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Why can't Siri text for me?

Episode 1226

Alex from Los Angeles, CA
Siri on iPhone and Apple Watch

Alex is having trouble with Siri and using his contacts in iOS 9. Leo says that sometimes connecting a third party app like Facebook to contacts will cause multiple entries and that can confuse Siri. Especially if the contact in question has no phone and has the same name as the one that does. So it would be a good idea to merge his contacts. He should log into iCloud as well and see what his contacts look like. It's likely that Siri is just using a contact that has no number so it can't call or send a text. Merging the contacts will fix it, and it'll clean up his contacts as well.

What's a good phone for the elderly?

Episode 1226

Sam from San Diego, CA

Sam's mother needs a larger phone for her failing sight. Leo says that many elderly people don't want a smartphone, they just want a phone to call with. There are plenty of phones out there that are accessible for older folks, like the Jitterbug. It's got huge buttons, an amplified speaker, works with hearing aids, and has a larger screen. It's well designed. Sam can get it from

Where can I get a 3 amp USB Type C charger for my Nexus 6?

Brian from Santa Ana, CA

Episode 1226

Brian can't find a third party Type C charger for his new Google Nexus 6. He thinks that at $25, the Google one is overpriced. Leo says it's not bad. Type C connectors can be inserted either way, and it has the advantage of being able to charge via USB 3.1, which will transfer data far faster. The Type C 3 Amp charger will support quick charging, but does he really need it?

Google Announces New Nexus Phones and Chromecast Devices

Episode 1225

Google Nexus 6P

Google had an event this past week where it unveiled two new Nexus phones and Chromecast devices. The Nexus 5X is the smaller and less expensive phone, and the Nexus 6P is the more premium model with a larger 5.7" screen. These phones have decent specs for the price, with great cameras and screens, and big batteries. The new version of Android, code named Marshmallow, will be delivering better battery life as well.

How can I route my business calls to my iPhone?

Episode 1225

Benny from Phoenix, AZ
iPhone 6s

Benny just got hearing aids and he's trying to transfer his work calls to his iPhone so he can hear them through his hearing aids. Leo says that the Starkey App for the iPhone is great. But to route his business calls to the iPhone is a challenge. RingCentral has an app that can route it to his iPhone, but whether it works in concert with the Starkey app is another story.