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Johnny Jet

Episode 1105

Johnny Jet lost a credit card a few weeks ago and when he signed into Uber, his account was banned! He just forgot to change the credit card number after cancelling it and then he wouldn't be able to use Uber. So he had to get with the customer service people and it took 24 hours to sort everything out. So the lesson here is, make sure your account is updated when that happens!

Why does my router keep going off line?

Randy from Bakersfield, CA

Episode 1105

Tim is having an issue that he can't connect with his mac. Leo says he should try and reset the router by unplugging it and plugging it back in. If that works, then the router just needed to be reset. But you can also reset the wifi on your laptop by turning it off and on. Tim tried that and it disconnects after a few minutes. Then that indicates a bad router and Tim should contact his ISP to get a replacement.

Why can't I get better wireless speeds from my ISP?

Episode 1105

Mike from Moreno Valley, CA
Cell tower

Mike is a gamer and he lives in a remote area. He needs to find internet service so he can use his XBox One. Leo says that's a drawback to the XBox -- it requires a constant online connection. Mike switched to a wireless service but the download speed is really slow. Mike's frustration is that he can see the cell tower from his house and he still can't get a good signal. Leo says it sounds like the ISP lied to him about the performance he would get. What they promise and what he'll actually get can be two different things, and it sounds like the tower is overburdened.

How can I extend the range of my Wi-Fi?

Pat from Corona, CA

Episode 1105

Pat would like to extend his Wi-Fi signal out to his huge back yard, up to 800 to 1000 feet. Leo says that's a long way. Wi-Fi usually goes about 150 feet, maybe 600 feet if it's line of sight. Leo says it'll be a lot easier to string a wire. Pat could buy bridges and boosters, but there's limits to the power drive it. has directional Wi-Fi Antennas and Pat will need them on both sides.

Net Neutrality Comment Period Closes with Record 1 Million+ Comments

Episode 1104


The net neutrality issue is whether ISPs should be allowed to charge to have access to us, their customers. But Time Warner claims the controversy over fast lane access is a red herring. They claim that the shoe is actually on the other foot, and that Google and Netflix could demand payments from the cable company. Leo says that's why Net Neutrality is important. It protects both sides.

Why do I pay so much more for less internet speed than Europe?

James from Bullhead City, AZ

Episode 1103

James says he's noticing that over 300 MBPS is available overseas for under $40 a month. It's maddening that Europe gets that kind of performance and James pays $50 for 3MB down. That's outrageous. Leo says that is disgusting. We pay more than many countries for less service. And because we invented it, we have incompatible systems still in use and that can be expensive. There's a benefit to not being the first, but it's almost always the meddling of governments who have created a duopoly for internet service.

Johnny Jet in the Chatroom

Episode 1103

Johnny Jet tells of a man in California that rented a hotel room through Air BnB for a month and refuses to leave. And according to California state law, he can stay without pay for six months before they can get him out. Leo says that's just plain nuts. Johnny also wants to talk about the three plane crashes this week, and yet, air travel is still safer than getting into your car. In fact, it's afar than zip lining. A man have in Mexico got into a zipline accident that put a traveler in a coma and it's costing $10,000 to airlift him out of the country.

Microsoft Now Requires Users Run Latest Version of Skype

Episode 1103

Microsoft bought Skype about 2 years ago, and since then we've been waiting for Microsoft to really put its stamp on the product. First it changed how Skype worked with the super nodes, and now it's requiring users to run the latest version in order to use the service. There's a couple of reasons Microsoft may be requiring this. It could be to ensure that the same technologies are used when calling other Skype users. Or it could be because Microsoft wants to put ads into Skype, and it has to make sure that everyone will see them.