Downloading, streaming, or encoding music and movies.

How can I market a book online?

Episode 940

Christine from Frazier Park, CA

Christine has written a book and she went to CreateSpace, where she published in both paperback and Kindle eBook. She says that it's important to be precise in revisions and instructions to editors. But now that she's published her book, how does she get the word out and market it? She has a website, blog, Facebook fanpage, and store. Leo says it will help to link all of them so she can update easier. Does she need a publisher? Leo says not really. The online stuff that Christine has already done will work.

How can I prevent the static I have in my headphones?

Episode 940

Dwight from Alta Dena, CA
Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Dwight is a voiceover artist for a new newsreading app called Umano. He applied, interviewed, was hired and is paid online. He is using the Blue Yeti which is the best mic for his work, but sometimes he gets static feedback in his headphones. Leo says that isn't supposed to happen and there's a short circuit in the mic which is sending voltage into the headphones.

What are the alternatives to iTunes?

Episode 939

Kyle from Yorba Linda, CA
Apple iTunes 11

Kyle is moving to Android and would like an alternative to iTunes. There are a few he can consider:

  • Media Monkey
  • This is Leo's favorite. It does everything that iTunes does in Windows.

  • DoubleTwist
  • This has a nice WiFi sync feature. The chatroom says it even will preserve star ratings from iTunes. Since Kyle doesn't have to remove iTunes to try this, he could try it out and see if it gives him what he needs.

Is The Hobbit in 48 fps really better?

David from Camarillo, CA

Episode 935

David worked on the The Hobbit by supplying aerial camera equipment for the helicopter film scenes. He saw the movie in 48p and he found it odd looking. Leo says he's a Peter Jackson fan and loves Lord of the Rings, and he's interested in seeing it for himself. But there are those who say that The Hobbit is not the ideal example because of how it was made in HFR. Leo has a hunch when 48p is the norm, we'll look back and wonder what the big deal was about.

Why can't I play DVDs on a projector from my laptop?

Episode 933

Jay from Whittier, CA
Epson Powerlite

This is because of copy protection. To play back a Blu-ray and project it, all of his hardware has to be compatible with HDCP copy protection. Anything in the chain will throw it off. Leo says that unless the laptop has an HDMI connection, it's likely that it won't support it. In fact, Powerlight is largely for powerpoint presentations. Another thing to try is turning off hardware acceleration. He could try the mirroring feature with the projector as the primary display.

The Hobbit Movie Sparking Controversy Over 48fps

Episode 932

The Hobbit

The Hobbit will be shown in several different ways, including 2D, 3D, IMAX and the new 48 frames per second. Most movies are shot in 24 frames per second. When there are as many as 48 frames per second, it stands to reason that it would look more realistic. Some people, however, think it actually just looks weird, and less realistic. There's too much detail and too clear, so it takes away from the film quality that people are so used to.

How can I import DRM protected music from iTunes to Google Play?

Don from Lake Forest, CA

Episode 931

Don dumped his iPhone for an Android Galaxy Note 2, and he loves it. Now he wants to move his music from iTunes to Google Play. Some of his music is protected by copy protection, though.

Leo says copy protection has been recently dropped by carriers, but if he has songs that have DRM on them, the easiest way to remove that is to turn on iTunes Match to match all his copy-protected songs. They'll upgrade them to DRM free songs at greater quality. Then he can delete all his copy-protected songs. After he does this, he should be able to import them into Google Play with no trouble.