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Why can't my Sony Bravia smart TV connect to the Internet?

Mike from Portland, ME

Episode 1052

Mike is having trouble connecting to the Sony server on his Sony Bravia HDTV. Leo says sometimes the device can't see Wi-Fi and it'll lose the connection. Mike has a wired bridge though, so is there any other reason this could be happening?

Leo says that Mike should try using another device to see if it works. If he can rule out the bridge and the internet connection, then he can focus on the TV. Mike had to disconnect and re-register. It worked for a day and then stopped again. Leo says at that point, it has to be Sony's issue. Smart TVs leave a bit to be desired, Leo says.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1051

Scott Wilkinson

Scott got to spend time back stage at the Grammy's yesterday. He said that what's cool about the Grammy's is the live performances. He's heard that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the last two surviving Beatles, may perform together. They also broadcast in 5.1 Dolby, so that's cool.

Question: Eric has a small theater room 10'x9'. He'd like to use a projector. What should he get and what screen size?

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1049

Scott has a computer running Windows XP. It's his calibration computer and he doesn't put it online. Leo says that there isn't anything wrong with that as long as it's not used online. This week's question is: What is the best HDTV Calibration utility to buy? Scott says he really likes Disney's World of Wonder (WOW) Disc. It's hosted by Goofy and they walk you through the process of calibrating your TV in a fun, Disney way. Scott says that it has an excellent walk-through with some great demo content.

How can I record TV with an antenna?

Episode 1048

Robin from North Hills, CA

Robin is looking to cut the cable and wants to use an over-the-air antenna to get live TV. Leo says that if she can get reception, then an antenna can take over for the satellite and she'll end up with a very nice, and more uncompressed HD broadcast. Leo advises going to AntennaWeb.org and see what she can get in her area based on her address. It'll also recommend the best antenna for her area.

How can I stream my computer's Chrome browser to my Chromecast?

George from Paris, Texas

Episode 1047

George listens to TWiT with his Roku. He says he knows the Chromecast doesn't have a lot of apps on it, but he decided to try one to stream websites from his browser to the TV. He wanted to do that from a cheap Android tablet running Jellybean, but Google won't let him into the Play Store. Leo says that's because it's not an "AOSP" version of Android. That's what makes it cheap.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1047

Scott Wilkinson

Scott is back from CES, and he actually walked over 24 miles looking at the latest gadgets and HDTVs. He saw a lot of 4K, and TVs with curved screens. Leo says there's no real benefit from a curved screen, and Scott says that's especially true at the smaller 50" sizes. But for a bigger 105" TV, it may help.

Should I repair my LCD TV?

Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA

Episode 1046

Steve has a 47" Vizio that he's had for a few years. But after an hour, the color begins to die out until he turns it off for awhile. Should he get it fixed or just buy a new one? Leo says that it sounds like a poor solder connection, but at $400 for a repair, it probably isn't worth it since a new TV would cost $600.

All HDTVs have interpolation to handle with motion, but Steve doesn't like it because it looks plasticy. Leo recommends turning that off.

Leo says that LED is the way to go. Also, Steve should get the backlit LED models, not the edge lit.