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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1358

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet had to get a last minute ticket to New York when a family member suddenly passed away. So Johnny now suggests keeping some of your miles in a bank just in case you need to fly at the last minute for an emergency. Also, if you want to use your miles for a vacation, plan your vacation at the last minute and fly standby. Often times, that's when you'll get the best deal. What's the best airline for miles? Johnny says it's Alaska Airlines, where you can get one point for one mile flown.

Where can I get a cheap or free database for my non profit?

Episode 1358

Peter from Lake Geneva, WI

Peter has a non profit and he's looking for a database to keep track of his clientele. Leo says that BatchBook is good. It's $35 a month, and free to try. Other options include Donor Snap and NonProfitEasy. Leo says that there's probably some free solutions as well. Peter should check out for more suggestions.

What can I do if there's no broadband in my area?

Episode 1358

Eric from Ft. Worth, TX
Fiber Optic Cable

Eric built a house, but there is no internet connection or cable in his community. So the builder is suggesting buying cellular data as a solution. Leo says that sounds like a lawsuit in the making. Leo says that Eric's only real solution other than cellular is satellite, and although it's getting better, it still has severe bandwidth caps. Leo says logging a complaint with the state Public Utilities Commission could help, but it sounds like it's up to Eric to look for wireless solutions.

Why does my tablet buffer when I stream?

Episode 1357

Bret from Wood-Ridge, NJ
TWiT YouTube Live

Bret says that watching the TWiT Stream on his tablet buffers while his desktop doesn't. Leo says that the tablet is likely not powerful enough and has to buffer. It fills up the memory with frames so he can stay ahead of the stream, and if he's watching a higher resolution stream, that takes up even more room. His PC has larger memory buffers to handle it with no hesitation, but it can buffer as well, depending on the network traffic. Both will also get dropped packets.

How can I upload video while traveling?

Episode 1357

Ron from Rome, ITALY
SanDisk USB 3.0 flash drive

Ron is driving an RV around Europe. He wants to be able to upload all his 4K videos to the cloud. Leo says that he can upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. Both support 4K, but he won't have sufficient bandwidth to do that. Leo recommends saving them to an external drive and then shipping them home. Or he can just send thumbdrives, which he can get as large as 256GB now. Shipping them would be the most efficient way to back them up. Uploading, even at an internet cafe, would take forever.

Is my Amazon Dot secure?

Episode 1356

Steven from Las Vegas, NV
Amazon Echo Dot

Steven is worried that his Amazon Dot could be hacked since it becomes a Wi-Fi access point during setup. Leo says it only becomes an access point during that setup process, and after that it turns off. This does bring up an interesting issue, however, about how the Dot communicates with the device used for setup. Is that communication encrypted? Leo thinks it probably is, but there's no password required to access the Dot during setup, so we don't really know.