Downloading, streaming, or encoding music and movies.

How can I troubleshoot a sound card issue?

Chuck from

Episode 1023

Chuck says that his Windows Media Center has lost all it's sound. Leo says it could be as easy as a bad or loose speaker wire, or most likely a corrupted sound driver. It could also be a poorly coded video which prevents the audio from being played. Leo recommends playing it with VideoLan's VLC Media Player. If you can hear the audio, then you know that Windows Media Center is causing the issue. If it doesn't, then Leo recommends playing back with headphones. If that works, then you know it has to be your sound cables.

Can I get a copy of an eBook I've bought in iTunes?

Jim from Orange County

Episode 1012

Jim needs to get an audio book to another device from his iPod, which has broken. Leo says that the only way to do it is to download it to another Apple "iDevice." He should be able to go into iTunes, look for the little "cloud" next to the title, tap it, and it should download again. He can also download through the iTunes desktop client.

Jim is also interested in Ting. Leo says that TING is an MVNO that resells Sprint service on a month to month contract. Ting is also a sponsor of the Tech Guy podcast.

How can I stream from my tablet using Chromecast?

Episode 1009

Steve from Malibu, CA

Steve lives 30 miles outside of LA and he's stuck using Dish. All he watches are movies and Network news. Leo says that he could cut the cord, but he doesn't have great Internet access. He has DSL that's fast enough to stream, so he wants to know if he needs anything else but the Chromecast to stream content. Leo says that Chromecast has an app. He can turn his TV to the Chromecast player and then enter the Wi-Fi access configuration information.

New Jobs Movie: Thumbs Up or Down?

Episode 1005

Leo saw the new Jobs movie Thursday night with only 7 other people in the theater, and five were in his party. He said the acting wasn't so great, particularly Ashton Kutcher. Woz was nicer, and while the acting was fine, it was inaccurate in its portrayal of factual depictions. Leo also said he felt bad for how characters around Steve Jobs were portrayed. "I've never been in a movie that made me both angry and bored" says Leo.

Leo says the only thing that Kutcher has going for him is that he looks similar to Jobs with the beard, but that's about it.

Why are eBooks so terribly laid out?

Tim from Nashua, NH

Episode 1002

Tim agrees that eBooks are taking over, but he says that a lot of the new eBooks are filled with typos and are terrible PDF scans of real hard copy books. Leo says we saw the same thing in the early days of DVDs. That's why he suggests reading reviews of eBooks on Amazon before he buys. Leo also says that in today's wired and connected economy, customers talk to each other and it's really foolish to take the easy road when flirting with new technologies. If people see bad reviews that complain, people won't buy. That said, eBook sales were up 43% last year, with 457 million sold.