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How can I create 360-degree stills and videos?

Woman with VR headset on

Episode 1475

Shawn from Tampa, FL

Shawn is an architect, and he has invested in some 3D technology that allows him to do walkthroughs and 360-degree video. The background format he uses is called a Skybox. He wants to be able to go out to a client's land and put together his own background so he can give the clients an idea of what it will be like as a finished product. Leo says that the Skybox file format is particular to Enscape, but he says it's also easy to convert to another format. He should look for a way to convert Skybox to a YouTube video or Facebook.

How can I get rid of duplicate images on my phone?

iCloud Photos

Episoide 1473

Glen from Malibu, CA

Glen has a ton of images on his iPhone and some are duplicates. How can he get rid of them? Apple says he has to delete them one at a time. If Glen has them backed up to iCloud with the iCloud Photo Library, he can enable "optimize disc space" on his phone. That will replace the full-size versions with smaller versions on the iPhone, while iCloud keeps the full-size versions. But once he deletes them, they get deleted from iCloud as well.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1466

Chris wants to talk about shooting Macro today and there are some great little lights you can get that can be used to light things up close without overwhelming the image. Little tiny LED lights that are dimmable are great for that. You can find USB powered ones on Amazon. The LED light on your iPhone can work as well since it's dimmable now. There's also gooseneck USB extensions that you can move and control exactly where you want the light to shine.

How can I put a polarizing filter on my point and shoot camera?

Neutral density filter

Episode 1462

John from Long Beach, CA

John wants to know how he can add a polarizing filter to his point and shoot camera. Leo says some of the point and shoots have screws on the front that would allow him to add a filter, which is the easiest way to do it. There's a variety of polarizing filter he could get, and generally, he'd want a circular one. If he doesn't have threads on the point and shoot, he'll need some way to mount it on there. John also looked at a magnetic filter, but his camera doesn't have that either.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1462

Chris says that when you're taking photos, you need think about what is really important about it. What is the subject? What story is it going to tell? What is the image about? Decide what is important in your photo and make the shot about that. Here's how:

1. Look at what's going on around your picture. What background will work best with your subject. Walk around until you find something that's interesting.
2. Make the subject more important. Put the subject in a frame, like a window or a doorway, or maybe next to a tree that has a branch overhanging.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1458

Chris wants to talk about Kodak Coin, a new cryptocurrency created by Kodak to give photographers and other artists a means by which to get paid online for their art. Chris says that Kodak is going to do an initial coin offering, or ICO, that will enable people to buy into Kodak Coin. Leo says that Kodak is just jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, and Kodak is just slapping their brand on cryptocurrency. But it could be a benefit to photographers to manage their assets and get paid for it.

Chris Martquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1456

Today Chris wants to talk about photography in winter time. There's some tips to make your image better when it's cold.

1. The winter sky is often grey, so try and avoid it.
2. Embrace the grey sky and use a graduated filter to increase the contrast so it doesn't blow out.
3. Look for color to add contrast. Winter is all white and gray, so adding color will make it pop.
4. Add color yourself.
5. Get up early. The frost on the leaves in the early morning, the fog, and sunrises are very magical in the winter time. Capture it.