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Will the HDR 10 standard be around for awhile?

Episode 1328

Kevin from Wichita, KS

Kevin bought an OLED HDR TV and he's worried that with two different HDR formats, it will soon be obsolete. Scott doesn't think so. In fact, HDR 10 is an open standard and most TV makers will support it. Dolby Vision, however, is a required license. All content streaming in HDR is supported by HDR 10 as is HDR Blu-ray. Even rival Dolby Vision supports HDR 10 so if a TV doesn't recognize Dolby, it will play HDR 10. So it'll most likely survive long into the future.

What's a good two channel stereo system?

Episode 1327

Joey from San Diego, CA

Joey wants to buy a good, simple two channel stereo system. Scott says that for a budget system, Elac makes a really nice system. They recently hired Andrew Jones from Pioneer and he designs some amazing, affordable systems. Elac just released a really buttery two channel amp for about $1,000. He could get a few bookshelf speakers and he'll be good to go.

Why can't my Blu-ray player play my DVDs?

Episode 1327

Joselyn from Orange County, CA
UBD-K8500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

Joselyn has a Samsung Blu-ray player and it won't play a Blu-ray that she bought. David says that it may need to have its firmware updated. Hollywood is so afraid of piracy that they constantly change the encoding of the copy protection, so consumers have to keep updating the firmware in order to play it. She can just go to Settings > Firmware update.

How can I avoid image retention (ghosting) on my TV?

Episode 1327

Greg from Cardiff, CA

Greg hears that image retention is an issue with OLED TVs. Scott says it's possible, but not nearly as bad as it was with Plasma in the early days. But with Plasma, it got much better as the technology matured, and with OLED it's sure to get better as it goes along. The key is to keep the image from being static. OLED can dim the image if there is a static image, and maybe even go into a screen saver mode, but Scott says not to pause the image for very long. He could run into problems, though, if he watches a lot of news programming since they tend to have a static ticker at the bottom.

Should I wait to buy a 4K TV?

Episode 1327

Leo from Anaheim, CA
Vizio 2016 P-Series TV

Leo wants to know if he should wait until February (Super Bowl time) to get his 4K TV. He's noticed there still isn't that much content out there. Scott says that's true. It's comparable to when HD first came out and most people were watching upscaled TV until the content caught up. Leo can get HD streaming and at least 720p broadcast, and of course Blu-ray discs. Now that we're moving into 4K, it's still going to take awhile for 4K content to come out, and even then TV broadcasts won't catch up for awhile, if ever.

How can I get better FM radio reception?

Episode 1327

Louie from Orange County, CA
FM Antenna

Louie wants to know what the key is to get better FM radio reception. Scott says it depends on where he is with respect to the broadcast tower. If there's a good line of sight, then he probably doesn't need much. If it's on his roof, then he's removed the obstruction of his house, which can block the signal. David also says that streaming media boxes usually have FM radios, and they can stream, so that's an option if he has bad reception.