Any device that connects to the computer, such as a printer, scanner, monitor, keyboard or mouse.


Jim from Northridge, CA

Episode 866

Jim wants to scan some pages and then edit the text. Leo says that’s called Optical Character Resolution (OCR) and it will give you various results. It’ll never be perfect. ReadIris is the best OCR program out there.

Can I get an adapter cable to plug my printer with parallel port to USB?

Episode 912

Dave from Glendale, CA
Parallel Port card

Dave has an old HP laserjet and he's getting a new computer and is worried that he won't be able to use it. Leo says he can get a parallel to USB cable, but the drivers won't see it. One possibility is that HP makes JetDirect, an Ethernet connection for printers. Dave could instead get a Parallel port card to install in the desktop and that would allow him to see the printer.