Downloading, streaming, or encoding music and movies.

How can I license music affordably for business?

Petros from Chino Hills, CA

Episode 970

Petros has a fitness business with bootcamps and he has locations all over the world. He wants to deliver a monthly mix tape. Leo says that copyright won't allow that and he'll have to license that music in order to play that in his business.

One way he can bypass it is to use Pandora. Pandora has a business version starting at $25 a month that takes care of all the license fees. XM Satellite radio also has a business service.

Is DRM a good idea for eBooks?

Bob from Pasadena, CA

Episode 964

Chris has created a new website called Cruise Port Insider, which gives the inside track of what to do when you're "in port." Leo says that's a great idea and wonders if Chris crowd sources the data. He's also created eBooks for cruisers to download. On Amazon, it asks about digital rights management so he's wondering if DRM a good idea for eBooks. Leo says he doesn't like DRM. It doesn't protect the content creator from piracy, because the pirates can always defeat it. All DRM does is frustrate legitimate readers.

How can I get my iPod Touch to start playing podcasts where they left off?

Episode 960

Bob from Florence, AZ
Media Kind in iTunes

Bob has an iPod Touch connected to Ford Sync via USB. When he stops the car, he loses his place in the podcast he's listening to. Leo says iTunes and the iPod is set up so that if it stops in the middle of a song, it would start over, but if it's an audiobook or podcast, it would start where it left off. It does this based on hidden data in the file to tell the iPod what type of file it is.

How can I backup and organize video?

John from Temecula, CA

Episode 958

John is a photographer for a local high school and he shoots images. He needs to organize both stills and videos and get them up to the cloud. Leo says that putting video up to the cloud just isn't practical. He'd need what Leo calls "more bandwidth than God" to upload video. Upload speeds are just too slow. According to Wolfram Alpha, at 50mbps (which is high), it would take almost two days to upload 1TB of data if nothing else was being done. Slower connections could take up to 61 days for 1TB! Rely on backup hard drives that he can take off site. It's far cheaper as well.

How can I fix my DVD recorder?

Episode 951

Morgan from Southern California
Panasonic VHS/DVD Recorder

Morgan has a Panasonic VHS / DVD recorder and she's trying to record TV sequentially on her DVD. She gets error messages, though. Leo says that the recorder could be finalizing the DVD as it stops recording. It could also be the media discs that Morgan is using. They could be cheap or defective. There are companies online that sell DVD sampler packs. She can also try DVD-RW discs. Morgan is having trouble with both formats, however.