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Should I save all of the video I shoot?

Episode 1409

John from Amityville, NY

John has a mobile studio in an RV that he uses to allow people to cast anywhere. They use the TriCaster and his question is about saving all the streams on hard drives. Leo says that backing up that data and saving it is important, but he can spend a lot of money saving it all. Leo only saves that which is pertinent to the show, although he records 24/7 for replay purposes. But then they edit out dead footage for the online archive.

John should check out

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1409

Chris Marquardt

Chris is just finishing up a book on Wide Angle Photography. The human eye is roughly 180 degrees from one edge of the human eye to another. A shorter focal length than 50mm is considered wide angle. The larger the number in mm, the narrower the angle. The thing about wide angle is that you have the advantage of being able to include more information in the image. They're great for portraits and landscapes. But the downside is, the wider the angle, the more distorted the image will look. Suddenly your subject's head will look larger, or features on their face will become exaggerated.

How can I create enhanced HDR photos?

Episode 1407

Burke from Richmond, VA
Google Photos

Burke wants to know if he can create enhanced images in Google Photos like HDR? Leo says he can do some basic enhancements through Google Photos, but for real HDR, he'll be better off using Photomatix. It's not cheap, though, at $100. There's probably some cheaper ones out there. He should check out Topaz Studio and for other recommendations.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1407

Chris Marquand

When shooting the solar eclipse, Chris recommends stacking ND filters and never look directly at the sun. Leo says that BMWMRC is the one he uses. Chris says that's one of the best. It's German, so of course!

Chris also just had one of his top photo seminars, a week long workshop on photography and he decided that we could join in too with a list of great projects to try and practice with:

How can I bypass the recording limit on my camera?

Episode 1406

Lou from Arizona
Cinema FV5

Lou is a comedian and he's having issues with recording video using his DSLR. It stops after about a half hour. Leo says that is a restriction of the European Union, but here in the US, there's several firmware updates and hacks to disable it. The best is the Magic Lantern for Canon. If he does a Google search for Panasonic GH4 hacks, he should be able to figure it out.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1403

Gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) is a common malady with photographers who think that upgrading their gear or getting more gear will make them better photographers. It's not really the case, usually. But Chris says that getting better gear can help by expanding the toolset you can use to take pictures. As long as you actually use them. But often, a trip will trigger GAS in them.

Today's topic is shooting a solar eclipse. There's an eclipse coming in a few weeks (Aug. 21) and Chris has a few tips on how to shoot them:

What's the best app for organizing photos on my phone?

Episode 1402

Craig from Carlsbad, CA
Google Photos

Craig wants to know what photos app to use for his camera? Leo says that he likes Google Photos because it will do an automatic sync backup of all his photos every day. The problem is that his phone has its own photo app as well and so he'll end up with more than one copy of a photo, and it's hard to organize them that way. And it won't pick up where he left off. Apple's Photos app does. But Android phones don't have that capability and neither does Google Photos.