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Why can't I see all of my email?

Ed from San Marcos, CA

Episode 1229

Ed bought a new Mac and transferred all of his data and email accounts from his old Dell. But now he's not getting all the text of his emails. Leo says that this may be an email provider issue. Apple comes with a fully capable mail program. Leo says to go into the account settings to make sure everything is entered properly. Also, if his ISP is using POP instead of IMAP, it's downloading all of his email and then deleting it from the server. If using POP Mail, it's possible that Ed is only getting new email, not the old ones because they're gone.

How can I renew my domain name registration?

Dave from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1229

David wants to renew his domain and use another company to do it at a cheaper rate. Leo says that what Dave has to confirm is that he actually owns it. Some who use webhosts to host their website or who pay companies to build a website may find out that they don't actually own the website at all, the registrar or webhost does. At that point, he'd have to battle the webhost to get ownership transferred to him. Some even lock down the domain to make it even harder. Once he has it, there is an advantage to buying the domain name for a longer term.

Why does Google Chrome freeze in Windows 10?

Brad from San Jose, CA

Episode 1228

Brad is having issues with Google Chrome freezing regularly on Windows 10. He can typically make it freeze by trying to print. Leo says he uses Chrome all the time on Windows 10, and hasn't had any problems, but he hasn't tried printing yet. Brad has already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. Leo suggests disabling extensions in Chrome, and Brad says he only uses LastPass.

How can I update Skype?

Brenda from Southern California

Episode 1226

Brenda is having trouble updating Skype. It just won't work in Windows 8. She left it running overnight and it's still running. Leo says that there is a bit of confusion over Skype for Windows 8 because Microsoft made the Windows Store version and the Windows Desktop version. So it could be updating the wrong one.

How can I remove email addresses in the CC field?

Jeff from Ontario, Ca

Episode 1225

Jeff is transitioning to Outlook from Hotmail, and he uses the web portal via Google Chrome. He wants to know how to delete a forwarded email when people CC dozens of people. Leo says the way to do it is to use BCC, not CC. BCC is blind carbon copy and that means only the person sees their email address, and not everyone else. The CC becomes part of the text -- over and over again. So the only thing he can do is copy it all, start a new message and paste it in, deleting all the unwanted email addresses. Then put them in BCC.

And then he can yell at his friends.

Should I have a personal website?

John from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1225

John is a musician and chef and he went with SquareSpace for his website. Leo says having his own website is important because he'll be able to keep control over the stuff he does online. If he just relies on Facebook, he's letting Facebook control his content.

Check out John's site at

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).

How can I stop important emails from going to my spam folder?

Jim from California

Episode 1225

Jim gets email on his PC, and it ends up in the junk folder where he deletes them, without knowing that he's deleted important emails. He tried to filter out email he doesn't want but important stuff ends up in there as well. How can he stop this? Leo recommends UnRoll.Me. It's free and they will unsubscribe him from junkmail lists. Leo uses it.