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Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 worth the upgrade?

Episode 1130

Joe from Coda De Casa, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Leo says that the Note 3 is still a great phone. But the Note 4 has a far higher resolution with 500dpi. The Camera is highly improved. The Note 4 is far more Google and has less of a Samsung presence. If Joe's due for an upgrade, he may as well consider it. But if he bought a Note 3 recently, no real need to upgrade yet. But eventually he will want to.

CVS and Rite Aid Block Apple Pay

Episode 1130

Apple Pay

Apple users were enraged that Rite Aid and CVS are blocking Apple Pay, and are even boycotting them. Both Rite Aid and CVS used to have "tap to pay" terminals, and they worked prior to the release of Apple Pay with Google Wallet. Even right after Apple Pay started, customers were able to use their iPhones at Rite Aid and CVS successfully. But now Rite Aid and CVS have disabled all "tap to pay" terminals, including both Apple Pay and Google Wallet in favor of its own rival payment system called CurrentC.

What phone would work best with Outlook and Google?

Episode 1130

Paula from Los Angeles, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Paula is thinking of switching from the Samsung Galaxy SIII to the iPhone 6 Plus. She uses Outlook, and was told it's not a problem to use with the iPhone. Leo says that syncing Outlook isn't really a good solution because Google killed the ability to sync with it. Since Paula is currently using Google Calendar and Contacts on Android, it would be best to just stick with that.

How can I translate emails with my smartphone?

Episode 1130

Craig from Mansfield, OH
Kyocera Hydro

Craig emails back and forth with someone in Germany, and he needs to be able to translate the German to English. He uses a Kyocera Hydro and finds himself having to write out the emails on paper and then type it into Google Translate. Leo isn't sure if the Kyocera has a copy/paste command, but if it does, he can select the text in the email and then copy and paste it into Google Translate. He can't get the browser on the Kyocera to work properly with Google Translate though, either.

I disagree with the move to block Apple Pay.

Episode 1130

Tom from Warren, OH
Apple Pay

Tom heard Leo talk about Walmart's new CurrentC/MCX payment option. Leo says that they're the king of loyalty cards, but it's complicated. Tom did use Apple Pay at Panera and it was really easy and worked great. He just put his thumb on it and it deducted money for his coffee. Nice and easy. It even told him how long ago he used it and where so he can keep track of his purchases.

Why does the Wi-Fi drop out on my iPhone?

Episode 1129

Byron from Crystal Lake, IL
iPhone 6

Byron's internet radio cuts out when he's listening on his iPhone running iOS 8.1. Leo says that intermittent Wi-Fi has plagued iOS for years, and Leo says that the nature of the beast is to have drop outs. But since iOS 7 it's really been a big problem. Leo says that Apple must be doing something odd because it's a common complaint.

Wi-Fi can often be promiscuous and can jump from access point to access point, dropping the signal. It could be the metal cases causing the problem. Byron can reset or update the firmware of the router. That could help, but the fix is elusive.

What cell phone carrier is best?

Episode 1129

Zack from Folsom, CA
Cell phone

Zack wants to know what cell phone carrier would be best for him. Leo uses all four to keep up with them and he says they're all terrible. Bad customer service, expensive, and monopolistic. Out of all of them, T-Mobile is probably his favorite, especially because it works well in his area. They have great plans including a $30 a month data plan with 100 minutes of calling. It's hard to find, but it's there. Leo likes T-Mobile's "we try harder" attitude. By and large, they are the best of the worst.

How can I maximize battery life in my Android phone?

Episode 1128

David from California

David got a Google Nexus 5 phone and he's concerned about battery life. Leo says that's the main problem with modern mobile phones -- they don't last through the day, which is why he likes phones that have removable batteries. What about killing programs and tasks that are running? Leo says that today's modern phone operating systems don't require task management anymore.

How can I get an unlimited data plan with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

Episode 1128

Jason from Warren, NJ
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Jason wants to get a new Galaxy Note 4, but he doesn't want to lose his unlimited data plan. Leo says that AT&T is always looking for a reason to take unlimited data away from those who are left using it. And frankly, most people who have it don't use that much data and they're really paying for what they don't use. Either Jason could get a plan that would cover the data he uses, or he could go to T-Mobile and get unlimited. Most of their plans are unlimited, but would throttle his speeds after he reaches a certain limit.