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Should I buy a 4K TV yet?

Don from Temecula, CA

Episode 1250

Don sees 4K TVs at Costco. Are they really 4K? Leo says yes, they are, but the content he's getting isn't, and as such, the content gets "upscaled" from 1080p to 4K. How well a TV does it varies from maker to maker. And there really isn't a widely adapted standard yet. So it's a mixed bag. If he needs a new TV now, he should get one. But it's really not the best time for it yet.

Where could I get a 12 volt TV?

Episode 1250

Doug from Santa Barbara, CA
Supersonic 19" 12 Volt WIDESCREEN LED HDTV

Doug wants a 12v TV for his RV that's about 24" in size. Leo says he could get an inverter that can convert the DC to AC. It'll drain the RV battery though, so he should be aware that. Dish has special RV packages too that aren't too costly. But as long as he's near a metro area, he can just get an antenna and get the best resolution since it's uncompressed.

Doug should check out my12voltstore.com to look for a TV.

What laptop should I get for video editing?

Nan from La Crescenta, CA

Episode 1248

Nan is looking for a laptop to do Photoshop and video editing. Leo says that this will depend on how advanced the video editing is. Many will harness the graphics processor to do most of the heavy lifting, while others will just rely on the computer's own processor to do it. Some laptops don't have a dedicated GPU. Nan will want a higher end laptop, but that also impact battery life.

Why can't I stream from my mobile phone to my Samsung 4K TV?

Episode 1247

Mark from Covina, CA
Google Chromecast

Mark bought a Samsung 4K Curved TV and it won't find his phone unless he unplugs it. Leo says that Samsung's DLNA is notoriously terrible. It stops, drops, and loses connections. Leo's suggestion as an alternative is Google Chromecast. It works perfectly because the hardware connection from the Chromecast is straight into the TV.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1247

Scott Wilkinson

Scott hasn't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, but he has heard nothing but good things. It seems that most people are writing reviews just saying that they like it, and not giving any plot details. Leo says that it's on track to be the highest grossing opening film of all time. As for 3D, there's really nothing in the movie that takes advantage of it. It was largely invisible. Scott says that's why he's going to see it at the El Capitan in Dolby Vision with Dolby Cinema High Dynamic Range.

Why does my Roku give me copy protection warnings?

Curtis from Virginia

Episode 1246

Curtis has been watching Leo on Roku and lately he's been getting HDCP errors for unauthorized access. Leo says that's just nuts. There's no reason why that's on there. But it's also problematic because everything needs to be HDCP compliant. It's clearly a spurious message because Leo's podcasts aren't copy protected. He can power it off and unplug the Roku, then plug it back in. But it's clear that something is confused.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1245

Scott Wilkinson

Scott got a question about tuning up a Vizio M60 TV. Is there a guide for doing so? Scott says it's a challenge to do that because different manufacturers have different nomenclature. But Scott did publish a few tips at AVSForum for that specific model. First thing is to take it off the "dynamic" mode that all TVs are set on to make them look good on the show room floor. Set the TV to the "movie" or "cinematic" mode.