Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1171

Dick DeBartolo

PetChatz lets pet owners remotely hear, see, greet and treat their pets from anywhere, anytime, through their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The two-way color camera, microphone, and speaker lets users check-in and talk to their pet through the PetChatz device. It connects to the home Wi-Fi network. And finally they connect to the device remotely by logging onto PetChatz.com on a computer, or downloading the PetChatz app on a smartphone or tablet.

Is MyCloud a good option for cloud backup?

Fred from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1171

Fred got a MyCloud hard drive as a gift. Is that a good external hard drive? Leo says yes, but he should make sure he connects it via Ethernet to the computer. He can also use it as his cloud based hotspot.

If Fred just wants a large external hard drive, Leo recommends trading this MyCloud drive in for that instead. For the same price, he should be able to get twice the storage, and they'd be faster as well.

Apple's New Notebook Has Users Up in Arms

Episode 1171

Apple MacBook

Because of it's new USB-C adapter working as the sole connector for both power and data, Apple fans are upset with the new MacBook. One reason people are upset is that to use anything else, you'd have to pay an additional $79 for a dongle.

Still, it offers a 9 hour battery life, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD drive. But it's $1300, so it's not cheap. It's also lighter than a MacBook Air. Could the Air be not be long for this world? Leo says he likes the USB-C option and offers props to Apple for advancing the technology. But he's keeping his powder dry before he buys it.

Drones May Look Like Fun, But They're Tougher to Fly Than You Think

Episode 1171

Parrot AR BeBop Drone

Leo says he's really interested in Drones because they're one of the fastest growing technology categories out there, but they are extremely difficult to fly. Still, at the behest of PadreSJ, Leo bought a $40 Syma QuadCopter because it was cheap and if he crashed it, nobody would really get hurt. And in 10 seconds, it disappeared. That was his first experience.

How can I tell if my MacBook Pro is eligible for a recall or service repair?

Episode 1170

Dan from Huntington Beach, CA
Apple MacBook pro

Dan is having trouble with his Apple MacBook Pro. He saw that there was a repair notice and he took it into the Apple Store and they replaced the logic board. So it's like a brand new computer! He got it back and it's running great. But he was worried because he upgraded the RAM in the machine and was afraid that would disqualify him for the replacement.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1169

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D went to the Global Pet Expo and he came across a nifty gadget called the Pet Mate Doors. The one he saw was the Cat Mate Elite microchip cat door, which uses RFID technology to give your animal access to the inside of your house. You can easily program it to register the RFID chip that is already inside the pet, or you can use an RFID chip on a dog collar. The door will lock according to a preset time you set. It will also let the owner know with an arrow if the pet is in or out. Can work with up to 9 separate cats or dogs.

Why can't I use my minijack on my computer?

Episode 1168

Dave from Los Angeles, CA
HP Envy 23

Dave recently got an HP Envy 23 All-in-One computer system. The problem is, there's a single jack for input/output and he can't get it to work for audio. He can use a USB based solution, but not a mic jack. Leo says that the USB mic is much better anyway since it's digital. Leo says that ripping albums requires a preamp in order to record them. Then he'll need an analog to digital converter.