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How can I listen to AM on my iHome dock?

Phyllis from Studio City, CA

Episode 1292

Phyllis has an iHome radio dock that only plays FM radio. What gives? Leo says that' seems to be the trend now in hardware. it saves you a little money with only one antenna. Doctor Mom says it's a dock and as such, you can stream AM from it through your phone. Leo likes to use TuneIn. It's free. So you don't have to return it.

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Why won't my bluetooth work in my LG G4?

Joe from Yucaipa, CA

Episode 1292

Joe's LG G4 has an issue where the bluetooth keeps turning off. Leo says it sounds like a hardware error. What it could be is that the bluetooth doesn't connect and it just gives up. Doctor Mom says that unless you pair the bluetooth, it may just turn off automatically. But Joe can't get that far. You could just do a factory reset and see if that solves the issue. If not, then it's time to send it back.

Is my iPhone hacked?

Donald from California

Episode 1292

Donald's wife went to a well known adult film site on her iPhone is infected. He gets a popup that says "call for Apple support" and they want $35 to fix it. Leo says it's not usually possible to hack the iPhone, so it may be a modified Safari home page instead. So go to the settings and make sure it's set to a benign home page like Google, the same with the search engine. While there, clear your history and website data. Then reload and see if it pops up. Also turn on block cookies. That should solve it.

How can I get my memos back from my Android phone?

Joel from Simi Valley, CA

Episode 1292

Joel has a Samsung LCS 5 and it's acting crazy with bluetooth, Wifi, and it keeps turning on sync. And his memos are missing? What gives? Leo says that you may have your Samsung sync turned on by mistake. If not, then it may not be possible to get your memos back. You can reset the phone though and at least get it back to the day you bought it.

Why does my Launcher crash on my Android phone?

Keith from Orange County, CA

Episode 1292

Keith has an 1st Gen Nexus 7 running Kit Kat. The launcher crashes after quitting certain mainstream apps. Leo says that you can try a different launcher. Leo uses the Nova Launcher. Google's Launcher is a good option. Apex is good at keeping your icons done. . Even Microsoft has one. Try Nova first though. Leo says he's used it on his 2nd Gen Nexus 7 with no issues. Version Kit Kat 4.4.4. used trim, so that should help. You can also do a factory reset to bring it back to it's original configuration. Leo says that the launcher is definitely the way to start.

Google to Add Google Play Store to Chromebooks

Episode 1289

Google announced that it would be adding the Google Play Store to its Chromebooks starting this fall. As of now, Chromebooks only were able to run things inside the Chrome browser with extensions that would have limited functionality offline. The announcement at Google I/O this past week means it will be possible to run nearly all Android apps on the Chromebook. Some of those apps may still be specific to phone use, but this would mean the Chromebook would suddenly be able to run photo editing apps, Microsoft Office apps, and much more that wasn't ideal in a browser window.