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Cord Cutting Is Accelerating, and Wall Street Is Noticing

Episode 1209

This week, Wall Street punished cable companies in trading as news came out that so called cable cutting or cord cutting, is accelerating faster than anyone expected. On top of that, investors and Cable companies are learning that the next generation of viewers aren't watching TV at all. They're watching YouTube. And that's got cable companies and TV broadcasters mighty nervous. But ISPs are jacking up the price of internet to the point where cord cutters aren't saving anything to cut the cable, especially when you add additional services like Netflix, HBO Now and others.

Why can't I visit certain websites on my home network?

Max from Hawthorne, CA

Episode 1208

Max's computer has problems accessing websites from his home, but outside of his home, he gets it. Leo says reinstalling OS X and starting over may fix it. What an odd bug. The odd thing is that it's location based. Leo has a hunch it's a network issue, perhaps with the router. He might try resetting that as well. He should also make sure his OS is up to date.

How can I get my universal lifeline back?

Jason from Newport Beach, CA

Episode 1208

Jason has been having issues with his ISP because they've changed his internet to UVerse and disconnected his lifeline. Leo says that Jason should file a report with the California public utilities commission, because that's illegal. If he's disabled, as Jason is, then he has even more reason under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact TURN, The Utility Reform Network. They are a non profit consumer advocate organization. They'll be able to help.

How can I make my website look better on a mobile device?

Robert from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1208

Robert is having trouble with the responsiveness of his website. He's very frustrated with how poor it looks on mobile. Leo says that if the site resizes the site and it looks good, that's responsive design. If not, then it's time to get a better host. More than half of his customers are on smartphones and as such, it's vital to have a website that can look good no matter what size screen they have. But that isn't cheap. Leo says that Shopify should have templates that can handle this. Mobile responsive design is just as important to Shopify as it is to Robert, so he should call them up.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1207

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is in Toronto. This week's travel site is, a US Government site for checking if your rental car has any recalls. Input the VIN number and it will tell you if there's any recalls. Then you can advise your rental car agency you want another car because it's illegal to rent a car that's being recalled.

Why can't I access the internet with Windows 10?

Episode 1207

Michael from Anaheim, CA
Windows 10

Michael updated to Windows 10, and now he doesn't have internet access. He went to Microsoft's website and downloaded it. Leo says he did it that way and a lot of devices didn't get the needed drivers. So Leo thinks that being impatient and updating before Microsoft pushes it is not the way to go. It's much better to upgrade when Microsoft says your copy is ready, and that way you get all the drivers and proper activation.