Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

How can I get my data back?

Abel from New York City

Episode 1269

Abel has a friend who's 2007 Thinkpad has started acting up. The fan needed replacing, so he fixed it and now after rebooting, none of the passwords work. So he used some utilities from the Ultimate Boot CD to get into the administrator account. Leo says an administrator can take control of all the files and then back them up. He could also move the data to a new account that he creates. It looks like the desktop has changed its appearance and some files have disappeared.

Why is Windows 10 asking me to activate?

Episode 1268

John from Manhattan Beach, CA
Windows 10 Start Menu

John wants to upgrade to Windows 10 and he can't find the product key. Leo says that if the computer is already activated, the free Windows 10 will just take that authorization and apply it to his new version of Windows. There's no need to to reactivate or re-enter the license key. Windows will not ask him for it. If he's getting the product key request, then the previous version wasn't activated. But Microsoft has changed the way it licenses Windows now to an entitlement system where his computer is entitled to run Windows 10.

Is hard drive speed more important than processor speed?

Episode 1268

Henry from Riverside, CA
Apple iMac

Henry wants to buy a new Mac and wants to know if it's true that processor speed isn't as important as hard drive speed. Leo says that's true. Processors are really fast now and there's only a dimes worth of difference between them for every day use. It's better to get an i5 and then spend more money on a faster hard drive and better screen. Leo says that a 21" iMac with an SSD is best for speed, but a Fusion Drive would give him more space plus a speed boost.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1267

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is again from the New York Toy Faire. It's called the Wowee COJI Robot. It gets kids interested in programming and robotics as young as age 4. It teaches kids to code by using emojis. They use the free app on any smart device to control COJI’s actions. Bluetooth is used to send a child's commands to COJI to follow. COJI also reacts to physical stimulation such as tilting and shaking. He comes with an LCD screen, dynamic sounds and thousands of animations. It’s coding and learning fun with a smile(y)! MSRP $59.99 Coming in the fall of 2016. It's for kids 6 & up.

What do you know about eSight Eyewear?

Thomas from San Diego, CA

Episode 1267

Thomas wants to know if Leo has heard of eSight glasses. He has a friend who is legally blind and wants to know if they're worth the price. Leo says it sounds like he'd have to have some sight and it just amplifies the visual signal. Leo says that is a great thing, though. It's like Oculus Rift for the legally Blind. They aren't cheap, though, at $15,000. But they're brand new and the cost will likely drop really fast once the word gets out.

Can a Chromebook run Office applications?

Stacey from San Pedro, CA

Episode 1267

Stacey wants to know if a Chromebook can run Microsoft Office functions. Leo says that it can run Google Docs, but it won't run Windows apps like Office. Google Docs has a spreadsheet program that's almost as good as Excel, though. She's also having trouble using the trackpad. Leo says to just buy a mouse, plug it in via USB, and it'll be just like a desktop.