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How fast an internet connection do I need?

Steve from Tacoma, WA

Episode 1182

Steve is going to be streaming video and playing video games online. How fast does his internet connection need to be? Leo says that Netflix has an ISP Speed Index to let you know what you need and where you can get it. They also offer recommendations about speed here. 10 MBPS should be sufficient. 25MBPS better yet. You can even use that to Skype your parents. And always remember that published limits are best speed. Not average speed.

How can I transmit WiFi from a long, long distance?

Logan from Knoxville, TX

Episode 1182

Logan has to create a long range wireless access point that will enable him to have broadband from up to 10 miles away. Leo says that's a long way for WiFi, even for line of sight, which will help a lot. Check out, they make long range WiFi antennas. You'll need a highly directional antenna, and maybe even microwave antennas, because WiFi may not be the best idea for such a long distance. The chatroom says, AirFiber, Yagi Antennas.

How can I keep my iCloud separate from my family's?

Rick from Torrance, CA

Episode 1182

Rick has several iMacs and wants to be able to work between them, and he's concerned with multiple logins and iCloud accounts. Leo says it's a mess that Apple has created because they don't know how to merge iCloud accounts. You can share it with family sharing, but then you can't keep your own data separately. The answer is to have an iCloud account that is associated with your iCloud login and yours alone. That makes the data isolated and safe.