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What are my options to replace Windows Media Center?

Episode 1184

Brian from San Clemente, CA

Brian has a home theater setup with a home theater PC and he's worried that Windows has abandoned the Home Theater PC concept, including Windows Media Center. Leo says that it has been a long time coming since Microsoft has killed Windows home server in favor of Windows 8. Now killing Windows Media Center is just part of that. Microsoft doesn't want to be in the media center business, they want customers to get an XBox One.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1183

John from New York calls in to ask Scott a Home Theater question - John has a Samsung Plasma HDTV that's starting to get horizontal lines and was told that to avoid replacing it, if he can replace the "Y axis" board to repair it. Thoughts? Scott says that it could be some sort of driver circuitry and it begs the question ... should you repair it or replace it with an LED TV. The rule of thumb is to keep replacement parts for up to 7 years, so there may be parts available for at least the next few months.

Why doesn't YouTube work on the Apple TV?

Episode 1181

Tom from Warren, OH
Apple TV

Tom has an Apple TV and he just got a message on his YouTube app that the device isn't compatible anymore. Leo said there's a new update to the YouTube app that has broken the app on older Apple TVs. Leo says one possibility is to jailbreak it. If he needs to, he should check out Google's supported list of devices here. And he can always start the video on his YouTube app on the iPad or iPhone and then AirPlay it.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1181

Scott Wilkinson

Scott went and saw Furious 7 at the TCL Chinese Theater, where he saw it in IMAX with their new laser illuminated projectors. Scott says it was some of the best projected images he's ever seen. Amazingly deep blacks, bold colors, and incredibly bright. But even then, it can't project in high dynamic range like the Christie laser projector across the street at the El Capitan. It's still an amazing new technology, though. The good news is that the laser illuminated projection means you don't need a silver screen to project it. Which is great for 2D movies.

How can I get rid of ghosting on my 4K TV?

Episode 1180

Tom from Warren, OH

Tom has a 4K UHD TV a few months back. Leo says that's great. Sadly, there isn't much content to stream in 4K and he really has to have a high bandwidth to get it. But he's also getting ghosting prompting him to reset the TV to get rid of it. Leo says that all LCD TVs have this. He can try and fix it by turning on 60-120-240 hz TruMotion. That will use interpolation to get rid of ghosting and smooth things out. The downside is that it looks hyper realistic.

How can I connect my home theater to my TV?

Michael from Monrovia, CA

Episode 1179

Michael bought a home theater in a box, a Panasonic A/V receiver, and a 55" Samsung TV. He has Dish TV service. He's having issues hooking everything up, though.

Leo says that everything should go through the Panasonic A/V receiver. He needs to connect the components like the blu-ray player with HDMI cables to the HDMI input on the Panasonic receiver. Then there should be one HDMI output on the receiver, and that will go to the HDMI In on the TV. If he connects the receiver to HDMI 1 on the TV, then the TV should stay on HDMI 1 all the time.