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Does Microsoft Office work well as a database server?

Deborah from Carlsbad, CA

Episode 1283

Deborah wants needs a database and wants to be able to have a limited number of people in the company to share it. Microsoft Office can do it, but it usually uses a locally run Exchange server. Check out this tech note - Leo suggests to create a spread sheet and then see if it can break. Leo did it with Google Docs and they got 150 current users before starting to refuse connections.

How can I get an email from myself without me knowing it?

Joe from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1283

Joe got an email from himself today and he checked his Gmail sent box and it was there. Leo says that's an indication that someone has gotten into your account. Leo recommends to change the password immediately and to enable 2nd factor authentication. There's also a link at the bottom of your Gmail account that will tell you where your account is being accessed to. Check that as well. You can also go to and see what programs you've given access to and you can disable any program you don't recognize.

Why do I have to keep saving my password on Gmail?

Joan from Anaheim, CA

Episode 1283

Joan uses GMail for her webmail. It keeps asking her if she wants to save her password. Leo says that sounds like her browser is doing that, and she's using internet explorer or Microsoft Edge. Leo recommends Google Chrome because both Microsoft browsers have the ability to save your password, but it's not encrypted or protected. But it also sounds like it's not even doing that. Go into your browser settings and disable asking to save passwords. That will stop all passwords from being asked.

Johnny Jet ... Cruising Together

Episode 1283

Johnny Jet is cruising in Portugal with his wife on the new Viking Sea. Large rooms. Great WiFi. This week's travel tip is to fly with JetSuite. It's a private jet charter service that will cost you as low as $109. And it flies out of local FBOs on the airport from Los Angeles and San Jose. They also fly to Las Vegas and will go to Bozeman, MT. Leo says it's Uber for Jets. They've also partnered with Jet Blue to earn miles.

Website - RoutePerfect. It will help you plan the perfect tip.

What's the difference between IMAP and POP3?

Mike from Portland, MN

Episode 1283

Mike uses Thunderbird with POP3 and wonders if he should use IMAP. But he doesn't know anything about it. Leo says that Thunderbird is the best email client out there and Leo uses IMAP. POP (post office protocol) will download your email and then remove it from the servers. IMAP, by contrast, will send your email to you and keep copies of it on the server. This is beneficial because people use more than one computer and mobile phone.

What are the best battery powered security cameras?

Episode 1282

Daniel from Las Vegas, NV
Netgear VueZone Wire-free Video Monitoring System

Daniel wants to know about wireless home security cameras. He's looking for a good 5GHz camera that can be battery powered. Leo says that battery powered cameras aren't always on -- they use motion detection.

NetGear's VueZone is a good brand. 5GHz, on the other hand, isn't as good as 2.4GHz, even though it's less congested. The higher you go in frequency, the more likely the signal will bounce around and get interference. The batteries do last for a year in those cameras, though.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1281

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet and his wife traveled back to the US, and now his wife has a green card to stay in the US for as long as she wants. Which is important because she's going to have a baby!

Website for people who have mobility difficulties - ACComable. It's a listing of hotels, AirBnBs, canal boats, and other travel options that accomodate those with mobility issues.

How can I get my Yahoo Mail password?

Perry from Riverside, CA

Episode 1280

Perry has his life on Yahoo and he can't find his password. He wants to reset it, but it requires a cell phone number and his cell phone doesn't work. Leo says that with this unique situation, the solution would be to write Marissa Mayer at Yahoo and ask if she can help. She'll likely assign a high level tech support person to help. But there's a good chance that he won't be able to get it unless he can remember the password.

Where is the certificate for an encrypted file?

Yogi from Belmont Shores, CA

Episode 1279

Yogi wants to know about file encryption. He encrypted a file and then wanted to take the key off and put it on a USB key, but he can't find it. Leo says that the certificate is the key. If he can find the certificate, he can copy it. If he were to copy the file without the certificate, no one would be able to get to that file. The idea is that he's encrypting the file so that it can't be opened by anyone who isn't himself, and the way he can prove his identity in this case is by logging into his system. Someone would have to have both his login and the password to access that file.