Downloading, streaming, or encoding music and movies.

How can I stream content I purchase across various platforms?

Episode 984

Michael from Glasgow, KY

Michael has been buying movies from iTunes, but he can't play them on the Roku streaming. Leo says unlike music from iTunes, movies and TV shows are still burdened with copy protection, and are only allowed to play on Apple devices. This is one of the reasons why Leo tends to stream movies from Netflix, rather than download them. Amazon is another option if he's a Prime member because movies and TV episodes are streamed freely.

Is there a way to watch the NFL on the Roku?

Episode 975

Nick from Devine, TX

Nick has AT&T U-Verse and a Panasonic Viera TV. He wants to completely cut the cable cord and watch all of his favorite sports online. Leo says it depends on the sport because some professional sporting leagues have a more open approach to the internet than others. Nick likes football, and Leo says that the NFL is gradually moving toward streaming. The SuperBowl was streamed live this year and last year.

How can I capture images from a DVD? (Part 2)

Steve from California

Episode 972

Steve would also like to capture images off of a DVD, but it won't let him do it. Leo says that is an antipiracy measure. DVD players won't allow it. There's always a way around it, though.

He can go into his video card properties setting and turn off video acceleration. Then Cmd-Shift-3 will capture it. Another option is to use VLC Media player to play his DVDs.

Technology Proves to Be Two Edged Sword in Boston Bomber Case

Episode 971

While it's likely that the terrorists learned how to build their bombs from information found on the Internet, it was the high resolution security cameras, thermal imaging, and personal cellphone cameras that helped identify the Boston Bombers to ultimately bring them to justice.

Privacy advocates are very worried that there's no more privacy in a society that has security cameras everywhere, but Leo says that maybe we have to rethink that since those cameras were instrumental in finding the Boston Marathon bombers.

How can I license music affordably for business?

Petros from Chino Hills, CA

Episode 970

Petros has a fitness business with bootcamps and he has locations all over the world. He wants to deliver a monthly mix tape. Leo says that copyright won't allow that and he'll have to license that music in order to play that in his business.

One way he can bypass it is to use Pandora. Pandora has a business version starting at $25 a month that takes care of all the license fees. XM Satellite radio also has a business service.

Is DRM a good idea for eBooks?

Bob from Pasadena, CA

Episode 964

Chris has created a new website called Cruise Port Insider, which gives the inside track of what to do when you're "in port." Leo says that's a great idea and wonders if Chris crowd sources the data. He's also created eBooks for cruisers to download. On Amazon, it asks about digital rights management so he's wondering if DRM a good idea for eBooks. Leo says he doesn't like DRM. It doesn't protect the content creator from piracy, because the pirates can always defeat it. All DRM does is frustrate legitimate readers.