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Is there an app that helps me with snoring?

Ed from Valencia, CA

Episode 1157

Ed has a problem with snoring and wants to know if there's an app that can help him. Leo says if you have an Android phone, Sleep as Android will actually monitor your sleep patterns and record snoring. This can help you discover if you're snoring. There's also a grid to show you how much snoring and when. It'll even record you talking in your sleep. On the iPhone - SnoreLab. Leo also says that BreatheRight strips help. But only a physician can really help cure you of something serious like sleep apnea. But it will help you determine if you need to see a doctor.

When will the Samsung Galaxy SVI come out?

Bradley from Pensacola, FL

Episode 1157

Bradley wants to know when the Samsung Galaxy SVI will be out. Leo says that Samsung will announce it at the Mobile World Conference in March 2-5, and likely it'll be out by April. There will also be a new M8 phone from HTC.
Is it a good idea to use alcohol to clean your screens? Leo says not at all! There's a special coating on screens that will be dissolved by alcohol based cleaners. Leo recommends KlearScreen.

How can I replace my network adapter?

Ron from Hollywood, CA

Episode 1157

Ron's Dell computer is having trouble connecting and he has a hunch the network adapter is dying. He's tried different software and that really doens't work. Leo says that the adapter is soldered to the motherboard and to fix that would require changing the motherboard. But you can buy a USB-Ethernet network connector for $12. That's a good work around. Pick one up at

Do I need a data plan to use the FLIR thermal imaging attachment on my iPhone?

Episode 1156

Mark from Menasha, WI

Mark has a FLIR attachment for an iPhone 5 that does thermal imaging. Can he use it on a phone without a data plan? Leo says it should work, unless it requires data in the app. But it's worth a try. Gazelle sells used iPhones. He'll probably have to have an iPhone 5 or later though.

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Why can't I hear directions through Google Maps?

Mary from Orange, CA

Episode 1156

Mary got a new Scion automobile and she can connect her phone to it, but it doesn't work right. She can't hear the turn by turn directions when she connects her Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to it. Leo says that there is a setting for it to play over the music. Doctor Mom in the chatroom says she had a similar problem and she says to start over with the Scion. Forget the pair in her Scion Bluetooth settings, and then repair it. Leo also says to look in the navigation settings in Google Maps to change the volume on the voice settings. There's also a 'mute' checkbox there.

How can my iPhone be using so much data?

Jim from Yorba Linda, CA

Episode 1156

Jim has an iPhone 5 through Verizon and he's being nailed for "excessive use of data" with charges over $300 a month, and he has no idea why because nothing has changed in his usage. Verizon claims he's using up to 1 GB a day! But he isn't using even close to that. He doesn't stream video, and is rarely listening to Pandora. Leo says that going into the usage meter in the settings, he can see what the phone thinks he's using. Is the hotspot turned on? Streaming video can easily get 1GB a day if he's not careful.

Why can't people play the videos I shoot with my iPhone?

Episode 1156

Amy from Newport Beach, CA
iOS 8

Amy is having trouble sending videos to Android with her iPhone 6. Leo says the problem is likely with AT&T and it should be fixable. Text messages are handled with SMS, while video and photos are sent via MMS, or through Apple's Message. So it's likely Amy's MMS is misconfigured. Leo says to talk to a genius at the Apple Store and ask them to fix it.

Is the Apple storage lawsuit legit?

John from Carlsbad, CA

Episode 1156

John is curious about the lawsuit against Apple regarding the stated storage capacity vs. the actual capacity. Leo says that while it's true that when buying an iPhone (or any smartphone) that half of the storage is used by the software and operating system, that's true of hard drives as well. Most people understand that. It is true that the 8GB iPhone users were left wanting when trying to upgrade to iOS 8, though (you need 5GB for it). But most class action lawsuits are started by law firms that get the lions share of the settlement.