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Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1412

Scott Wilkinson

Is it worth waiting for a Dolby Vision TV? Scott says that some support HDR10 and some are starting to support Dolby Vision. HDR10 is open source, while Dolby Vision is licensed. But Dolby is much better in its high dynamic range because it uses more data. How do you get it? Scott says that only one external streaming device supports Dolby Vision at the moment and that's the Chromecast Ultra. The LG B6 OLED is also Dolby Vision capable.

What's a good universal remote control?

Episode 1410

Hank from Los Angeles, CA
Logitech Harmony Hub

Hank uses a universal remote for his home theater system, but it's dying. He's looking for a high end and simple to program remote. Leo says that since Hank's gear is hidden, it makes it difficult to use an infrared remote. He'll have to use an RF remote instead. Leo recommends a Logitech Harmony Hub. it's $99 and it uses infrared to control everything, but he can connect to it via Bluetooth to make changes. It doesn't require line of site to him, just his gear.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1408

Scott Wilkinson

This week was the Flat Panel Shoot Out for HDTVs, and Scott has the results. This year, the shootout took place in association with CE week and featured mostly flagship TVs in a head to head evaluation. All TVs were professionally calibrated and fed the same TV feed. Then professional colorists made the determination of what TVs were best. There was also a Sony 30" OLED Broadcast video monitor which was used as the standard to compare to.

Can I repair my TV?

Episode 1407

Sheila from Ontario, CA
Samsung HD TV

Sheila's TV died right after her warranty went out. They wanted several hundred dollars just to diagnose it. She can't even have a local place do it because they've gone out of business due to not getting any parts. Leo says the trend is now to make it albeit impossible to repair products, and there's a Right to Repair movement in many states to make repairability the law. But the sad fact is, in most cases a TV just isn't repairable or worth the money to fix. She'll be better off just getting a new one. However, Sheila's Samsung may be subject to recall.

How can I connect multiple devices to my sound bar?

Episode 1406

Matt from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
4x1 HDMI Switcher

Matt has a newer sound bar, and he wants to connect multiple devices to it. Leo says that the best option here is to connect it to an AV receiver, but because his sound bar is powered, it was fighting with it. He also doesn't have an optical port on his TV, so he needs to have a way to connect that to the sound bar also.

Scott Wilkinson says that he'll need to be looking for an HDMI switch as his solution. Matt should check MonoPrice.com or Amazon Basics.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1406

Scott Wilkinson

Scott went to see Dunkirk in both 70mm IMAX and Dolby Cinema. He preferred 70mm though. Not a lot of deep blacks, but ultimately IMAX is best because that's how director Christopher Nolan shot it. And he shot it on the same beach in Dunkirk, Belgium with original aircraft and boats. The important point is that all the shots are framed within IMAX's square aspect ratio of 8x6. It makes it very immersive. Leo says it's a great movie, beautifully done. Scott agrees. And quite historic in its depiction.