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Secret App Allows Users to Post Anonymously

Episode 1066

Secret - Speak Freely

iPhone app "Secret" allows users to share posts anonymously with friends. After its installed, it looks at your contact list, and will show you whether secrets come from a friend, a friend of a friend, or someone else. It also allows you to comment anonymously on secrets. This is a new category for anonymous apps, and there's a debate going on about whether or not this is encouraging a lot of negative behavior.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1066

Johnny Jet is in Australia for the official first game of the 2014 Baseball Season, as the Dodgers play the Arizona Diamond Backs "down under." Leo wants to know what the trick is for jet lag. Johnny says that everyone is different and he suggests getting on local time as soon as you can. Stay awake during the flight, so that when you get where you're going, you can get some sleep. He also advises taking a walk when you get where you're going and to take a hot shower before going to bed.

How can I block spam at work?

Theresa from Scotts Valley, CA

Episode 1065

Theresa's boss gets a lot of spam and wants a spam blocker. Leo advises against them, especially for a business because they cause people to jump through hoops. Spam blockers send emails back to the sender, asking them to validate that they are not spam. This will let spammers know that this is a good address, so once she starts using it, she would never be able to stop. Leo recommends using gmail, because it is a brilliant anti-spam solution. She could have her email forwarded to the gmail account.

How can I save a flash movie from the Internet?

Steve from Finland

Episode 1065

Steve wants to download flash based videos from the Internet and he's having trouble finding a good source. Leo says there's a number of options. Leo recommends Applian's web video downloader, called the Replay Media Catcher. It's free to try and downloads almost every format. VLC Media Player can also do this. is a good web based option.

What TV should I buy? (Part 1)

Episode 1065

Carlos from Southern California

Carlos would like to buy a new TV and wants to know whether he should get plasma or LCD? Leo says that plasma has the best quality, but with it's reflective screen, it's best to use in a darkened room. Companies are getting out of plasma, though, because everyone is buying LED TVs. Backlit LCDs have gotten so good that people are choosing them because they look better on the show room floor.

Should I really be worried about the NSA spying on me?

Episode 1065

Po from Los Angeles, CA
NSA protesters

Po isn't thrilled about the trend of surveillance in this country and how easy it could be for them to listen in on cellphones. Leo says that the courts have held that metadata (where he is or who he's calling) isn't subject to a warrant. So the government can make a request for a "pen register," pay a fee and then they can know someone's exact whereabouts.

How can I skype my daughter when she has no internet?

Episode 1065

Adam from Bakersfield, CA
Google Nexus 7

Adam is in the military and he's going to be heading to Texas while he leaves his daughter behind with her mother. He'd like to keep in contact with her via the Internet, but she doesn't have it where she's going to live. Leo says there's always the Library or a free public Wi-Fi hotspot. If her Android tablet has an SD card slot, he could send audio/video on an SD card and share it that way.