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Is Google Redirects Malware?

David from Herndon, VA

Episode 1166

David has been having issues with Google Redirects, which takes him nowhere. Is that malware? Leo says yes. It's a common practice of evoking the names of trusted companies. It's most definitely a virus/malware designed to redirect you to either more malware laden pages or advertisers that they want. But you have to install it. This is why it's important to run as a limited or standard user and not an administrator. David tried to uninstall, but it won't. Leo says that's because malware doesn't want to be uninstalled, and so they make it very hard to remove.

How can I stream video with my DSLR?

Ron from Tustin, CA

Episode 1166

Ron's son has an account on The Cube, a high school sports streaming site. Ron would like to use his DSLR to stream live to it. But it won't work via USB. Leo says that USB isn't designed for a live video feed. Live video may be able ot be used via HDMI. So if that works, then you need an HDMI converter or video capture device to then be able to convert it for the stream. And if you're computer has HDMI in, then you're golden. He did get it to work, but his menu settings showed up in the feed. Leo says there's menu settings in the camera that can turn that off. Except the battery.

Do I need a router for eCommerce?

Sandy from Santa Monica, CA

Episode 1166

Sandy wanted to run a computer and credit card swipe terminal on the same Ethernet connection. Leo says that may not work since the credit card terminal needs it's own connection to the net. It requires a unique address. A router could help because it would route the traffic because it would be a different device address internally. Will it slow down her computer? Leo says a minuscule amount. None that Sandy would notice. Any cheap router will work. Leo likes DLink. A switch would work too, DLink makes them. Netgear is good.

Why can't I print a PDF?

Charlie from Mizzoula, MT

Episode 1166

Charlie can't print an attachment but he can print other things. The attachment is zipped and when he unzips it, it's a PDF file. Leo says that in order to print PDF files, you need a PDF reader and Windows didn't come with PDF readers until Windows 8. Most people go with Adobe Reader, but Leo says to open it in Google Drive, which will read it and it will be able to print from there. There's also CutePDF. But you have to update those.

How can I extend my WiFi range between two houses?

Matthew from Toronto, ONT CAN

Episode 1166

Matthew wants to know if he can bridge two Airport Extremes and put them 300' apart and still get a signal. Leo says it's no problem, except for the distance. 300' is a long way for 802.11,b,a,c, which max at about 150. 802.11AC, though, can go about 300 feet. One thing you can do is use a directional antenna from one to another. A new Airport Extreme, though, will work. And always use the same company to make the extension.

Is the SSL certificate Kommodo safe?

Steve from Long Island, NY

Episode 1166

Steve is worried about Kommodo for security. Leo says that Kommodo is not Kommodia, so it's not a security issue like Kommodia is. Superfish uses Kommodia to get beyond web browser security but was even worse. Kommodo, though, is a completely different software. SSL certificates can be circumvented by those who visit your site and there really isn't anything you can do about it. And it doesn't really affect you, it affects them. So get the encryption you can and understand that it's possible the end user will get something that breaks it on their end, not yours.

Is a WiFi Hotspot safe for surfing the net?

Rick from Salisbury, NC

Episode 1165

Rick's wife got an unlimited cellphone service for him, and he wants to know how to keep his tablet secure while at a hotspot. Leo says that using your own cell service, youre data is encrypted and safe. But if you're relying on WiFi Hotspot, then you have to be sure you're passwords aren't given out in the clear. Especially your bank information. But even then, you're dealing with an encrypted portal. So it's pretty safe. You'll want to turn on encryption for your email though.

Is my internet service worth the money?

James from Gardena, CA

Episode 1165

James pays $56 a month for cable with Time Warner. What are his options? Leo says it depends on what you get for that much. How fast is it? The more you pay, the faster it should be. Go to and see how much bandwidth you get, then go to and see what everyone else in your neighborhood are paying, and see what other services are available and reviews of their service. We pay more in the US for our data, and for less speed, than most other countries. And that's shameful.

Is Java's Kommodia safe to install?

Mark from Santa Ana, CA

Episode 1165

Mark hears that when you download Java, that junkware downloads with it. Leo says that Java is now being bundled with adware, so make sure you uncheck the option. Better yet, don't download and install Java unless you need it. And make sure that it doesn't load automatically in your browser, that's a security issue. And Java uses Kommodia, which actually breaks the encryption technology of a browser, even WORSE. So Marks' wife should remove it immediately.