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Should I really be worried about the NSA spying on me?

Episode 1065

Po from Los Angeles, CA
NSA protesters

Po isn't thrilled about the trend of surveillance in this country and how easy it could be for them to listen in on cellphones. Leo says that the courts have held that metadata (where he is or who he's calling) isn't subject to a warrant. So the government can make a request for a "pen register," pay a fee and then they can know someone's exact whereabouts.

How can I skype my daughter when she has no internet?

Episode 1065

Adam from Bakersfield, CA
Google Nexus 7

Adam is in the military and he's going to be heading to Texas while he leaves his daughter behind with her mother. He'd like to keep in contact with her via the Internet, but she doesn't have it where she's going to live. Leo says there's always the Library or a free public Wi-Fi hotspot. If her Android tablet has an SD card slot, he could send audio/video on an SD card and share it that way.

How can I wire my new house for high speed Ethernet?

Episode 1065

Rob from Laguna Beach, CA
Ethernet in wall

Rob bought an old church and he's remodeling it. He wants to install Ethernet to create a network in home. Leo says that if Rob wants Internet everywhere, the ideal time to lay down ethernet cable is when the walls are open. However, pretty much everything we do now is wireless. For music, he'll want to do wirelessly. A simple Wi-Fi analysis will show him whether Wi-Fi in his home is crowded or not. If it is, then going back to wired connections is a great idea.

What are the best social meda outlets for a business?

Daniel from Redlands, CA

Episode 1064

Daniel has so many social media outlets for his business, and it's becoming a full-time job managing all of it. Leo says that if he has a business, he should at least have a web page, and a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is good for selling goods. Google Plus is good, but it's not widespread at all. Twitter is great for communicating with customers, though. LinkedIn is good for finding employees. But at the end of the day, it's best to just keep it simple. YouTube is great for video, but he's better off driving people to his own webpage.

What's a great file sharing solution for lawyers?

Rob from Irvine, CA

Episode 1064

Rob wants to know the best way to share large legal documents and photos. Leo says that ShareFile is a great option for lawyers, but might not be so great for their clients. OneDrive would work. He would need an account to do it, though. There used to be a great option called DropIO, but Facebook bought it and killed the service. BitDrop is a good one. He'd have to run his own website to make it work.

How can I prevent someone from stalking me online?

Ron from West Hollywood, CA

Episode 1063

Ron is getting email popups from the "FBI." Leo says the FBI would never email him, they'd visit him directly. He thinks it's probably someone trying to turn him off from his ex, like a roommate or a new boyfriend. If the emails get more aggressive, including death threats, then Leo advises going to the police and showing them the emails. If he feels he's in danger, he should have the right to be protected.