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How can I extend a Wi-Fi signal?

Rick from Arkansas

Episode 1216

Rick is a truck driver and relies on open Wi-Fi access points. But a lot of them don't have parking space for his rig. How can he extend the signal so he can access their signal from outside the parking lots? Leo says that while there are Wi-Fi extenders that can pick up signals from a distance, he'll want to be sure he is a good customer at that provider. C Crane has a Wi-Fi extender called The Country Mile Wi-Fi. Another option is to buy a MiFi card, which uses 4G, and he can get that just about anywhere.

What's a good point and shoot camera in the $500 to $800 range?

Episode 1216

Elliot from Boston, MA
Sony DSC-RX100M II

Elliot wants to get a new camera and he can spent about $500 to $800. Leo says that the Sony DSC-RX100M II is a great point and shoot. It's the best out there because it has a 1" sensor, making it great in low light. It's also great for video too. Canon makes a good one as well, but Sony is really making the best stuff right now.

Can I add RAM to the 5K iMac?

Cameron from Virginia

Episode 1216

Cameron wants to know if the 5K iMac needs more RAM than what it comes with. Leo says that the 5K iMac is incredible and has amazing performance. Leo says that there is a port on back to add memory, but it'll be a lot easier to add it when buying it. Leo suggests getting as much memory as you can afford. For most people, 8GB is fine. But if you're into video editing or photo editing, or you just keep a lot of tabs open in the browser, then doubling or even quadrupling that is a good idea. So get what you can afford.

Is there a Bluetooth keyboard that would let me type on my iPad in portrait mode?

Episode 1216

LeAnn from Los Angeles, CA
Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

LeAnn just bought a new iPad Air 2 and she's trying to find a good external keyboard for it. Her old one allowed her to type vertically or horizontally with it. Can she get one that will do the same with iPad Air 2? Leo says that the down side of getting a new iPad is that it's thinner and she'll lose out on using other third party devices like external keyboards.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1215

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D is back with the The QuickLock, a Bluetooth controlled lock that has no key or combination dial. You open it with your mobile phone. It also works with NFC, so that it will open with an NFC chip like a keyfob or an NFC sticker. It costs $49.95, which includes the lock and two NFC cards. There's also a new QuickLock door lock, which operates in a similar manner. It's $79.95.

Check out QuickLock's official website at thequicklock.com

How can I update an old Windows laptop?

Walter from Huntington, WV

Episode 1214

Walter's sister had a Windows 7 laptop that hasn't been connected for a few years. When he connected it, the automatic updates didn't install. Leo says that she's so far behind, it'll take a half day to get all the updates, it'll probably have to be updated manually. Walter should check for updates and then install all the updates that pop up. He doesn't have to install the optional updates though, just the critical ones.

Did I buy the right laptop for my needs?

Episode 1214

Virginia from Monterey Park, CA
Asus Chromebook

Virginia bought an Asus laptop -- did she do the right thing? Leo says that Asus makes really good hardware but she's right to question it if she was convinced to buy it by a salesman seeking commissions. But Leo says that Asus makes very credible hardware.

Leo says that Virginia may have too much computer for her needs. He advises she take the laptop back and get a Chromebook. It's far more secure, easier to use, and will meet her needs. Asus actually makes a really good one.

Why doesn't my CD drive close when I shut down the computer?

Episode 1214

Robert from L.A.
CD Drive

Robert wants to know why his CD drive door won't close when he turns off the computer. Leo says it won't hurt anything to just push it in, although Robert says it doesn't feel right. There could be a software driven command that will do it, but he'll have to have it constantly running. He should try just gently pushing it before he turns off the computer to see if it will close on its own with a nudge.

Photo Credit: Evan-Amos

Chromebooks Becoming Popular Choice for Students

Episode 1214


Leo says that this year is becoming the year of the Chromebook thanks to it's low price, ease of use, and the fact that everything has moved to the cloud. The Powerwash feature enables it to start over if something goes wrong.

Leo says that while he was initially skeptical about them, he's come around to the point where he recommends them to many basic users. The Chromebook was made for students in mind. Sales are higher now than they were last year, showing that the Chromebook is really catching on as we become more linked to the cloud.