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Johnny Jet

Episode 1123


Johnny says that when you're traveling overseas, having TSA Precheck ($85), Global Entry ($150) and Nexus ($50) all three for five years, allows users to bypass security and save a ton of time and hassle when traveling. Johnny also says that signing up for Flight Alerts via Twitter, or using TripIt with Flight Alerts will help you to know if your flight is delayed or cancelled. And if it is cancelled, signing up for will help you because they will stand in for you to change your flight.

What's the best office suite for editing documents online?

Episode 1123

Mitan from Belgrade, Serbia
Microsoft OneDrive

Mitan has a bunch of technical documents and he wants to edit them. Leo says that Microsoft Office Online (formerly Office 365) is the best option. Microsoft is pushing everyone to move their data to the cloud, and Office 365 is in the cloud. There may be some advanced features that aren't available, but it's likely that it'll work for Mitan. He can then store the documents at Microsoft OneDrive.

Do I have to use second factor authentication online every time?

Episode 1122

Jeri from Austin, TX
text messaging

Jeri isn't getting her text messages through her laptops, and her carrier is AT&T. Leo says that text messages are through the cell phone. Leo says that the first time she logs in, the bank will send her a text. She'll then input the code and the website will know that her browser activity is legit. But she shouldn't have to do it every time if she has the box checked to "trust this computer." Then it'll trust it every time and not worry about it.

What alternatives are there to cable and satellite companies?

Episode 1122

James from Sparks, NV

James says that prices of cable and satellite services are escalating. What can he do to cut the cable and get the same programming? Leo says that content companies are raising prices and cable companies are just passing the cost along. Cutting the cable can be done by using streaming and buying ala carte channels. It would be great if he could do that and eliminate the middle man. He could also get exactly what he wants and none of what he doesn't. But the cable companies are standing in the way. That's where streaming and buying shows on iTunes and Netflix is beneficial.

Why can't I link my Gmail to Windows Live Mail?

Episode 1122

Richard from Santa Monica, CA

Richard is having trouble linking Windows Live Mail and Gmail. What gives? Leo says to make sure that IMAP is turned on. Then, if he has two factor authentication turned on, he'll have to use the app specific password for his gmail account. Also make sure SSL is checked on the incoming and outgoing servers for Google. It's likely that an app specific password is required.

How can I use the internet in China?

Episode 1122

Allen from Hawaii
Great Wall of China

Allen is going on vacation to Beijing, China next week and wants to know what apps he can use on his phone. Will he also be able to use remote desktop? Leo says they call China's restrictions the "Great FireWall of China," and access to the internet is strictly controlled and constantly changing what they block. Wikipedia has a list of sites that is constantly updated that shows what websites are blocked and what aren't.

What equipment do I need to start vlogging?

Todd from Chandler, AZ

Episode 1121

Todd has a business and wants to start doing video blogging, or "vlogging." What equipment does he need? He'll be starting from his desk but he wants to know what camera to get. Leo says it depends on what Todd is going to be doing. Todd wants to have a set with a background screen. Leo says that in Todd's case, a camcorder with an external microphone jack is a good option. DSLRs do this. Point and shoots would help keep within his $500 price range and the video quality is really good.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1121

Because Leo is going to London tomorrow, Johnny says that trick is that stores will charge you a transaction fee if you want to pay in dollars. Just let the credit card charge in local currency and you'll save money. Unless your card has a foreign currency transaction fee. So check the fiine print. How about getting cash? Johnny Jet says to go to the ATM machine. Don't go to the exchange, and don't go to the hotel, they really get you. Also T-Mobile offers unlimited 2G data for free. That's cool. Also don't pay with a credit card when using a taxi, they charge you a fee as well.

How can I keep Adobe Flash from crashing?

Episode 1119

Kimberly from Maui, Hawaii

Kim says her Adobe Flash plugin keeps crashing. She's removed it and reinstalled it, but it just keeps crashing no matter what she does. Leo says that Flash is a nightmare and it's one of the reasons why Apple withdrew support from it. It's being dumped by other companies as well. Even Adobe has decided to abandon it. Unfortunately, it's still necessary online.