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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1446

Johnny Jet

Johnny's dad was having trouble charging his cellphone, and Sprint said to buy a new phone. He took it to the Apple Store and with a burst of canned air, it was back to normal. Turned out to be pocket lint in the lightning port. But shame on Sprint for trying to shake him down for a new phone!

Travel Tip of the week - Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater on an Alaska Airlines flight and get boarded before anyone else!

Is there an alternative to HTML based mail in the iPhone?

Episode 1444

Marco from Portugal
Apple iPhone X

Marco wants a better email client for his iPhone. He's not a fan of HTML based email. Leo says it's dangerous, but most mail clients including Apple Mail panders to users who want to see pretty pictures. But it's just not as secure. They do prevent loading of images unless you request them, but plain text will always be more secure.

How about a good antivirus for his iPhone? Leo says he doesn't have to worry about viruses in an iPhone or macOS. There haven't been any successful malware attempts on iOS.

Is there a better alternative to internet than my business solution?

Episode 1444

Hans from Los Angeles, CA
Cell tower

Hans is having issues with poor internet service in the mall where his store is located. He only gets 1.5 MBps for $85. Leo says that's awful. Leo says there's bound to be better options in his area, but he's stuck there in the mall. Leo says that's a scam where the mall makes an exclusive deal with an ISP and he's stuck with no other option. Maybe he could get several tenants together and go directly to the landlord of the mall and demand they offer a better option.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1444

Johnny Jet

Johnny just got back from a 48 hour turnaround to Japan. He says that in Asia, they are busy converting business hotels into resorts, and right now it's a really great time to travel to Asia because there are plenty of deals to be had.
Airlines are now banning smart luggage, being powered by unremovable lithium batteries. If your battery can be removed, they won't ban it, though. So be advised.

Why am I missing text messages in Google Voice?

Episode 1444

Phil from Concord, CA
Google Hangouts

Phil is having issues with Google Voice, missing text messages, and voicemails. Leo says that Google has let Voice fall in quality since it bought it and may be moving away from it as a viable service. Even Hangouts isn't what it used to be. Leo used it when it was originally called Grand Central and it was great. But over the last year or so, it's really gotten hit or miss. Nowadays, Leo just uses it as a call forwarding service. But it may not be Google's fault. It may also be phone carriers who are engaging in anti-competitive behavior.

Why can't I listen to the Tech Guy using the Amazon Echo?

Episode 1443

Brian from Indio, CA
Amazon Echo

Brian is trying to play Leo's Tech Guy podcast using the Amazon Echo, but it keeps playing an old episode from TuneIn. Leo tried it, and it does indeed pull up an old episode. Leo suspects it's the fault of TWiT that may not have uploaded the most recent episodes. Or there's an issue on TuneIn. Another option could be to ask Echo to play it via YouTube or straight from