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How can I DVR broadcast signals?

Jamie from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1090

Jamie wants to cut the cord and has heard about the Channel Master DVR for broadcast. Leo says that the chatroom recommends it all the time, and if he has a good antenna signal, it's a great option since HD is uncompressed over the air. But can he watch it elsewhere? Leo says it's fairly easy with it's ToGo capability, which would let him move his programs to his phone or tablet. He can also get just about everything online except for live programming like sports, awards ceremonies, and the news.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1089

Leo just upgraded to Comcast's more professional internet package and it doesn't come with bandwidth shaping or caps and Netflix runs so much better. But it wasn't cheap. Scott says that moving forward, that's what you're going to need when we get into the 4K world, because ISPs are going to want to buffer the content that uses that much data.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1087

Scott is going to be attending THE, The Home Entertainment show. It's down in Newport Beach this week, and Scott says there's going to be a huge resurgence of Hi Resolution audio. Leo says an example of this is Neil Young's Pono Player, and even though he bought one, he's not so sure it's going to make the music any better for the average listener.

What's the best wireless surround sound system?

Episode 1087

Sean from Durango, CO
Pioneer Surround Sound System

Sean is interested in getting a wireless 5.1 surround sound system. Leo says he understands the desire to get rid of wires, but they often don't work as well due to interference in the audio spectrum. It's also why he hired someone to wire his house and put them inside the walls. Wireless left/right and center speakers are OK because they're usually not that far away from each other. But surround is usually farther away.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1085

Scott thought it would be good to talk about the news story that RedBox is closing 500 low performing kiosks nationwide. Scott doesn't think that closing 500 kiosks is a big deal considering Redbox has over 36000 Kiosks so this only represents about 1% of all their DVD portals. Leo says that it could be a sign of the times as the DVD is dying as people opt for streaming. Blockbuster has gone under. Scott is now running a poll over at AVSForums on where do you get your movies.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1083

Scott joins us to talk about Godzilla. Leo says he saw the movie last night and even though it was in 3D, there really wasn't a lot of 3D in it. It was very subtly used to more enhance the movie, rather than rely on the 3D gimmicks. Scott says that's been his argument all along. Make 3D more subtle, because extreme 3D takes you out of the movie, and so it was smart of the director to rely on "less is more."