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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1223

Johnny Jet

Johnny is joining us from Canada today and is talking about a new thing about FreeWiFi Networks to stay away from. Check out You can type in anywhere in the world and you'll get a list via Google Maps of risky local Wi-Fi hotspots in your area. But Leo says that since the site offers software to download, it could be a bit sketchy. When in doubt, when traveling, connect via VPN. It's the safest way.

How can I direct people to my crowdfunding campaign?

Joe from Gardena, CA

Episode 1222

Joe created a site called, where you put your information in about street sweeping or other parking related restrictions. That goes into a database, and then people can get that information when they're looking to park somewhere. He found crowdfunding campaign sites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe, and he's wondering how he can get people to go to that.

Can Windows 10 log in with my Gmail account?

Jim from Atlanta, GA

Episode 1222

Jim has been using Windows 10 for a few months and lately his password hasn't been working. He's also noticed that he has a new account that it attached to his Google account. Leo says that ideally, he'll want to use a Microsoft account, but if it's using his Google password, it could be that Jim's Google account is linked to his Microsoft account. He should check his Microsoft account at and see if he's made any connections inadvertently. It's probably OK, but signing in to a Microsoft account would be better.

What is Bitcoin?

Sarah from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1221

Sarah wants to know about Bitcoin. Leo says that Bitcoin is just like paper money, in that it's a "fiat currency." But the danger is that it's not backed by the US government (even though they will take it as payment). The main thing to understand is that a bitcoin wallet is the only place that bitcoin lives and if someone steals that wallet, it's over. So it should be backed it up. It's a challenge to make money with it, and it's wildly speculative. That's why Leo doesn't recommend investing in it. But it's an interesting way to pay people online.

Why can't my tablet stream Netflix?

Christie from Valencia, CA

Episode 1221

Christie just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note V. Leo says to be careful with stylus because you can easily get it stuck if you put it in the wrong way. She bought it because it came with a free tablet, but she has to pay an extra $10 a month for data and Netflix won't work. She's frustrated because everybody blames the other guy. When she took it back, it worked fine at the store. Leo says that indicates that Christie's Wi-Fi connection is suspect. Leo says it could be a problem with AT&T's UVerse and their router.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1221

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is joining us from the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX. This week's featured app is BlaBlaCar. It's a ride sharing app for long journeys. It's available currently in England, Europe, Mexico, Russia, and some parts of the Mediterranean. Think of it as Uber for road trips. You can choose by price, experience, car comfort, and even if you like to talk on the trip. It's a great ride share option for Europe.

Why does it take so long to upload my videos to YouTube?

John from Yorba Linda, CA

Episode 1220

John records his daughter's volleyball games and he's having issues uploading the 4K video. Leo says that's not surprising. We're all uploading more, and bandwidth is usually "asymmetric" where download speeds are much faster than upload speeds. John could pay for the next tier of service. If he has Google Fiber in his area, it's symmetric which is much faster.