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Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1505

Johnny Jet is in Kuai Hawaii and he has a fun tip. If you fly around the Islands on Hawaiian Airlines, you can ask to play the ukulele. Every plane has one. Makes a great photo.

Deal - $379 round tip to Hawaii right now for travel in September. Alaska Airlines DC to Hawaii is around $500. Great deals to Australia - American SF to Sydney, $746 round trip. Sign up for Johnny Jet's newsletter for details, or follow him on Twitter!

How can I remove my footprint online?

Typing on laptop keyboard

Episode 1504

Rose from Torrance, CA

Rose is concerned that anyone can find out anything about her online. Leo says that public records have been put online and there's really nothing she can do about it. In Europe, she would have a legal right to be forgotten online, and Google would have to remove her from any mention of a digital record. But not in the US. Leo says it's impossible to do it anyway. One option, though, is Reputation Defender, which will bury any negative results with a lot of more recent information. It's not cheap, though.

How do I stay connected while on a cruise?

Cruise Ship

Episode 1503

Ellie from Honolulu, HI

Ellie is cruising the Hawaiian Islands. What should she do for internet access? Should she buy the cruise ship internet? Leo says don't ever do that! It's satellite internet and it's only a few MB up and down, and everyone on the ship has to share it. She'd have to get up in the middle of the night to get decent speed. It's also obscenely overpriced. Since Ellie is cruising around the Islands, she may be able to rely on local cellular service if she's near shore. She'll have data, but won't be charged a roaming fee. AT&T says that she will, though. Leo says that's nonsense.

Am I getting spam?

Episode 1501

Earl from Alpine, CA

Earl has an iMac and a Samsung phone. He's getting email from someone he just had a conversation with via email, though it isn't him. Leo says it's possibly being spoofed, where the sending address has been added using his own contacts. Check the headers. Chances are, it's just spam.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1501

Travel Deal - How to Fly L.A. to San Juan, Puerto Rico in a Lie-Flat Bed for $365 - great until May, 2019. Why is it so cheap? It's motivation to visit Puerto Rico and give their economy a shot in the arm. That's also a great way to fly to Miami using the Hidden City trick, where you buy a flight with a multiple stop, but get off at the first destination. But airlines don't like it and will ding you if you use frequent flyer miles in the process.

Why does my video stream stutter sometimes?

Ethernet Cable

Episode 1501

Louis from Santa Ana, CA

Louis is watching baseball games streaming online and sometimes the feed stalls. Leo says that's called buffering, and sometimes a packet drops and the feed will wait to see if it shows up out of order. Then it will insert it and move on. Sometimes, though, it just gives up and continues. There are some causes of this, including congestion from a wireless connection. But Louis can get a dual band router and use the 5Ghz band, or just connect to the router with an ethernet connection. The stream will be more reliable that way.

How can I fundraise using Facebook?


Episode 1501

Florentina from Spain

Florentina lost her home recently and wants to use Facebook to raise money to get into a new place. Leo says that Facebook is ideal for that because everyone is there and she can run her campaign directly from her feed. She should go to She can do everything from non-profit fundraising to personal campaigns for emergency purposes, which this certainly qualifies. Another option is