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Is a legit place to buy electronics?

Episode 1144

Kurt from LaHabra, CA
Scam Alert

Kurt found a website called to get a great deal on a PS4, but he found that he can only pay by money order or Western Union. Leo says that sounds like a scam. Scamadviser says it's a scam. There's a host of others as well. And it's very hard to get a refund if he doesn't pay by credit card. So let the buyer beware.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1143

Johnny's tip of the week is to search for a single fare first if you're looking for multiple fares. If you search for four tickets, you'll pay a higher rate. So search for one, and then when checking out, change it to the number of tickets you need. You won't pay more. Or if there's a limited number, buy the cheaper fares first, and then go with the other fares for the number of fares you have left. That way you'll at least save some money.

Is it possible to save my Yahoo Mail messages to my computer?

Episode 1141

Diane from Oxnard, CA

Diane wants to be able to save her email messages from Yahoo Mail locally to her computer as a form of backup. Leo suggests using an email client, and he recommends Mozilla Thunderbird. This program stores email in a very standard mbx, or mailbox format, that other programs can also understand. That way, if Thunderbird were to go away, Diane would be able to easily be able to still look at her messages with any text reader.

How can I print from my iPad?

Episode 1141

Eric from Cathedral City, CA

Eric has an iPad and wants to be able to print wirelessly with his printer. But AirPrint doesn't work on it. Leo says that probably means his printer doesn't support AirPrint technology. There's more than one way to add support for this, though. Before AirPrint, there were apps that could do it. They were kind of kludgy, sending the file to the app and then to the printer.

When will Netflix replace Silverlight with HTML5?

Episode 1140

Bob from Shelbyville, NC

Bob wants to know when Netflix is going to replace Silverlight. Leo says that Microsoft dropped support for Silverlight a long time ago, and Netflix is slowly starting to change to HTML5, but it's not fast enough for most of us. Bob says that Silverlight goes away from time to time and it's frustrating. It has happened on the Mac. But for Windows, I.E. 11 uses HTML5. Since Bob uses XP Pro, he can't even use that. He's stuck at IE8. Leo says it's really time to get a new computer. The Chrome browser may be an option.