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Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1089

This week's gadget fits into the wheel of your bicycle and writes in LED light. It's called the Fuze Bike Wheel Writer 2.0. It allows you to program messages using its iPhone app and then show that message through the LEDs you put on your wheel. Offers 63 different LED patterns that are built into the device, and it can be set to read out your current pedaling speed in lights on the bike wheel through an adapter. It's a great toy for kids. And it's only $19.99.

Should I get trained as a drone pilot?

Episode 1088

Burt from St. Paul, MN
DJI Phantom 2

Burt wants to know if drones are the future of technology, and should he get trained for it? Leo says that the military is the best place to be trained as a drone pilot. In the commercial sector, most of the drones are automated.

If he wants to learn, the DJI Phantom 2 is a fantastic Quadcopter that is remote controlled and GPS aided. It's very stable, and great for aerial shots. That's going to be a huge growth industry as soon as the FAA passes rules for commercial use.

How can I fix the rattling noise in my computer?

Patrick from Burlington, MA

Episode 1088

Patrick's computer fell off the desk onto the floor. Now it makes a loud sound when he boots it up. Leo says to turn it off right away. He should make sure he eliminates static electricity and then open it up the case and inspect the fans. Chances are, one of those fans was dislodged and it's getting in the way of the fan blade of the computer. That could short circuit the PC.

WWDC Keynote Is Tomorrow, June 2

Episode 1088


Tomorrow is WWDC (WorldWide Developer's Conference) as Tim Cook and his development posse will deliver a keynote that Leo thinks will feature software announcements of OS X, code named "Syrah." Some believe it'll be called "Yosemite," though. We'll also see a preview of iOS 8 which will be out in the fall. But there are some who believe there will be hardware announcements of new iMacs or Mac Pros. Maybe even a MacBook Air with retina display. Don't hold your breath for a new iPhone or iPad, as Apple moved it to a fall release schedule a few years ago.