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What's a good affordable Plasma or LCD?

Dave from Fountain Valley, CA

Episode 1064

Dave is in the market to upgrade his HDTV and wants an affordable 60" plasma. Leo says that Dave needs to act now because many companies are getting out of the Plasma business. Panasonic makes the best plasmas, but they're not cheap. Samsung and LG also make them, but LCDs are getting better. Dave is also wondering if 3D is really any better. Leo says no. It's an additional feature, nothing more. Some are even dumping it as a feature.

Scott Wilkinson Back Stage at the Oscars

Episode 1061

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson went back stage at the Oscars this week to interview the audio guys for the Academy Awards. He said that the security was incredibly tight, but the technology being used to mix the audio for the show is incredible. The audio goes from the Dolby Theater to Capitol Records for remixing and back to the theater for the broadcast in 2.7 milliseconds! Since all the Oscar nominated songs are being performed live, it's even more impressive.

Why does my refurbished Vizio TV smell like burnt marshmallows?

Episode 1060

David from Reseda, CA
Vizio TV

David bought a refurbished Vizio HDTV and after a few hours of using it, it started to smell. Leo says that really shouldn't happen to the degree that David smells it. His fear is that it will start smoking. Leo's advice is to never buy refurbished devices from a third party. Only buy refurbished from the manufacturer directly. The capacitors may be leaking oil and when heated, could cause the smell. If that's leaking, then it's definitely going to fail. David should try taking it back.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1059

Scott Wilkinson

Scott is back with questions about how 4K will affect 3D and what glasses would be best. Sony uses both, but Samsung and LG both use passive technology. Vizio went with the passive glasses in 2013, but this year they dumped 3D altogether. Scott says he likes passive glasses because they're lighter and the TVs are more affordable. Passive is brighter, but even then it only lets in 50% of the light. Active glasses lets in only 30% of the light, and you have to recharge them or change the batteries. Scott also says the one good thing is that 4K offers 1080p in each eye for 3D.