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Could my car be hacked?

Episode 1206

Clyde from Sherman Oaks, CA
Car Dashboard

Clyde heard about the Jeep that got hacked and worries that it could happen to his car since he connects his phone to the car with USB. Leo says that simply connecting the phone to the car stereo isn't sufficient for this. The Jeep hack involved using the car's built-in 3G access. The real flaw is that the entertainment unit of the car and the computer running the car (braking, ignition, etc), are not physically separated. They are connected in many cars through the CamBus, or internal car network.

How can I use Gmail for all my domain email accounts?

David from Salt Lake City, CA

Episode 1206

David has several email addresses from multiple domains and wants to know if he can send emails from a master Gmail account and choose different email account options to send from. Leo says that's called "delegation," and he can find the account option in Gmail settings. He could also just change the 'reply to' in his email client.

How can I register a domain in Brazil?

Chris from Florida

Episode 1206

Chris wants to get a domain name for a specific country. Leo says that the international organization called ICANN approves registries and country codes for all domains. Leo suggests Google searching for the domain registry for his country code. Any registrar will work if they support registering the country code he wants. is a good place to start. But he may run afoul of laws pertaining to that country. Brazil, for instance, requires a Brazilian tax ID to buy a domain with their country code.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1205

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that mileage runs for traveling is out now, and most people are traveling to maintain their status or reach the next travel status level.

This week's travel website Quest Organizer. You can just put in where you're going and it will tell you where you can get a free layover. They also sort by lower price. Once you decide which one you want to go with, it then searches for flights for that combination.

What's a good microphone and mixer for podcasting?

Episode 1204

Brandon from Springfield, MO
Behringer Podcast Kit

Brandon wants to get a mic for his computer so he can do let's play Minecraft videos. What should he get? He wants a mic with XLR outputs. Leo says that a good affordable option is the Shure SM58. They're cheap at under $100 and very robust. He won't be able to break it. He should also get a mixer that has a USB connector that can interface digitally with his computer. Podcaster kits like this from Behringer are a great place to start.

How can I get my DSL to run faster?

John from Biddeford, ME

Episode 1204

John has DSL and he's frustrated how slow it can get throughout the day -- often slower than dial up! Even worse -- he's being stonewalled by the national support center of the ISP. Leo recommends running the SpeedTest by Broadband Reports. Internet speeds are not consistent, but DSL should be more consistent. But if they have more customers than bandwidth, this can happen. It sounds like John's ISP is buying bandwidth and they simply don't have enough to go around. But it could also be bad routers and software.

How can I create a social media site for photography?

Episode 1204

Anne from Redmond, OR
Zoom Zoom Zoom

Anne created an app called ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM, a camera app for Android that zooms in various pictures automatically. It can be preset or the user can just manually do it. She wants to create a website that users of the app can upload and showcase their images, like Instagram. Can SquareSpace do that? Leo says that's probably outside of SquareSpace. In fact, it's just as complicated, if not more so, than creating the app itself. Having a community is a challenge, much like gardening and weeds. She'll have to moderate it full time.