Will the new MacBook Pro handle my audio workflow?

Episode 1341

Adam from West Covina, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Adam is looking to get the new MacBook Pro but he's concerned that it isn't high performance enough. Leo says that it does come limited with memory at only 16GB, and he won't be able to upgrade it. So what you buy is what you get. Whether it's right for Adam is subjective. Adam runs Logic and he's worried it won't be enough for him. Leo says Logic does take a lot of RAM, but Leo's used it for Logic and it works for him. That doesn't mean it will work for Adam, though, as his mileage may vary. Leo says that if Adam's iMac, at 32GB of RAM is bogging down, that should tell the tale.

What is the best computer for sketching and artwork?

Episode 1340

Terry from Burbank, CA
Microsoft Surface Studio

Terry is an artist with Disney Imagineering, and she wants to know what's a good computer to for sketching and artwork. Leo says that Microsoft's Surface Studio was just announced and it's designed with artists like Terry in mind. It has a 28" tilting display, pen stylus, and a new Dial that will enable her to change colors and other options with a turn of the wheel.

How can I keep my son's laptop secure?

Mary from California

Episode 1340

Mary had to get her son a computer for school and she put herself in as the admin. Leo says that's a very good idea. She can use herself as the admin and her kid as a limited user. There's also a new feature in Windows 10 which would allow her to give them a pin code to install things without having her type in the password.

Does she need MacAfee for her Antivirus? Leo says no. She should take it off. Windows 10 has its own antivirus which is quite good if she keeps it updated.

Why can't I reinstall Windows 10 on my Mac?

Episode 1340

Troy from Long Beach
Microsoft Windows 10

Troy updated Windows 10 on his Mac and liked it so much he deleted macOS and now it's not working well. He's trying to reinstall it, but he can't. Leo says that's because he needs the Apple drivers through Boot Camp to run it. So he kind of has to have macOS on the computer, but he can shrink down the partition to as low as it can go. It could also be an issue with the EFI Master Boot recorder.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1339

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D walked by something that he thinks Johnny Jet should get. It's called the Snoo. It helps babies stay asleep. It's basically a baby pen, but it has a swaddling capability to keep them calm and relaxed. It then prevents them from rolling over on their stomach. If the baby starts to cry, the Snoo has microphones to listen and will rock them back to sleep automatically. After 5 minutes, if the baby is still crying, it sends you a text message. It's not cheap, though. It costs $1160.

Why has the battery icon disappeared on my Chromebook?

Episode 1339

Carol from Simi Valley, CA
Dell Chromebook 13

Carol has an HP Chromebook and her battery icon has vanished. She can't get it back. Leo says it's likely a bad battery and HP should replace it. They're wasting her time if they're refusing to replace it when it's under warranty. If it's not the battery, there still could be a physical issue. She should send the entire computer back and get the Dell Chromebook 13.

Is high refresh rate important when buying a UHD TV?

Episode 1339

Felix from North Hollywood, CA
Samsung UN43KU7000 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Felix heard that TVs with higher refresh rates are actually just simulating the extra frames. Leo says since there's no content at these high frame rates, so anytime there's something faster than 60 frames per second, the TV is faking it. The reason is, LCD TVs are a little bit slower than the old CRT TVs and even Plasma and OLED. So fast moving action can look a little blurry. The way these manufacturers have solved it is through frame interpolation. This means that software will generate what should be between the frames, or it may just double the frame.

Will a clean install fix my Windows 10 problems?

Episode 1339

Bruce from Pasadena, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Bruce converted his computer over to Windows 10 and now he's having a different problem every week. Leo says the problem is with the Anniversary update. It's caused all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, it's now too late to downgrade. Leo says that it has taken months for Microsoft to work out the kinks and they're updating it all the time. So Bruce should keep updating. It could also be an incompatible driver, and in that case, it may take a month or two to iron out those kinks with drivers.