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Can I upgrade to OS X El Capitan on my Mac?

Episode 1270

Ronnie from West Hollywood, CA
Mac OS X El Capitan

Ronnie has an iMac that runs OS X Lion and he's stuck with it, according to a salesman at Apple. They said it won't run El Capitan. Leo says that the retail guy is wrong! Apple offers a free upgrade for Lion. What he may be talking about is that if he erases the hard drive, he can install the OS over the air by downloading and installing. In that case, it will download the OS that came with the Mac. But then he could upgrade for free. A ten year old Mac can upgrade to El Capitan.

What printer should I buy?

Christie from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1270

Leo says that the first ransomware appeared on the Mac last week. It was through a bittorrent program called Transmission. A bad guy hacked it and added a malware program to the installer that would encrypt the user's data. It only happened for a few hours though. Apple has also yanked the certificate of the company that tried it, updated the signatures of the malware screener on the Mac, and it's extremely unlikely that anyone else will get infected by it.

Why doesn't Dell support Windows 10 on my laptop?

Episode 1270

Richard from Del Rey Beach, FL
Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

Richard has a Dell computer and he upgraded to Windows 10. It didn't work too well, though. It turned out that Dell doesn't support Windows 10 on his computer even though it qualifies. He downgraded back to Windows 7. Leo says that there's some hardware on the laptop that they think doesn't have a Windows 10 driver. But if Microsoft says it's ok, it should be ok. Leo recommends trying it again. Leo says that Microsoft is out of control in trying to get people to upgrade to Windows 10, though. They've even added it to the recommended updates portion of Windows update.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1269

Dick DeBartolo

Spring has sprung in New York and the Giz Wiz has a new gadget -- a new Toy Car set by Lionel. The MegaTax is a new train set for kids which uses a novel new clamp and construction system to attach train tracks to just about anything. Kids can create stunts, rail racing, all with handheld remote control through a phone app. The master set includes 20 feet of TwisTrack, 55 construction pieces to build customized track layouts, a Rail Racer vehicle and charger, a handheld remote controller, plus track clamps and connectors. MSRP: $99.99. Recommended Age: 8+. Availability: Fall 2016

How can I get my data back?

Abel from New York City

Episode 1269

Abel has a friend who's 2007 Thinkpad has started acting up. The fan needed replacing, so he fixed it and now after rebooting, none of the passwords work. So he used some utilities from the Ultimate Boot CD to get into the administrator account. Leo says an administrator can take control of all the files and then back them up. He could also move the data to a new account that he creates. It looks like the desktop has changed its appearance and some files have disappeared.