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What's the best internet alternative to Frontier?

Don from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Episode 1288

Don is a Verizon customer and they just got bought by Frontier communications and now his FIOS internet speed has been cut in half, which is worse than dial up. What can he do? Leo says that Time Warner cable is probably his best bet for broadband. They just got bought by Charter Communications, though. Cable is usually better than DSL, but it also depends on how it is in his area. As for phone service, he can just keep it or simply cancel it. He should make sure he gets a DOCSIS III modem if he goes with cable, though.

What's a good camcorder for video podcasting?

Episode 1288

Isaiah from San Bernadino, CA
Canon Vixia HF

Isaiah has a video podcast and he's looking for a better camera with which to shoot not only in his studio, but also on location. Leo says that camcorders are on their way out, but they're still around. He'll want one that has live video out (via HDMI is best) that he can then connect to his PC (the HDMI port has to be on his PC as well). It really comes down to how much he'll want to spend, and if he already has a still camera, then chances are he already has a camera to do the job.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1287

Johnny Jet

This week's website - Tired of the long TSA lines? Check out I Hate the Wait. People are taking pictures of their TSA lines and posting them with the tag line #IHateTheWait. Airlines are even complaining about people missing their flights because of the TSA checkin. Johnny says that's why it's always best to get to the airport several hours in advance. Bring a book, check in unhurried and then wait. Also get TSA Precheck. But even that can be a 20 minute wait. The TSA gives suggested wait times, but it's not really that accurate.

How can I limit the amount of data Windows uses?

Episode 1287

Doug from Salt Lake City, UT
Windows 10 Start Menu

Doug uses Verizon wireless for his home Wi-Fi and he's rather shocked in how much he's been using the last few days. He's only really checking email and such. Leo says that in Windows 10, under the control panel, there is a data usage tab on the Network and Internet. It'll show him how much data has been used and which app has been using it. This can help narrow it down. He should also check his browser history. And he shouldn't leave his browser open if his computer is left on.

How can I have an anonymous free email?

Tim from Moorpark, CA

Episode 1287

Tim wants an email service that allows him to be anonymous. Leo says that ProtonMail is in Switzerland and they offer this service, but they will expect a secondary email address. Another option is Hushmail. It's not a free service, though.

Tim should remember that even with anonymous email, they still do have his IP address. And if someone really wants to find him, it's pretty hard to be invisible on the internet.