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How can I get my iGen teen to get out of the house?

Mason from Corona, CA

Episode 1410

Mason is a huge gamer. Leo says that's not surprising. Middle age men are the largest segment of gamers right now. He is a mentor for an iGen teenager and he's worked hard to get him to understand that this stuff is for entertainment, and can't interfere with real life. It's fine to play at home, but if there's something else he can do, get out and do it. In other words, don't let it get in the way of other stuff. Leo says to find something fun that's outside to balance out their indoor activities.

Why am I getting error messages in my browsers?

Bob from Walnut Creek, CA

Episode 1410

Bob upgraded to Windows 10 and now he's getting low memory errors when he browses. Leo says that when a program gives you an error message, it's almost always wrong and worthless to the user. Those are remnants of debugging when writing the software. So all to often, you can ignore them. But they're annoying to deal with. Browsers do store images in the cache and you can clear the cache. But what you want to do is reset your browser.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1410

Johnny Jet

There's a new service called "Solve" available at 500 airports world wide and will act as your airport concierge when traveling. They will meet you at the front door, walk you through security and customs, and will get you to your connection in time. It's $290 per visit, or $145 each for two. Johnny says he wouldn't use it for departures, just arrival and transferring. That's where it's worth the money. But Leo says it can add up from airport to airport.

In the US, get Precheck, Global Entry or Clear.

How can I record a month's worth of security video?

Episode 1410

Mike from Fremont, CA
Swann Security Camera

Mike has a Swan surveillance camera with a hard drive recording option that archives for seven days before it loops around. He'd like to expand that to a month. Can he? Leo says he might be able to with a larger hard drive, but it may be specially locked down to prevent upgrading or hacking it to his liking. It largely depends on the DVR.

Post Millenials Safer, But Depressed

Episode 1410

Studies show that post millennials, dubbed the iGeneration, are safer because they tend to spend more time at home and online. But they're not working, not going out, and frankly, they're more depressed and isolated. They're not hanging out with friends. They're dating at a later age. They're driving at a later age. And they're more likely to feel lonely. They also get less sleep as they stay up late at night. You can see more about the study in Atlantic Magazine.

How can I create a web based dating site?

See from City of Industry, CA

Episode 1409

See wants to create an online dating site, but is low on cash. Leo says that See could probably find someone who would be able to build the site for a piece of the pie. The problem is that he could end up with a situation like the Winklevoss Twins, who teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg, who then took the idea for Facebook and made it work without them. Ideas are really a dime a dozen, and most venture capitalists invest in the business plan, the people behind it, and not the idea itself.

Should I advertise with clickbait stories?

Steve from San Diego, CA

Episode 1409

Steve wants to know if so called clickbait stories are a good way to advertise. Leo says no. In fact, they will do the opposite and give him a bad reputation. People think that clickbait stories are bad advertising and have begun to consider them fake news. It's better to invest in Google Ad Words. There's no better advertising than word of mouth, so he'll want to zealously guard that.