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Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1452

Chris Marquardt

This week's photography topic is investment. You can invest in your gear, sure. But Chris says it's more important to invest in learning technique. Learning manual exposure, image composition, aperture priority. How do you learn? By doing. Looking at other people's photography. Good coffee table books are an excellent source. Workshops. Leo likes to go to and look at what better photographers are doing. Chris says that is an excellent way to learn, by surrounding yourself with better photographers. Learn how they see light.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1449

Chris Marquardt

Just in time to do some holiday shopping for your favorite photographer, Chris has a few ideas for you:

1. Black Rapid WandeR. This is a carrying case for your mobile phone that has a wrist strap. Never drop that iPhone X! $16

2. Aputure ALM9 Pocket-sized LED light. LED light balanced with an included orange gel. Multiple levels of light. Great for product photography or adding a little bit of fill light. $45.

How can I safely delete duplicate photos on my hard drive?

Episode 1448

Scott from Arlington, TX
Fast Duplicate File Finder

Scott is expecting his hard drive to fail soon, so he's been backing up his data. He has over 12,000 photos, and he knows that some of them are duplicates. Leo says that de-duplication is tricky because he has to preserve the originals while getting rid of the extras. If he's not careful, he could get rid of an original due to a false positive. So Scott will want an app that not only looks at the file name and size but actually deep dives into the data inside it.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1447

Chris Marquardt

With Winter, there's a lot of overcast skies and snow, and that means we're spending more time inside. So Chris says it's time to begin practicing your photography by shooting something from different angles to practice your photo composition. You can do that indoors with your iPhone where it's nice and warm! Just take a picture of a flower vase, for example. Also, pay close attention to how light falls on your subject and how the colors look. How does the color change with light or angle? This will help you understand what light and color does and how to manipulate it on your subject.

Why don't new DSLR cameras have screens that swivel on the back?

Episode 1445

Mark from Singapore
Nikon D850

Leo isn't sure why more manufacturers don't have this, but his Sony A9 does have that. He can hold up the camera above his head and still see what he's shooting, or hold it down by his waist. It's great to be able to get different perspectives like that. Ironically both Canon and Nikon offer movable screens on their low-end cameras, but Mark wants one on a full-format prosumer model. Leo saw a report from Canon Rumors that Canon has patented a very large swivel display for a 1DX style mirrored camera. They don't offer it yet, but they have the patent.

How can I do Chroma Key?

Episode 1442

Trent from Australia

Trent is a video teacher and he wants to do live Chroma Key with green screen with his kids. How can he do that more affordably? Leo says that lighting is everything. He'll want to be sure the lighting is smooth and even, and doesn't cast a shadow on his green screen. Then he can use software like ManyCam. It works great, according to the chatroom. Wirecast is another option, and it is 30% off for Black Friday.