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I have a bricked One Plus One!

Ron from Anchorage, AL

Episode 1118

Ron had a One Plus One, and it's a great phone, but the customer service is terrible. His phone broke and he's had a hell of a time getting his problems addressed. Leo says you'd have to send your handset overseas after logging to their website and communicate via eMail. And it's tedious. But considering the cost you paid for the phone ($350), there's no margin to offer support. Leo says it's a desirable phone, at an impressive price, but if support is bad, that's a bad thing.

What does Leo think of the One Plus One phone?

David from Pennsylvania

Episode 1118

David recently got the One Plus One Android phone, it's the one where you have to get an invitation in order to buy it But Leo says the price is right at $350 for 64GB. It's rooted, running Cyanogen Mod, so there isn't really any "kruft." And David is using a kind of kluge of routing it through his vonage VOIP account to call Leo.. But Leo is concerned that One Plus One just needs to open it up for everyone to buy. It was initially good marketing, but the time has come to open it up to let people to just buy it. Why are they doing it this way?

How can I get old text messages onto my new phone?

Neil from Phoenix AZ

Episode 1117

Neil bought an ICON Windows phone, but he's thinking of returning it because Google isn't syncing right. Should he buy an iPhone. Leo says that the new iPhone 6 is probably the best phone experience you can get. And it supports Google very well. But Leo says you can attach your outlook account to Google through the settings by using Yahoo as the middle man. So you connect the Windows Phone to Yahoo, and then connect Yahoo to Google. You can do the same thing with LinkedIn. And they're free.Once you have that connected, then you can go to Google natively and have all your contacts.

Leo Tries to Get iPhone During the Wee Hours

Episode 1117

The iPhone 6 was previewed on Tuesday, with Preorders to be handled starting on the 12th. And Leo started calling at midnight and went to bed empty handed around 3am. Just as he expected. The larger iPhone will be a huge interest and it's also the one with supply shortages. Leo wanted the larger one because of the larger screen, better image stabilization (optical), and better battery life. But aside from that, the 4.7" and 5.5" are the same.Leo was finally able to get a 5.5" through Sprint for his mom and a 4.7" through Verizon for himself.. Which one should you get?

How can I keep data secure on the iPhone?

Episode 1116

Adam from The Bronx, NY

Adam has been keeping his bank information and passwords in the notes section of the iPhone, and he's wondering how secure that really is. Leo says that having different passwords for every account is a good thing and using a password manager is the best way to handle them. So take that next step and get LastPass. He should also turn on second factor authentication on every site that supports it.

How can I get the widgets back on my HTC One M8?

Episode 1116

Clark from Puerto Rico
HTC One M8

Clark just bought an HTC One M8 Android phone, and his widgets have somehow vanished. There's no widget tab. Leo says go into settings and make sure his apps and settings are backed up. Once that's done, he can to do a factory reset. But then he'll have to download all of his apps again. At least he'll have it back to normal, though.

The chatroom recommends going into the apps system settings, and go into nova launcher and clear the cache. He can even uninstall the third party Nova launcher if he doesn't like it.

How can I backup my Android Phone like iCloud?

Episode 1116

Jonathan from Hollywood, CA
Samsung Galaxy S5

Jonathan just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S5. He wants to know if Android has a backup option similar to iCloud. Leo says there's no way to backup everything, but Android will backup apps and settings, which include Wi-Fi Passwords, to his Google account. That way when he logs into his Google account with a new phone, it'll restore his apps and settings automatically.