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How can I securely send attachments online?

Episode 1576

David from Orange County, CA

David wants to know about securely sending attachments to clients with Exchange. Leo says that he prefers to send a link to the file saved in the cloud. It's secure, HIPPA compliant, and much easier than sending attachments, which can be notoriously insecure. Leo recommends ShareFile from Citirix. You can also set it to expire, use a password, and other security guarantees. It makes your email smaller and more secure.

Free options includes FireFox Send by Firefox. SendFile.FireFox.Com. You can send files up to 2.5gb.

How can I restore my Gmail account?

Episode 1576

Bobby from Tulsa, OK

Bobby's wife has forgotten her Gmail password and would like to recover her account. What can she do? Leo says that Google has an account recovery process, but as you get deeper into it, it gets harder to succeed. And if you think about it, it's for your own protection.  Is there tech support? Leo says no, Google has no real tech support other than automated answers.  Check in her browser to see if it has saved her password.

What's an alternative to Google Hangouts?

Episode 1576

Roger from California

Roger uses Google Hangouts and hears that it will be going away soon. Leo says it will be going away for business users, but if you're a GoogleFi user, you can still do Hangouts. What Google wants is for every one to use a new service called RCS and Messages. The downside is, that there's no iOS version, it's very limited, and you can't have phone calls into the conversation. Hangouts can do all of that. So keep using Hangouts while you can.

What can I do if Google breaks my screen reader software?

Episode 1576

Laura from California

Laura is vision impaired and uses Google's screen reader on her browser and a recent update to Chrome has broken it. But there doesn't seem to be a legacy version of Chrome. What can she do? Leo says that with the latest version of Chrome, you need to install the ZoomText extension and install it. You can download it here. You can also download the latest version of Zoom Text 2019 here.

Facebook Stored Millions of Passwords in a simple Text File

Episode 1576

Facebook admitted that for years, they have been storing up to 600 million member passwords in a single text file that was unencrypted.  The text file was also searchable by thousands of Facebook employees. Facebook claims nobody had abused the ability and will notify users if their accounts are compromised. So you may want to change your password anyway.

Is NitroTV a Legitimate Alternative to Paid Services?


Episode 1575

Carlos from San Jacinto, California

Carlos would like to cut the cord with DirecTV, but he has 2TB of movies on their service. How can he get them?  Is NitroTV a good deal? Leo says that NitroTV is an over the top service, and it sounds a bit suspicious. They charge just $20 and you get everything including premium channels? How can that be when HBO charges $15 a month? And they're offering all channels for no extra charge? No way that isn't piracy. 


Do ISPs Know When You're Using a VPN to Stream?


Episode 1574

Mike from Cabo San Lucas, MX

Mike is down in Cabo a lot and he streams using high-speed DSL. He uses a VPN but lately, the ISP has been shutting him down. Leo says that it sounds like the internet companies are getting wise to that. Sometimes users can switch VPNs and get back up and running. Another option is to set up a VPN server at his server in the US, then surf to that with Remote PC. 

Johnny Jet ... Super Bloomed

Episode 1574

Johnny Jet is in Temecula for a little family getaway. The SuperBloom is underway in Southern California.  Because of all the rain, there are California Poppies all over the mountains. Additionally, this week is the Painted Ladies butterfly migration from Mexico. So taking a drive through Southern California is a beautiful sight to see right now. 

Big news in travel - The entire Boeing 737 Max has been taken out of service for a huge software fix.