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Johnny Jet

Episode 1149

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet run in the New Year by slumming it in the Hawaiian islands. Leo wants to know what Johnny thinks about hotels blocking WiFi and Cellphone signals to force them to use paid WiFi.Marriott says it's because of "security reasons," but it's apparent because they want to protect the $15 a day or more charge for crappy WiFi. Johnny says it's BS. He's a fan of Marriott, but he's totally against that. Leo says he thinks they'll eventually back down. If people are legally tethering they shouldn't be blocked.

How can I scan and organize my documents?

Episode 1148

Paul from Lake Forest, CA

Paul would like to scan documents, organize them, and save them online. Leo says he can pick up a scanner and scan his documents. To organize them, Leo recommends using Evernote. He can scan directly to it, and then Evernote will categorize them automatically. Another option is Neat Receipts, a software utility that will work with his scanner to scan and organize receipts.

Net Neutrality Still the Biggest Story of 2014

Episode 1147

Net Neutrality

In spite of smartphones and the Sony Hack, Leo says that the biggest tech story of the year is still the battle over Net Neutrality. With the FCC trying to put rules in place that would give ISPs the ability to give certain paid traffic preferential treatment, instead of treating all bits the same, Net Neutrality has never been more important. But those who control the "last mile" of the Internet, are determined to make the Internet more like cable, rather than have it be open and free.

How can I get rid of Trovi?

Mary from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1146

Mary wound up getting a program called Trovi installed, and she can't get rid of it. Trovi is a lot like Conduit, and it's a browser hijacker that often comes with free software. Some don't think it's malware, but if it tricks the user into installing it and makes it difficult to be uninstalled, then it's definitely malware. And shame on CBS, which owns, for allowing this junk to be installed onto people's computers. Mary can remove it in Add/Remove Programs, but she'll also have to change her browser settings or it could come back.

How can I start my own internet radio station?

Episode 1146

Louis from Ontario, CAN
Radio Microphone

Louis wants to experiment with ShoutCast. What is an affordable Shoutcast server hosting service? Leo says that he doesn't recommend running his own internet radio service and it could even be a violation of his ISPs terms of service. Leo recommends using They have a free version and paid version. It's where most people go for this live streaming option. It also does playlists.

Why can't I view a YouTube video with https?

Episode 1146

John from Ottawa, ONT CAN

John has been given some YouTube links that have "https" in their URL, and he can't view them. Leo says that those links are encrypted and Google has been pushing towards https for all video links to prevent hackers from taking advantage of it. Https uses a time-based certificate, and if his computer hasn't been updated or doesn't remember the date, he may not be able to read it because the certificate isn't valid according to the PC. John should check his clock. He should try logging into a different account and see if that changes things.

How can I get Yahoo Mail on my iPad?

Episode 1145

Nancy from Redding, CA
Apple iPad

Nancy is having trouble getting her Yahoo email using the iPad Mail app. Leo says there is a good Yahoo Mail client that works really well. Leo thinks that Yahoo itself is a frustrating experience and Leo prefers to use Gmail. She could tell Gmail to go get her Yahoo mail for her and download it into her Gmail account.

She also saw that her mail was automatically deleted from her Yahoo account. Can she get it back? Leo says it shouldn't automatically delete. Leo advises getting rid of Yahoo and using Gmail.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1145

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is in Canada for Christmas. Here's his quick seating tip for holiday travel. When you can't get seated together, here's your best chances for getting people to move so you can: Offer your aisle or window seat. And if you have to sit together, try bribing someone.