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How can I boost my Wi-Fi and 4G reception?

Dave from Carson City, NV

Episode 1264

Dave just bought an RV and he's looking for a booster for Wi-Fi and 4G Internet reception. Leo says truckers use Wi-Fi antennas and many have magnets. As for 4G, Leo says he won't really need one for that. It either works or it doesn't. And in areas of limited reception, the chatroom says that Weboost makes them for $200. It's essentially a 4G repeater.

What crowdfunding site should I use for my personal project?

Scott from Jasper, GA

Episode 1262

Scott wants to do medical weight loss surgery and he wants to raise the money to pay for his share of the cost. Which crowdfunding site should he use? Leo says that GoFundMe is the best for a personal project like weight loss. Chances are he's going to get most of his help from friends and family, and people he knows on Facebook. Another option is Patreon.

What cloud backup service won't give up my data to the government?

Robert from Escondido, CA

Episode 1261

Robert needs online storage or backup with privacy/security that won't surrender to the government. Leo says he'll want a "trust no one" system. SpiderOak is the one that Leo suggests. File Transporter is a cloud based solution, but it's localized to his drives and they just sync to one another. But the internet is always a risk. Plus, Leo says Robert should always encrypt his data before uploading it to the cloud.

How can I get rid of spam in Gmail?

Richard from Westminster, CA

Episode 1260

Richard has Gmail and he keeps getting rid of junk email. Leo says that using Apple's Mail utility may not be working well with Gmail, or his Gmail filter may not be working right. Rather than just deleting them, Richard should go to and press the "spam" button on email that he doesn't want. Then Gmail will learn what he considers as spam and stop allowing it. Gmail's spam filters are very good at learning what is spam and filtering it out.

Do I have to upgrade from Windows XP?

Annie from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1260

Annie still uses Windows XP and can't afford a new computer. Leo says that using XP is fine, but she's going to want to use a better browser like Chrome to keep her web surfing more secure. But Google is going to stop supporting XP, so Firefox will be the best. If she's going to keep using XP, here are a few steps to protect herself since Microsoft has stopped supporting it:

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1259

Johnny Jet

Travel Site - It tells you the exact time where you are, or where you want to go, from over 7 million different locations. It'll also tell you sunrise and sunset times.

Travel App - Washio. Available in six cities - Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Just log in and order. They will come get your clothes, wash and press them, and return them. 15 lbs minimum. They will even dry clean it. Available for iOS and Android.

How can I get the same rate for travel when searching online?

Sandy from Orange County, CA

Episode 1259

Sandy hears that airlines can raise the price of a ticket if she doesn't buy it right away. Leo says that's true. Browsing an airline will put a "cookie" in the browser which will save the information and the site will then see she's been there and raise the cost. Leo recommends clearing her cookies, or better yet, browse in incognito or private mode. That way she's always looking with "fresh eyes" and they don't know who she is until she's ready to check out.