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What alternatives do I have to ad revenue on my website?

Les from Dublin

Episode 1216

Les thinks that website advertising is coming to an end. Google is taking more of the pie and ad revenue isn't really there anymore because AdSense has changed. He isn't really sure how that is changing, but he needs alternatives to raise more revenue from his website. Leo says one of the reasons that ad revenue is dropping is because usage of AdBlockers is exploding. People don't want ads on their surfing experience because they believe they're being tracked and they don't like the fact that it slows down loading times. It also goes against mobile bandwidth caps.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1215

This week, Johnny talks about something that American Airlines is doing. If you fly American, be aware that AA tries to sell you a "preferred seat," which only gets you closer to the plane entrance. So it's kinda of a rip off. What you really want to pay for is Main Cabin Extra, which gives you extra leg room. Johnny recommends going to to find the seats you want. Also check out Skytrax, it's like Trip Advisor for airlines.

Why can't I sign up my son for his own Apple ID?

Josh from Sun City, CA

Episode 1214

Josh wants to set up Family Sharing so that his son can access purchased content without having access to everything else. He went to create a separate Apple ID for his child, but Apple said it requires a credit card to verify that Josh is an adult. Apple says he could use a credit card to confirm it, and then remove the payment information afterwards. But Josh doesn't have a credit card, and Apple doesn't seem to have any way around that. Leo says Apple is really missing the boat here by not offering some sort of backup verification option. Leo suggests writing to Tim Cook.

Why am I getting survey pop ups when visiting websites?

Ron from Hayden, CO

Episode 1214

Ron can watch TWiT on Internet Explorer with no problem. But when he gets on Firefox, he has trouble with popups of surveys. Leo says that's not his site, that's for sure. Leo suspects that it's an issue with Flash. Internet Explorer has Flash built in, as does Chrome. So it sounds like maybe there's an issue with no Flash being installed, and Firefox might have a browser hijacker object that's popping up.

How can I unsubscribe from a bunch of email lists?

Elliot from Boston, MA

Episode 1213

Elliot wants to clean up his email box. Leo suggests Leo says it's a free service that goes through your inbox and unsubscribes you from mailing lists. Elliot will have to give it access to his email, and unfortunately, it only works with a limited number of providers. Leo says that one thing he can do is create a maildrop email, one place that he will only use for signing up for stuff like newsletters. That way if they sell that email address, it doesn't matter.

Google Announces New High Performance Router

Episode 1213

Google announced a new router called OnHub, but it's not cheap at $200. It has 13 antennas in it to guard against congestion. It looks at each of 11 bands periodically and switches to the best, uncongested band for best performance. It also has "Quality of Service" so users can prioritize web traffic. And you can control it via your Android or iOS device. It runs on and Leo has a hunch it's for home automation.

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How can I prioritize online gaming with my router?

Brant from New York

Episode 1213

Brant has an issue that when he's gaming online, and someone else starts streaming Netflix, suddenly he gets a lot of latency. Leo says that's just because his bandwidth goes down because there's so much being used. One thing Brent can try is QOS (quality of service) where he can set his router to prioritize bandwidth traffic through the ports that gaming and streaming apps use.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1213

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is on a river boat cruise through France. Johnny is talking about traveling through Heathrow, when connecting from the US to Europe, transiting can be a nightmare security-wise. It's very strict. So Johnny has learned to remove everything in his bag ahead of time if he has to go through security so there's no delay. Take it all out of your pockets too.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1212

Johnny Jet

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