Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Why is Apple the only company taking accessibility seriously?

Tyrell from White House, TN

Episode 1280

Tryell says that Apple has done an outstanding job with accessibility while Google and Microsoft have a lot of work to do. Leo says that Apple is the gold standard on accessibility. The screen reader is great, and it doesn't cost any extra either. So many of those tools are so expensive.

There is an open source screen reader called Orca. He should check out NDVP.org.

How can I get rid of Linux on my dual boot Windows machine?

Bernie from Washington

Episode 1280

Bernie has a dual boot system running Windows and Linux. He wants to know if he can reformat his hard drive to make more room for Windows since he doesn't want to use Linux anymore. Leo says he won't be reformatting, he'll be repartitioning. That means he'll adjust the section for Windows to make it larger. Windows installer has a partition utility built in called FDisk. He should look into options, find the Linux partition, and delete it. Then he can make one large primary partition on the Windows drive. He can then format the partition to NTFS.

What's a good imaging program?

JC from Mississipi

Episode 1280

JC is a SysAdmin and he's looking for an imaging program that can help him manage 30 company computers. Leo says that there's great free imaging programs for that including:

  • Clonezilla
  • The advantage of this is that he can create a drive. Then he can simply plug in the drive, boot to it and then clone it to the main computer. And it doesn't have to deal with Windows. It just restores the sectors. It can even support Windows 95 and FAT 12 all the way up to Windows 10.

    Other options include:

    Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

    Episode 1279

    Dick DeBartolo

    This week'd gadget comes from Underground Toys and it's the Darth Vader Cookie Jar, which includes sound effects from Star Wars. Darth Vader Breathing Sounds Cookie Jar Under $25. Open the lid and you'll hear the scary deep breathing Darth Vader sounds which right from the original movie. R2-D2 Sound Effects Cookie Jar - Under $25. Open the lid and you'll hear bleep-bleep sounds and see flashing LED lights. Not enough Star Wars Stuff? Well, there's also:

    How can I prevent Microsoft from forcing Windows 10 on me?

    Episode 1279

    Ronnie from Los Angeles, CA
    Microsoft Windows 10 update

    Ronnie has several accounts for Windows 7 and is terrified about the forced migration to Windows 10. Leo says that she can use Steve Gibson's Never10 to avoid it. But if she's really wanting to upgrade and is just worried about it, she shouldn't worry. The upgrade is pretty painless when the computer is compatible with it. And Microsoft will only do the upgrade if it is. It will also save all of her accounts and settings. Leo hasn't had any trouble upgrading all his computers to Windows 10.

    Does repairing permissions on a Mac really work?

    Episode 1279

    Tim from Melrose, CA
    Apple MacBook Pro

    Tim has a Mac and every once in awhile he has to run Disk Utility to repair permissions when it runs a little crazy. But it happens quite often. Leo sometimes thinks it's "voodoo" to have to run it, but repairing disk permissions is usually the best thing to do when the Mac starts to act up. What it usually reflects is that the metadata can get corrupted, preventing the computer to write to it. Repairing the permissions fixes that.

    Why can't I use PayPal Here with my new iPhone?

    Episode 1279

    Joseph from Pasadena, CA
    PayPal Here

    Joseph uses PayPal for his business and when he upgraded to the iPhone 6S Plus he started having issues with PayPal's magstripe reader. Leo says that those readers are actually microphones that pick up the magnetic pulses as sound for the app to translate.

    The chatroom says that there is a known issue with it on the Apple Discussions board. It says that getting a new reader could solve the issue.