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How can I use the internet in China?

Episode 1122

Allen from Hawaii
Great Wall of China

Allen is going on vacation to Beijing, China next week and wants to know what apps he can use on his phone. Will he also be able to use remote desktop? Leo says they call China's restrictions the "Great FireWall of China," and access to the internet is strictly controlled and constantly changing what they block. Wikipedia has a list of sites that is constantly updated that shows what websites are blocked and what aren't.

What equipment do I need to start vlogging?

Todd from Chandler, AZ

Episode 1121

Todd has a business and wants to start doing video blogging, or "vlogging." What equipment does he need? He'll be starting from his desk but he wants to know what camera to get. Leo says it depends on what Todd is going to be doing. Todd wants to have a set with a background screen. Leo says that in Todd's case, a camcorder with an external microphone jack is a good option. DSLRs do this. Point and shoots would help keep within his $500 price range and the video quality is really good.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1121

Because Leo is going to London tomorrow, Johnny says that trick is that stores will charge you a transaction fee if you want to pay in dollars. Just let the credit card charge in local currency and you'll save money. Unless your card has a foreign currency transaction fee. So check the fiine print. How about getting cash? Johnny Jet says to go to the ATM machine. Don't go to the exchange, and don't go to the hotel, they really get you. Also T-Mobile offers unlimited 2G data for free. That's cool. Also don't pay with a credit card when using a taxi, they charge you a fee as well.

How can I keep Adobe Flash from crashing?

Episode 1119

Kimberly from Maui, Hawaii

Kim says her Adobe Flash plugin keeps crashing. She's removed it and reinstalled it, but it just keeps crashing no matter what she does. Leo says that Flash is a nightmare and it's one of the reasons why Apple withdrew support from it. It's being dumped by other companies as well. Even Adobe has decided to abandon it. Unfortunately, it's still necessary online.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1119

Johnny is back in LA and wants to talk about the Jet Blue emergency landing. Johnny says it was huge over social media and he's been part of emergency landings. They can be scary. Johnny is going to be taking a British Airways safety course that teaches how to react during an emergency landing. Leo says he wants to do that and Johnny says he can sign up when he's in London.

What happened to my internet service after I changed phone companies?

Episode 1120

Catherine from Alta Loma, CA

Catherine got lured to a new phone company to save money and now she's lost her internet service. She was promised that Verizon would maintain her Internet even though she changed services. Leo says that Verizon owns the copper wire, but since she's no longer using their service, she can't have access to the internet. She would have to use whatever DSL that the other phone company offers. Leo says it sounds like she was bamboozled by a promise they had no intention to keep, so Leo advises going back to Verizon.