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Why can't I cast my phone's map app to my car's LCD screen?

Richard (The Old Chef Guy) from California

Episode 1507

Richard bought a new Ford car and he's trying to use his Google Pixel 2 with it. It's having issues showing up in the dash. Leo says that Android Auto is what many of the new cars use. But his Ford uses Apple Car, and it may not support projecting the maps from his navigation app to the main screen. The Pixel 2 is a type C port and you can use audio out. But Video may be an issue. It wouldn't be an unusual thing for the manufacturer to omit video from the Type-C connector. Would he be able to hotspot the video to a Google Chromecast that has been installed in the car?

Why does my iPhone screen go black when using Facebook?

Episode 1505

George from Victor, MT
Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

George has an iPhone 7 Plus and the screen goes black when he's in Facebook. Leo says that it's possible that his case could be squeezing the phone, causing it to shut down. Also, restarting the phone once a week will clear out any code that could cause problems.

Scooter X says that in iOS 9, there was an issue where Facebook would go dark. So George should make sure he's updated. While he's at it, he should just uninstall Facebook and download and reinstall the app. There could be a problem with Facebook. There was something similar happening a few years ago.

Why can't I connect my iPhone to my TV?

Episode 1505

Tim from Murrietta, CA
Apple TV 4K

Tim has an iPhone 6S and when hooking it up to his smart TV, nothing happens. The TV says it has the signal, but nothing happens. It has worked in the past. Leo says that it sounds like HDCP may be the issue. That's digital copy protection. Everything in the chain has to be HDCP compliant to work. But that should only be an issue if he's watching YouTube or a movie. It should work with photos and home videos no problem. Tim says a friend's iPhone works though. Leo says it sounds like an iOS issue, then.

What's a good cheap phone to use with the Wyze Cam?

Episode 1504

Jean from Valley Village, CA
Wyze Cam

Jean wants to get a Wyze Cam, but she can't control it without a phone. So what's a good budget mobile device to buy for it? Leo says that any sub $100 Android phone or tablet should do the trick. But she'll also need internet access with a wireless router or wireless access point to be able to access it from anything. Or she can use a microSD card in the camera itself.

Can I use my phone data plan with my laptop?

Episode 1503

Brett from Fontana, CA
Verizon JetPack

Brett needs to connect his laptop to his phone and use it as a hotspot. Leo says that the iPhone does have a hotspot mode, but some carriers will want to charge him for the privilege. He can enable it in the phone's cellular settings. Then he can connect his laptop to his phone via Wi-Fi. This will be impacting his data plan though, so he should keep that in mind. But if his connection keeps dropping, that sounds like an issue with the laptop.