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Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1458

Chris Marquardt

Chris wants to talk about Kodak Coin, a new cryptocurrency created by Kodak to give photographers and other artists a means by which to get paid online for their art. Chris says that Kodak is going to do an initial coin offering, or ICO, that will enable people to buy into Kodak Coin. Leo says that Kodak is just jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, and Kodak is just slapping their brand on cryptocurrency. But it could be a benefit to photographers to manage their assets and get paid for it.

Chris Martquardt on Photography

Episode 1456

Chris Marquardt

Today Chris wants to talk about photography in winter time. There's some tips to make your image better when it's cold.

1. The winter sky is often grey, so try and avoid it.
2. Embrace the grey sky and use a graduated filter to increase the contrast so it doesn't blow out.
3. Look for color to add contrast. Winter is all white and gray, so adding color will make it pop.
4. Add color yourself.
5. Get up early. The frost on the leaves in the early morning, the fog, and sunrises are very magical in the winter time. Capture it.

Should I buy an iMac Pro for my photography hobby?

Episode 1454

John from Savannah, GA
Apple iMac Pro

John is retired and photography is a serious hobby for him. Should he buy a new iMac Pro, and how much RAM should he get? Leo says that If John was a pro, then the iMac Pro would be a good idea. But the 2017 5K iMac is not only just as good, it can actually be faster using single core configurations. So why spend the extra money? He should go with the 2017 iMac and configure it to his budget. 32GB of RAM is plenty, but he should avoid the Fusion drive. They cause more problems than they are worth. He should get a spinning drive to plug into it for his data.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1450

Chris Marquardt

Chris has a new podcast called The Future of Photography. The field is in a massive revolution right now, with so many new things you can do with your smartphone to take pictures and artificial intelligence that can analyze different parts of the image and adjust them accordingly. There is a lot of computation that's now going on with cameras, making them just as much a computer as they are a camera. The software can even adjust distortion that comes from using a lower quality lens.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1452

Chris Marquardt

This week's photography topic is investment. You can invest in your gear, sure. But Chris says it's more important to invest in learning technique. Learning manual exposure, image composition, aperture priority. How do you learn? By doing. Looking at other people's photography. Good coffee table books are an excellent source. Workshops. Leo likes to go to and look at what better photographers are doing. Chris says that is an excellent way to learn, by surrounding yourself with better photographers. Learn how they see light.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1449

Chris Marquardt

Just in time to do some holiday shopping for your favorite photographer, Chris has a few ideas for you:

1. Black Rapid WandeR. This is a carrying case for your mobile phone that has a wrist strap. Never drop that iPhone X! $16

2. Aputure ALM9 Pocket-sized LED light. LED light balanced with an included orange gel. Multiple levels of light. Great for product photography or adding a little bit of fill light. $45.

How can I safely delete duplicate photos on my hard drive?

Episode 1448

Scott from Arlington, TX
Fast Duplicate File Finder

Scott is expecting his hard drive to fail soon, so he's been backing up his data. He has over 12,000 photos, and he knows that some of them are duplicates. Leo says that de-duplication is tricky because he has to preserve the originals while getting rid of the extras. If he's not careful, he could get rid of an original due to a false positive. So Scott will want an app that not only looks at the file name and size but actually deep dives into the data inside it.