How can I get my Slingbox to work again?

Episode 1353

Mike from Newport Beach,CA

Mike bought a Slingbox about six years ago and it worked great as he traveled the world. But now with iOS 10, it doesn't work. So now he has to bring along another iPad with the old version of iOS 9 on it. Leo says that's likely going to be the only fix. Dish bought Sling and converted it to a TV service. Now it's effectively 'end of life' for the previous hardware because they want people to spend $10 a month to stream it.

Can I download Windows Vista update files?

Episode 1353

James from Montana
Microsoft Windows 10 Update

James has downloaded Windows Vista updates and he wants to keep them around in case he needs to update it again. Leo says Microsoft's official site is catalog.update.microsoft.com. There's also technet.microsoft.com. He should do them soon because Vista's end of life is in April. James could actually update to Windows 7 or 10 and it'll run lighter and better on that older machine, though.

Why is Windows 7 taking so long to update?

Episode 1353

Bob from Pennsylvania
Windows Update

Bob's friend has a computer who's Windows 7 update is taking forever to install. Leo says that Microsoft has patched it seven times to try and and speed it up and in 2016 they finally fixed the issue. Chances are, an update failed and that's what caused the logjam. It also could be malware that disabled the update utility without his knowledge. Leo recommends clearing all the updates and starting over.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1352

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D is back from CES and he does the show differently than others, looking for crazy gadgets. The crazier the better. But he also found some useful things. Like the In & Motion Air Vest, which is an airbag for extreme athletes. You wear it like a vest, and it has sensors built in to measure what is happening. If something like you falling off a horse or motorcycle happens, the airbag will trigger. Cost is expected to be about $800.

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