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Why am I getting popups to install a media player? (Part 1)

Ron from Downey, CA

Episode 1063

Ron checks out eBooks on his PC and he's now getting popups demanding that he install a Media Player 12.2. Leo says that it may also be a malware installer or adware that's trying to dupe him into installing it. He should just ignore it. Leo says they are so annoying and malicious, it should be considered malware. It's also likely that Ron has a Browser hijacker on his PC. He should go into "add/remove programs" or the "programs/features" control panel and uninstall anything he doesn't recognize. Leo also recommends he stop running his computer as an administrator.

Bitcoin's Satoshi Nakamoto Found, and His Name Is...Satoshi Nakamoto!

Episode 1063

Bitcoin's Satoshi Nakamoto found, and his name is...Satoshi Nakamoto! Reporters from Newsweek Magazine claim to have found the Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, and he's been hiding in plain site in Southern California. Some believe it's a made up story and can't believe that a man who was obsessed with privacy enough to create an anonymous digital currency would keep his own name. Leo says that Nakamoto is in hiding and may be at risk since the last president of BitCoin was found dead in Singapore. Other BitCoin companies have been going bankrupt due to theft.

Why are movies in Chrome showing up so small?

Derek from Petaluma, CA

Episode 1062

Derek is having problem with Google Chrome in Windows XP playing video. Leo says it's important to make sure Chrome is up to date. He should go to Help > About Google Chrome, and make sure it's green and checked as "up to date." He should also clear out his extensions. Extensions are great, but they can slow down the browser. Chrome uses it's own version of Flash, so the version of Flash he installed may be corrupt. Derek should make sure he has an updated video driver. Windows XP did something odd with video using hardware acceleration.

How can I backup all my pictures and videos online?

Richard from Crawley, UK

Episode 1062

Richard is trying to back up about 300GB of photographs and videos. He's using Dropbox and it's expensive. He's also tried Carbonite, but it takes too long. Leo says that's because his upload bandwidth is really slow. Amazon has a more affordable option called Glacier. It costs pennies per GB, but it's cheap because he won't have access to it immediately.

Will switching web hosts affect my Google search ranking? (Part 1)

Sam from Costa Mesa, CA

Episode 1061

Sam has a website, but he'd like to move to SquareSpace. Will it affect his Google ranking to change web hosts? Leo says that as long as Sam doesn't change the URL, it won't. The web ranking is tied to the domain name itself. In fact, a good web host will have tools that will help Sam improve his web ranking. Things like Site Maps, for instance. Leo says Sam can change domain registrars as well if he wants.

Johnny Jet and the Dog Vacation

Episode 1061

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet just got back from Hawaii and there was huge news that Delta Airlines has rewritten frequent flyer rules which now will be based on ticket price, not miles flown. So business and first class flyers will love it because they'll benefit greater from it. Those who fly and try to get the best deal will hate it. Basically, it'll be 5 miles for every dollar spent, silver, gold and platinum will get $1 more for every level.

How can I stop getting spam from people?

Tom from Simi Valley, CA

Episode 1061

Tom has been getting spam email from people who have had their email address hacked. Leo says that there are programs that can be used to spoof random email addresses since email programs have a "reply to" section that can be used with any email address. So it's likely the email address wasn't hacked, but that someone is just spoofing them. Leo says to use GMail because they have better security. Google's spam filter is far better because it's collaborative. So Tom should report it and then it'll get blocked.

How can I upload a video to YouTube from my phone?

Hammid from Danbury, CT

Episode 1060

Hammid made a video on his phone and wants to upload it to YouTube. Leo says it's never been easier to upload to YouTube. He just has to log into YouTube through the settings of his phone and then share it straight from the phone. Or, he could just connect to iTunes, get the video off it, and then upload it. YouTube also has an app to do this. Hammid could use the YouTube Capture app, which will shoot the video and upload it automatically.