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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1221

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is joining us from the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX. This week's featured app is BlaBlaCar. It's a ride sharing app for long journeys. It's available currently in England, Europe, Mexico, Russia, and some parts of the Mediterranean. Think of it as Uber for road trips. You can choose by price, experience, car comfort, and even if you like to talk on the trip. It's a great ride share option for Europe.

Why does it take so long to upload my videos to YouTube?

John from Yorba Linda, CA

Episode 1220

John records his daughter's volleyball games and he's having issues uploading the 4K video. Leo says that's not surprising. We're all uploading more, and bandwidth is usually "asymmetric" where download speeds are much faster than upload speeds. John could pay for the next tier of service. If he has Google Fiber in his area, it's symmetric which is much faster.

What's a good eCommerce solution on a budget?

Piam from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1220

Piam has a website to sell a home based fire suppressant. He wants a simple system that makes it easy to update. He uses and it's just not easy. Leo says it's not cheap either. Sure they give him stats, but a good web host will do that as well. They don't use eCommerce either, which is what Piam needs. They also mislead people as to who uses their service, and they make an ad for their service on his paid site. Piam really wants to have eCommerce built in since he's trying to sell something.

Why do I have to use my real name on Facebook?

Jack from Anaheim, CA

Episode 1220

Jack is a teacher and he uses Facebook to keep an eye on his at-risk students in case they post suicidal thoughts online. Now Facebook is questioning whether he is a real person or not. Leo says Facebook's new policy requires users to use the same name as is on their ID. This is to prevent bogus accounts from being created, or from identities being stolen. It's likely someone complained to Facebook that Jack wasn't using his right name, even though there's a very good reason not to. Jack could Google student names and then look at their Facebook page without logging in, though.

How can You prevent spammers from friending you on Facebook

Episode 1219

There's a new friend scam going on Facebook where phantom accounts try to get you to add them. Kim Schaffer had that issue last night and went to her settings and changed it to friend of friends only. Leo says that it's a spam scam, but he isn't really sure what there is to gain by it. Another new scam is called Facebook Kidnapping where other people will copy all your images and create another account. Leo recommends being very picky about friending people. Keep your privacy settings limited and only friend people you know or are recommended by others.

How can I create affiliate links for my ecommerce site?

Brandon from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1218

Brandon would like to create affiliate links so that he'll get a percentage of the sale. Leo says that Amazon was one of the early pioneers with this. Brandon could check out, which would allow him to do this.

Check out this Wikipedia page on Affiliate Marketing for information on the history of affiliate marketing online, and the pros and cons of these programs.

How can I link people to my Paypal account?

Episode 1218

Joan from Garden Grove, CA

Joan is trying to add a link to her Paypal account in a Word document. When she copies and pastes the link, she just gets an error message that says "last action could not be completed." Leo says that just typing the URL should automatically turn the text into a hyperlink. Leo advises not copying and pasting a link. Joan should just give people her email address that's connected to her Paypal account. Paypal has a new mobile money transfer that will give her a special address so that she can transfer money directly.

How can I stream the games I play on the Internet?

Christopher from California

Episode 1218

Christopher streams videos of his gameplay on and his computer is starting to bog down. Leo says those "Let's Play" videos are huge, but it really does tax the processor power when it's juggling both high performance gameplay and streaming. Most use two computers networked together so that one plays the game while the other broadcasts the videos, but Leo says that's not ideal, actually.