Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

How can I record and broadcast "Let's Play" gaming videos?

Episode 1252

Jeremy from Studio City, CA
Razer Stargazer

Jeremy plays Minecraft and several other video games and he wants to record his gameplay and broadcast it online. Leo says that if he's gaming with a PC, then Razer's Stargazer camera is ideal because it will make him look like he's actually in the game as he does commentary. For software, FRAPS is what he'll want. Some games have it built-in.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1251

Dick DeBartolo

Fresh from Las Vegas, The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo survived CES. He goes to look for the really off-beat stuff. It's easier for him because he can avoid all the mainstream tech. The huge thing he saw was Hoverboards. Everyone had them and they all called them the SegWay without a handle. But he went to Segway and found the Segway Mini Pro, which is controlled by your legs back and forth to steer hands free. It also has inflatable rubber tires. It has a top speed of 10 MPH. It's also Bluetooth connected and you can controll it via a smartphone app. $1500.

How can I get the perfect length of cable for my security cameras?

Episode 1251

David from Laguna Nigel, CA
Nest Cam

David wants to install some security cameras, but he doesn't want to pay for a cable length he doesn't need. How can he do that? Leo suggests going with a wireless camera setup. If he wants to create cables, instead of buying cables that are too long or short, he can build his own with attachments and a few key tools. But wireless is the way to go and most cameras use that. Axis has good wired cameras. Nest cameras are good for wireless.

How can I get Amazon Echo to play my music?

Episode 1251

Greg from Conifer, CO
Amazon Echo

Greg wants to access his music from Amazon with his Echo. Leo says the Echo does support Amazon Prime Music, but that's a limited subset. His sense is that it wont, but it says that it will support Amazon music. He would have to upload his music to his Amazon Music library and then he'll need to have the right syntax to ask to play it. "Hey Echo, Play [Name of the Song]" and it should just play it. If he has them organized in folders, it could be problematic.

Why am I getting driver warnings?

Rene from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1251

Rene's hard drive was about to crash so she bought a new hard drive and reinstalled Windows. It's been updating, but today she's missing drivers and getting unknown device errors. She googled the driver error and Leo stopped her right there and said that Googling drivers is a dangerous thing to do because she could get a nefarious hacked driver. He recommends always going directly to the manufacturer for the latest drivers. Rene can go to Dell and look at the specific machine. Each one has a device number. She may be missing drivers from extra USB peripheral devices.

Why Do We Need CES Anymore?

Episode 1251

CES invaded Las Vegas this week with hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and media types covering the latest in technology. But frankly, Leo wonders why CES even exists anymore. The hottest story seemed to be a refrigerator with a monitor and camera so you can see what's inside. And most products that get announced at CES never see the market. Also, major brands have been gradually leaving CES in favor of having their own events. This was started by Apple, followed by Microsoft and even Samsung. There weren't even any huge announcements. So clearly, why does it even exist anymore?

Why doesn't Windows 10 work after updating?

Larry from Manhattan Beach, CA

Episode 1250

Larry has a Windows 10 gaming machine that he built, but after updating to Windows 10, it won't boot up. It always crashes. But when he put his Linux disk in it and it runs fine. Leo says that it's likely a driver issue. It's not uncommon for Windows to crash after being updated as there may be additional features that the hardware won't support. Microsoft may have put in a driver that isn't supported by Larry's hardware set. There's a good chance there's nothing wrong with the hardware and that in time, Microsoft will release a fix.

How long does the battery last on my tablet?

Richard from West LA, CA

Episode 1250

Richard has a Barnes and Noble Nook reader and he wants to know how many full recharges he gets. Leo says that he'll get about 500 full recharges as any given lithium ion battery will. But Richard hasn't ever run down his phone, keeping it plugged in most of the time. Now he can't recharge it. Leo says that a battery is always going down/up and it could just be worn out.

Do I have to upgrade to Windows 10?

Episode 1250

Chuck from Tennessee
Microsoft Windows 10

Chuck bought a new computer, and it runs Windows 7, but it has a Windows 10 DVD. Is he good to install it? Leo says that as long as it is ready for Windows 10, it should be. Does he have to install it right away? Leo says no. In fact, he doesn't have to at all. Windows 7 will be supported until at least 2020. It's confusing that they wouldn't put Windows 10 on the machine. Leo advises contacting Dell and finding out just what Chuck got. Just remember, after July 29th, the free upgrade to Windows 10 will expire. So after that, Chuck may have to buy Windows 10 to get it.

Where could I get a 12 volt TV?

Episode 1250

Doug from Santa Barbara, CA
Supersonic 19" 12 Volt WIDESCREEN LED HDTV

Doug wants a 12v TV for his RV that's about 24" in size. Leo says he could get an inverter that can convert the DC to AC. It'll drain the RV battery though, so he should be aware that. Dish has special RV packages too that aren't too costly. But as long as he's near a metro area, he can just get an antenna and get the best resolution since it's uncompressed.

Doug should check out my12voltstore.com to look for a TV.