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Should I advertise with clickbait stories?

Steve from San Diego, CA

Episode 1409

Steve wants to know if so called clickbait stories are a good way to advertise. Leo says no. In fact, they will do the opposite and give him a bad reputation. People think that clickbait stories are bad advertising and have begun to consider them fake news. It's better to invest in Google Ad Words. There's no better advertising than word of mouth, so he'll want to zealously guard that.

How can I be private on the internet?

Episode 1408

Sherry from Canyon Lake, CA
Google Search Page on a MacBook Pro

Sherry is concerned because her personal information from public records show up in Google search results. Leo says that if it's public information, the only thing she can do is go to each site and demand they make her information private. But these days, it's easy to harvest that information from government sources online. And new sites pop up all the time. Privacy is really an illusion now. That's why celebrities usually create holding companies and make all their asset purchase through them, so that the paper trail is minimal.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1408

Johnny Jet

Website of the Week - The cheapest place to find a rental car is AutoSlash. You can get a quote that is based on membership in organizations or club memberships to get better discounts. If you book, it'll keep pricing out every day until the price drops and then they will rebook you until you leave. You can also forward your existing reservation to them and they will track it for a better deal.

Kaspersky AntiVirus May be Linked to Russian Spying

Episode 1408

Kaspersky Anti Virus

The news came out this week that Kaspersky AntiVirus may be linked to Russian spying of both the Russian Government and the FSB. Kaspersky has responded by offering free antivirus in the hope that people will see that as a legitimate solution. Leo wants to know if anyone will use it. It could contain time released malware that could wreak havoc.


Hackers Build Robot That Can Crack a Safe in 30 Minutes at DefCon

Episode 1408

Sentry Safe

This week was the annual DefCon hackers convention in Las Vegas and Leo says that hackers are now more interested in creating hacks for the government, where they can make more money than hacking online. They also created a 3D printed robot that was able to crack a safe in 30 minutes. Leo says it's not super practical, but still cool.