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What 40" TV is best for displaying photos with accurate color reproduction?

Episode 1171

Tim from La Crescenta, CA
Vizio E-Series 42" TV

Tim wants to know what 40" TV is best for color reproduction with photography. Leo says that the Sony Grand Vega was the top of the line back in the analog days. Leo says that he'd go bigger if he can. Bigger is always more immersive and more realistic. But in the 40" range, he can get one for under $300.

How can I cut the cable and still DVR programs?

Episode 1170

Jeff from Los Angeles, CA
TiVo Roamio

Jeff has had it with Time Warner. He's tired of paying $180 for TV, Internet, and phone, especially since he only watches a handful of channels on that cable subscription. He also hates it when he can't get his voicemail deleted even though he's retrieved the voicemail over email. His DVR has also been completely erased due to a service issue. How can he cut the cable? How can he record everything he needs all at once after doing so?

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1169

Scott Wilkinson

Scott went to a three day audio engineering conference about the future of audio entertainment. Scott says that there's a ton of news in the audio world, including the adoption of multiple subwoofers in the home, which offers the smoothing out of the bass response. Other advancements including dubbing with new bass techniques, and other details which should make the home theater experience more like the movies.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1165

Scott wants to chime in on Net Neutrality since it does affect Home Theater Geeks who rely on streaming video. If there had been tiered access, it could affect our entertainment options. Leo says that there hasn't really been a prime example of this, save Comcast and Verizon shaking down Netflix for "interconnect." But that's a prime example of what Scott calls "paid prioritization." And this Net Neutrality decision should stop that. But internet service providers are going to sue against the new rules as well. So it's not over yet.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1163

Scott got an email from a viewer that wants to hold viewing parties. He wants to create a 150' screen, but the problem is that the room he uses has windows. How can he black them out? Leo suggests curtains. Scott agrees and says that Black Out shades are even better. Fixed and custom made inserts that will black out those windows when you insert them into the Window frame. That's the best idea. Scott also recommends the Epson 5030UB projector $2300, and there's Elite Screen's 150" with Cinegrade 5D screen material. Leo also recommends screens from MonoPrice.com. They're very affordable.

Can I connect my new HDTV to a computer for home theater?

Episode 1160

Robert from San Diego, CA
Intel NUC

Robert got a 65 Inch Samsung HDTV that he wants to hook up a computer to. Leo says that an Intel NUC is a good idea because it has HDMI ports, is inexpensive, and will work great. They're hockey puck sized, and perfect to create a home theater PC. Robert will need an external hard drive for storage though. This is a great idea for a HTPC project.