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Why can't my Blu-ray player play my DVDs?

Episode 1327

Joselyn from Orange County, CA
UBD-K8500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

Joselyn has a Samsung Blu-ray player and it won't play a Blu-ray that she bought. David says that it may need to have its firmware updated. Hollywood is so afraid of piracy that they constantly change the encoding of the copy protection, so consumers have to keep updating the firmware in order to play it. She can just go to Settings > Firmware update.

How can I get a device made?

Aaron from Melbourne, AUS

Episode 1326

Aaron is an IT guy and he has a device he wants to market and manufacture for sale. How would he go about that? Leo says that the first step is Kickstarter. The trick is going to be to make a prototype. Aaron should check out ExpressPCB.com. That way he can mock up a PC board in software and then send it to get one made. Once he has a prototype made, then he can go on Kickstarter and raise the money to take it to manufacturing. That's where the real work begins.

Is there anything I can do about having bought the Amazon Echo Dot a month before the new one came out?

Episode 1326

Jeff from High Point, NC
Amazon Echo Dot

Jeff heard the next generation of the Dot from Amazon has been released and it's cheaper. The Dot is the Echo without speakers and you can add it to your own system. He's annoyed that he just bought the first generation a month before. Leo says that's the way of the world in the tech industry. The first generation of anything is more expensive, and it's usually an early adopter that has to pay the price. He tried talking to Amazon about it but was essentially told "tough luck." Leo says it's probably just a matter of timing.

Why are the graphics on my PC getting large right before it crashes?

Dave from Canyon Lake, CA

Episode 1326

Dave upgraded to a Windows 10 Acer PC and his graphics are too large. Then it crashes, causing him to have to reboot. Leo says that's a common video driver issue. Leo says Dave needs to make sure he has the latest drivers from Acer. What Dave needs to do is figure out which video card he has, whether it's a dedicated video card or an integrated video card. He should look in the Device Manager to see the list of hardware. Then once he has that information, he should go to the Acer website and download the drivers. It could be via video card or machine model number.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1325

Dick DeBartolo

You can bring the Ocean to you with the Ohuhu Ocean Wave Night Projector. Bring the seaside home to you, give yourself a piece of the (ocean) in multiple changes of color. This creates a perfect ocean wave atmosphere almost anywhere. Relaxing, comforting, soothing, creates a large, brilliant light show for your viewing entertainment and pleasure. It has 8 color/motion modes and automatically shuts down after one hour. Battery powered or USB powered. There's a built-in mini speaker in case you want to hook a mobile device to it via the cable that's included included.

Can I delete Windows.old?

Steve from New Jersey

Episode 1325

Steve has a laptop running Windows Vista. It was running pretty good until last week and then he updated to Windows 7. It created the sub directory for Windows.old. Can he get rid of it? Leo says he can simply delete it. The best way to get rid of it is through the Windows Cleanup tool. That will get rid of it plus other files like temporary files, clearing cache, cookies, etc.

Should I get the iPhone 7?

Episode 1325

Lorna from San Diego, CA
Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Lorna has an iPhone 6s and wants to know if she should upgrade to iPhone 7. Leo says there's not a lot of difference. Sure, she can get the dual lens camera in the 7 Plus, but the camera is about the same otherwise. It's a little faster. If she has the monthly payment plan that allows her to swap it out for a new one, then sure. Why not? But if she has to buy a new one, Leo says she can wait until next year. If it's been two years, then by all means get it. It's 60% faster than the 6 and 6 Plus.

Why can't I print?

Ann from El Cajon, CA

Episode 1324

Ann tries to print something and it seems to be dead. It won't send the file to the printer. She gets an error message that Leo says is a trackpad error. But there's another error that says printer off line. Leo says that means it still thinks it's jammed. And windows has stopped the device because of continual problems. Leo says that could point to the trackpad failure. It's definitely a hardware issue. But Leo advises uninstalling the printer and then reboot the computer. Then try reinstalling it. See if that frees it up to print.