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Is it possible to build a hard drive to contain all the information in the world?

Episode 1445

Paul from Ohio
Hard drives

Paul wonders if it would be possible to build a hard drive that could hold all the information available in the world. Leo says that currently, we have hard drives large enough to hold all the information in the Library of Congress. But we really don't know how much information we really have in the world. We do know that by 2025, there will be 163 ZetaBytes (a trillion gigabytes). We're creating data at a rate of 16 trillion GB a year. The largest hard drive out there is 8,000 GB. So probably not. But that's what we have the cloud and the internet for.

What should I get in a new laptop?

Episode 1445

Jason from Richmond, VA
Lenovo ThinkPad T470s

Jason is looking to get a new laptop and he's thinking of getting a Lenovo. Leo says that it'll be tempting to get a consumer grade model, but Leo advises going with the business-grade ThinkPad line. The keyboards are better, and they are more repairable. Dell is another great option. They have a laptop with a bezel-less screen that is gorgeous. But Jason uses the JAWS screenreader because he's visually impaired, so the screen is not all that important.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1444

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How can I wirelessly charge multiple devices?

Episode 1444

Peter from Covina, CA
AirPower mat

Peter wants to know if there's a device that will charge multiple devices wirelessly. Leo says that Apple will be coming out with a product next year that will do just that. It uses the Qi standard and will charge an Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods. It's called AirPower. There are others, but the Apple Watch doesn't support Qi 100%, and as such, Apple has devised a way to do it. But it won't come out until sometime in 2018. Will an aftermarket charger work? Leo says if it's designed to handle multiple devices, then yes. But he may run into issues with his Apple Watch.

Does Apple CarPlay support Google Play Music?

Episode 1443

Jonathan from New York, NY
Apple CarPlay

Jonathan wants to know if CarPlay will support Android and Google Play Music. Leo says that Google Play Music will be coming to CarPlay soon. Although it's unclear when it will get seeded down to older models. Siri probably won't interact with it or control it, though. This seems counter to the very idea of CarPlay to begin with — that it's a handsfree experience when driving.

What's the best internet connected security camera?

Episode 1443

Debbie from Rolling Heights, CA
Lighthouse camera

Debbie is looking for an internet connected security camera to keep an eye on her mom. Leo says that there are plenty of those around, including the Nest camera. But there's also a good camera out there that will ping her if it doesn't see her mom for some time. It's called the Lighthouse and it has a time of flight 3D sensor, which is based on LIDAR technology. It'll also alert her when someone is in the house that it doesn't recognize. It'll also notify Debbie if her mom waves at the camera.

Should I buy a laptop or an all-in-one?

Episode 1443

Randy from Big Bear Lake, CA
HP Envy All in One

Randy is looking to get a laptop. Is Cyber Monday a good time to buy? Leo says that there will likely be some great deals. Leo prefers business grade laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad. They're very robust. There are great support plans available too, including a one day turn around fix or replace option. Dell's Precision line is also worth taking a look at.