computer. It's very common. To diagnose it, Arnie should look in Task Manager and see what's running.