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Why can't my Roku box get online?

Episode 1139

Jeff from Fallbrook, CA

Jeff has a new Roku box that he picked up on Black Friday, but it's not connecting. Roku says that the box has gone bad. Leo says it seems unlikely the device itself is bad. Jeff has the same problem with his internet enabled Blu-ray player. Leo says that means it isn't the devices themselves. It has to be the network or internet connection. Leo suggests restarting everything from the computer, to the cable box, to the router. Leo also suggests connecting it via hardwire to see if that solves it. If so, then there's a wireless issue.

What Bluetooth headphones should I buy?

Episode 1137

Greg from Essex UK
Backbeat Fit

Greg thinks Black Friday is barbaric. Leo agrees and says that fighting over a few items that are marked down is usually not worth it. Cyber Monday, however, is another story.

Greg is looking for a good bluetooth headset to listen to music with. CNet has a list of best wireless headphones here. Most aren't cheap, through, at around $300. The Backbeat Fit is around $100.

How can I manage my Netflix account to save data?

Chris from Toledo, OH

Episode 1137

Chris recently bought an LG 4K TV. He's been enjoying Netflix and he's noticed his data has shot through the roof. Leo says that's not surprising. And if the cost went up, it's likely because Chris used more data streaming. Leo says that Chris can change the settings in his Netflix account to avoid streaming at the maximum bandwidth, but it won't look as good on that 4K TV!

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1137

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins to talk about high resolution music. He likes to go to AIX Records because they record original music with mainstream musicians. He's also up north for a few days and enjoyed the Monterey Symphony Orchestra live. Scott says that going live is like a gourmet meal while MP3s are like fast food. Listening to a symphony is unamplified. And the emotional reaction you get from it is amazing. Amplified can have a similar reaction, if it's mixed right. But all too often, it's too loud.

How can I stream concerts online to my TV?

Episode 1136

Jo from Riverside, CA
Roku Stick

Jo likes music and is interested in Umphrey's McGee. Leo says they're a fun group. Jo wants to watch streaming concerts on her television. Leo says that the Google Chromecast is the way to go. It's only $35. She'll use her laptop or smartphone to choose the content, and then it will hand off the content to the TV. Then she'll be watching on her TV, but controlling it with the phone.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1135

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson saw Interstellar and says that Christopher Nolan used a wide variety of aspect ratios to maximize the impact of moments in the film. From wide screen for intimate moments to tall for outer space moments. It's available in six different formats from IMAX film to 4K digital. Scott says that Nolan is definitely a filmophile. He doesn't like immersive audio, so he didn't mix in Dolby Atmos. And he doesn't like 3D. It's a pure movie experience.