Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

How could I create documents on a Google Chromebook?

Benny from Pasadena, CA

Episode 1126

Benny would just use Google Docs and then store it in the cloud. Then he can work from computer to computer. It's a great way to do it, but some don't like that they have to use the cloud to save their data. But he'll have plenty of storage in the cloud. Prices start around $200-400. He can get them just about anywhere including the Google Play Store.

Where can I buy a Blackberry Z10?

Episode 1126

Benny from Pasadena, CA
Blackberry Z10

Benny wants to get a Blackberry Z10 because he used one for awhile and loved it. Leo says that they're easy to find on eBay, but Leo likes to get stuff like that from NewEgg. He can get one "open box" from them for around $200. He should make sure he doesn't get the Verizon version, he'll want the AT&T and T-Mobile versions that are unlocked. Those are called "Unlocked GSM."

What's a good computer for a college student?

Episode 1126

Evangelina from Los Angeles, CA
Laptop computer

Evangelina's son wants a new computer for college. It will be used for studying music and medicine. Leo says that any digital device is fine for listening to music. But for medicine, there may be specific software that he needs which could decide which platform he needs. She should consider who will be giving support for the computer. Whatever the school uses also could point to what platform he should be on.

Are there any good health tracking fitness bands?

Episode 1126

Tom from Warren, OH
Fitness bands

Tom likes that the M7 processor lets him track his steps. Leo says that's a great feature and all modern smartphones can now do it. These phones are as good and as bad as a Fitbit. There's limitations just like anything.

Is there anything decent for health tracking? Leo says that the dirty secret of fitness bands is that they're just pedometers. That's all. There's a lot of hype with them. But they do encourage people to take that extra step.

How do I transfer files to my new computer?

Episode 1126

Diana from Whittier, CA
LG Chromebase

Diana is finally replacing her XP machine with a new computer. But how does she transfer all her files to the new machine? Leo says that since Diana hasn't bought a new Windows machine yet, it may be a good idea to think about whether or not she really needs Windows. Often people buy far more computer than they need. And now that the industry has matured, Leo's more inclined to suggest a Chromebook and keep her data online, rather than Windows. Or maybe even a tablet, if most of her activity is email and surfing the internet. Leo gave his mom an iPad for that very reason.

Why does my PC boot to a black screen sometimes?

Episode 1125

Dan from Somis, CA
Blue screen

Dan says he gets error messages when booting up to Windows and sometimes it just boots up to a black screen. Leo says that intermittent problems are the hardest to diagnose and it could indicate a problem with his power supply or a lose cable. It could also be an overheating issue. The best thing is to make sure his data is constantly backed up.