Downloading, streaming, or encoding music and movies.

Netflix Changes Strategy, Launches Original Content to Compete with HBO

Episode 951

Leo is back from the Super Bowl, and he says football is a lot like the tech world. High risk, high reward plays in football can result in a touchdown. Much like an app, such as Instagram. Then there's companies that grind out a running game, and switch directions - pivoting when there's trouble up ahead. Leo says that's Netflix.

Super Bowl Streamed in More Places This Year

Episode 950

Last year, the Super Bowl was streamed solely on Verizon's NFL app and a record number of people watched the stream through it - more than any other live sporting event. This year, it's being streamed through, and the Verizon NFL app. Leo says that live event coverage is the last great domino to fall for cord cutters. We're not quite to the era where we can get our entertainment content direct from the studios, but we're close.

How can I get my music from iTunes so I can keep it? (Part 2)

Episode 948

Adam from Putnam Valley, NY
iTunes Match

Leo says to get iTunes Match for a year and replace all his music with 256kb AAC unprotected music. Then, he can do anything he wants with it. Unfortunately, with digital music, he doesn't actually own those files -- he's merely leasing it for his lifetime. They're licensed to him and him only. Since they are unprotected files, though, he could give them to someone else, but they will have his email address in it since they are licensed to him.

Steve Jobs' Bio Film Not Very Accurate, Says Apple Co-Founder Wozniak

Episode 947

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin is doing a biography of Steve Jobs (JOBS) starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. The clip released shows Jobs convincing Steve Wozniak to build a personal computer. Woz says it's woefully inaccurate. If anything, it was the other way around -- Woz had to convince Jobs to create the home PC, and Jobs was only interested in how it can be a business.

How does streaming work?

Tony from Kentucky

Episode 945

Tony was streaming while he's on the road and the TV show stops every so often. Leo says that's called "buffering," which is when the stream has to stop for a second while it waits for all the data to be downloaded in order so it can continue. Sometimes a packet of data will get lost or delayed, so the media has to stop and wait for the data packets to "catch up". It usually has to load 30 seconds of the content before it can start playing again. If it's starting and stopping all the time, that usually points to an internet bandwidth problem.

Is there a way I can capture The Tech Guy radio stream with my app? (Part 2)

Episode 944

Eric from Torrance, CA
Radio Rip

Radio Rip for Android will capture online radio streams, but many streaming providers block access to such apps because they would want him to use their app in particular. Leo's show is streamed through Clear Channel's iHeartRadio app. Radio Rip captures mp3 streams, which is not how most commercial radio stations stream. Unfortunately it just isn't compatible with apps like Radio Rip.

How can I get iTunes Match to work on Windows?

Episode 941

Peter from Wisconsin
iTunes Match

Peter has signed up for iTunes Match, but he keeps getting an error message that says "try again later" whenever he starts iTunes in Windows, citing an "unknown error 4001." There's a solution at that says if he turned Match off and back on again, it would fix it. Leo says that's crazy and probably won't do a thing. Apparently if he turns it off with the shift key held down, that will disengage all the Match services. That's an odd fix, but worth a try.