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Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1319

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is the AirScale. It's a gadget that allows you to weigh your luggage. The scale alerts air-travelers of excess weight problems before airport check-in. It can calibrate weights up to 40kg or 88 pounds which you'll see on the LCD screen. In charging mode, AirScale can recharge most mobile phones fully for about 2 cycles or more. With a capacity of 6,500mAh (built with LG battery cells), the charging time is 2 times faster than many power banks found in the market offering 2A input and 2.4A output.

Is my laptop powerful enough for Windows 10?

Episode 1319

Sandy from Costa Mesa, CA
Dell XPS 13

Sandy just had Windows 10 installed on her computer automatically and she wonders if it's really powerful enough. It's slow and it crashes a lot. Microsoft says her laptop had old drivers and needed them updated. But after that, it's still having issues. Leo says that the problem is that Windows 10 upgraded on top of Windows. A clean install of Windows 10 might make it better. She should wipe the drive and install Windows fresh. She should first backup her data to an external drive, and Microsoft's backup utility will work for that.

Is the Channel Master a good DVR for over-the-air broadcasts?

Episode 1318

Tim from Denver, CO
Channel Master DVR

Tim wants to know Leo's thoughts on Channel Master. Leo says it's a DVR for over-the-air antenna broadcasts. Leo doesn't get over-the-air broadcast TV because of where he lives, but he hears good things. Now he's learned that Channel Master will also stream video through Roku. That's pretty cool. If he's in the city and can get a good over-the-air signal, he will get the best broadcast quality because it's uncompressed. The key is to be close and within line of site of the main channels.

Why doesn't my new laptop have sound?

Dennis from San Diego, CA

Episode 1317

Dennis bought a new Dell XPS 9500 computer. Leo says that Dell XPS laptops are a very good choice. Dennis has an issue with the sound on it, though. He's also having problems streaming video. Leo says it could be the sound card but his first instinct is to look at the operating system. Dennis should update the drivers. He may even have to try reinstalling Windows. Then if that doesn't work, he can think about hardware.