Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Can I put 64GB of RAM in my 5K iMac?

Episode 1232

Robert from Belmont Shores, CA
Apple iMac

Robert is frustrated that his iMac doesn't have enough RAM. 32GB is just not enough for editing 4K video. Leo says that it could be a hardware limitation. The most he can install is 4 to 8 GB sticks. He could invest in the Mac Pro instead, but Leo thinks its terrible. What is Apple up to? Leo says nobody knows. The iMac is faster, better and more reliable than the Mac Pro according to Leo. Will Apple change their tune? No. They want him to buy a Mac Pro if he wants that much RAM. So they have no reason to improve the RAM capacity in the iMac.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1231

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget from the Giz Wiz are the Pivothead Smart Glasses. These are not only cool sunglasses, but they also record 1080p HD video hands free! The camera is located in between the lenses of the sunglasses and it's not very obvious that it's there. There is 16GB of internal memory and you can add removable micro SD memory with mods. Interchangeable fuel mods let you continuously add replaceable power to the glasses. You also control your glasses wirelessly from your smartwatch, smartphone, & more. Quick Pairing instantly pair via Bluetooth with integrated NFC.

Is my laptop dead?

Mike from Riverside, CA

Episode 1231

Mike has an HP Pavilion G Series laptop and the screen has gone black. Is the screen dead? Leo says that it could be. In laptops, it's often a frayed ribbon connector that has obstructed the video signal. Mike should try hooking it up to an external monitor to see if he can see it. If he can, then he'll know the computer is OK but the screen has either died or the ribbon cable has broken. But if he can't see anything with the external monitor, then it's probably the video card that has died or the motherboard has failed.

Why can't I show stuff from my computer on my TV?

Richard from Orange County, CA

Episode 1230

Richard wants to play content on his TV from his computer. But all he can see on his TV is the wallpaper. The TV screen will go black if he tries to play a movie. Leo says that's likely HDCP copy protection. Everything in the chain has to be HDCP compliant including TV, Cable, and the computer. So there's probably something in his chain that isn't.

It could also be a display issue. Richard should go into his settings and make sure that Mirroring is enabled, and make sure his display isn't extended. If he still gets a black screen, then it's a copy protection issue.

Should I buy an Amazon Echo?

Episode 1230

Paul from LaHoya, CA
Amazon Echo

Paul wants to know if the Amazon Echo has to connect to his computer. Leo says that the Echo (named Alexa) would require an app on his smartphone, tablet or computer to configure it. After that, he won't need to connect it to anything but the internet. It works alone via Wi-Fi. Leo loves it. He uses it in his kitchen and has it read his audiobooks to him. He also uses it as a timer. And they are adding features all the time. It's a tad pricey, and it's hard for Leo to recommend it for everyone, but Leo thinks it's a taste of the future.

Why am I getting a blue screen after upgrading to Windows 10?

Episode 1230

Robbie from Scotland
Windows 10 Start Menu

Robbie upgraded to Windows 10, but he's having issues. Leo says that any Windows update can fail and that may be the case here. There is a way to reset Windows Update to go back to the previous version and try again. There may also be a registry key that is causing it, and Microsoft should have a Fix It utility that can get rid of it. GHacks.net has details on the fix for this as well.

How can I make my Windows Machine wake up faster?

Don from Culver City, CA

Episode 1229

Don bought an HP laptop and he's had a strange problem where after upgrading to Windows 10, the computer won't wake up for over a minute after going to sleep. Leo says the issue is a bug in the BIOS. He recommends going to HP's site to look for a BIOS update. He should also make sure that it's sleeping, not hibernating. Hibernating is a deeper sleep that saves the RAM to the hard drive and turns off. Then when it powers up again, it has to reload that RAM, which takes time. So Don should go into his power settings and disable hibernation.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1229

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is from SnapPower, which is an easy to install Night Light and USB charger. By taking out one little screw, you remove your existing plate and get a USB charger or LED guide lights. And there's no wiring. The tabs inside snap over the screws for the electric wires and they supply the power. It's pretty genius. It costs $15-20.


Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/7D1l501RKw0