Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Why can't I get a photo realistic print?

Ken from Filmore, CA

Episode 1248

Ken wants a good high resolution printer to print off images that have very high resolution prints, and the copy shop isn't getting it done. Leo says that printer is probably a better choice than a high volume copy center, which is likely a bit out of date and lower resolution. Consumer inkjet technology has really leapfrogged the average copy shop. Ken will want a printer that can output at least 600 DPI.

How did PCs get so cheap?

Mike from Burbank, CA

Episode 1247

Mike notices that when a laptop goes on sale, the price drops are really not that significant. Leo says that's because he believes that computers are already at rock bottom prices. Competition has driven the price as low as it can go and margins are razor thin. That's why support is terrible on this hardware. Apple doesn't drop the price because they like their profit margin and they also offer some degree of support. They're also the only ones who make Macs. So they can charge whatever they want.

How can I avoid getting compatibility warnings on my third party iPhone charger?

Chuck from San Diego, CA

Episode 1247

Chuck's wife keeps losing her iPhone charger. Since she got a replacement, she gets warnings that the third party charger isn't designed to work with the iPhone. Leo says that's an annoying popup, but if they want to avoid it, they should look for MFI certified accessories. These are accessories that are Made for iPhone. Leo says that the trend is moving towards Type C connectors and he believes that this standard will be adopted industry wide, including on Apple devices.

How can I turn my iPad into a secondary display for my computer?

Episode 1247

David from Irvine, CA
Apple iPad Air 2

David is looking for an app that will turn his iPad into a secondary display. Leo suggests Duet, which was written by former Apple Software engineers. He can make it mirrored or extended and it works on both Mac and Windows. It uses remote access from his computer. This requires a wired connection to the computer, though.

How can I stop getting badgered to upgrade to Windows 10?

Episode 1247

Rick from Phelan, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Rick is being bothered relentlessly to upgrade to Windows 10. How can he stop that? Leo says that Windows 10 is good and a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and 8 users isn't a bad thing. If he accepts the offer and installs it, he'll still have 30 days to downgrade. But he doesn't have to upgrade if he has Windows 7. If he has Windows 8, on the other hand, he should definitely do it.

FAA Requires Drone Registration Starting This Week

Episode 1247

Starting Monday, anyone who operates a drone from 0.5-55 pounds will be required to register that drone with the FAA. Leo says that the problem is that everyone's personal information will be publicly available, which is not a good thing. And the Academy of Model Aeronautics is encouraging drone operators not to register until the privacy issues are addressed. That kind of civil disobedience will get attention, but the fines of up to $25,000 and 3 years in jail for failing to do so is a steep one.

Should I write Tim Cook about my Apple problem?

Episode 1246

Chris from Miami, FL
Apple MacBook Pro

Chris had an issue with Apple and wrote a letter to Tim Cook about it and they hooked him up with a senior tech support person. They created a new partition, but they think he may have to reinstall the OS, and maybe even replace the processor. Leo says that most companies have an office of the president or executive team that will directly address issues when letters are written to the CEO/President. These are high level support people who are tasked with simply fixing issues. It's often better support and sometimes they issue a replacement.

How can I shield my house from LED light noise?

David from Spring Hill, FL

Episode 1245

David wanted to upgrade the lighting in his home and he's now dealing with a lot of noise on his stereo and HAM Radio. Leo says it's interference from the LED bulbs. Leo says that the lights have to be properly wired and he should get better LED bulbs. There are good and bad LEDs. Cheaper LEDs aren't RF protected. And some are just better than others.