Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

How can I make my Windows Machine wake up faster?

Don from Culver City, CA

Episode 1229

Don bought an HP laptop and he's had a strange problem where after upgrading to Windows 10, the computer won't wake up for over a minute after going to sleep. Leo says the issue is a bug in the BIOS. He recommends going to HP's site to look for a BIOS update. He should also make sure that it's sleeping, not hibernating. Hibernating is a deeper sleep that saves the RAM to the hard drive and turns off. Then when it powers up again, it has to reload that RAM, which takes time. So Don should go into his power settings and disable hibernation.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1229

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is from SnapPower, which is an easy to install Night Light and USB charger. By taking out one little screw, you remove your existing plate and get a USB charger or LED guide lights. And there's no wiring. The tabs inside snap over the screws for the electric wires and they supply the power. It's pretty genius. It costs $15-20.


Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/7D1l501RKw0

How can I use a TV to look like a painting?

Joel from Lake Elsinore, CA

Episode 1229

Joel is a Disney artist and he uses Corel Painter to do his digital layouts. Leo says that Corel Painter is amazing because it really does come out looking like the real thing. What Joel wants to do is animate his artwork so it'll come alive to kids during Halloween. He's figured out how to do it, but he needs an affordable TV for it. He needs something that will play a loopable AVI.

Check out WishPictures.com.

How can I do Karaoke on my computer?

Manny from Whittier, CA

Episode 1229

Manny set up Karaoke in his house through his computer, but he's having lag issues. Leo says that the best way is to buy an all-in-one Karaoke box, as they're pretty cheap these days. But if he doesn't want to have that extra expense, Leo says there will be lag when plugging a mic into an analog jack. It won't be much lag, but it'll be enough to drive him a bit nuts. Leo suggests using different software that can compensate for that. Manny should try PCDJ.

How can I AirPlay Netflix?

Episode 1228

Jerry from Idaho
Apple TV

Jerry has been traveling around via RV and he's having issues connecting to the internet, especially with his iPhone and Apple TV through hotspot mode. Leo says it's probably not fast enough to stream Netflix through his iPhone. But it's also very possible that AT&T is blocking Netflix or slowing it down. AT&T doesn't like that unlimited plan that Jerry has, and it's possible that they are throttling his connection after a certain amount of data. He's even tried it with Chromecast and it won't work either.

Will Apple ever release another 17" Macbook?

Episode 1228

Evan from Santa Clarita, CA
Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Evan has an old MacBook Pro running Boot Camp for Windows 7. He uses it for 3D modeling software and gaming. It's getting long in the tooth and now he's looking to upgrade. Leo says that Evan may want to wait for Intel's new Skylake processor. It may not be that much faster than the current Broadwell line, but it'll future proof him better. If he can't wait, Broadwell will be fine.

Can I record music on a Chromebook?

Episode 1228

Roger from Alabama
Shure MV88

Roger wants to be able to record music and play with images. Would the Chromebook be a good option? Leo says that he can do it on a Chromebook, but it's all mostly done in the Cloud. The problem is that it needs an always on internet connection, and it's not really that easy for higher end applications like music recording. There are some Chromebook extensions that can do it, however. A good way to test it is to use the extensions on his existing computer.