Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

How can I use Wi-Fi to trigger my camera in a storm?

Todd from Indianapolis, IN

Episode 1176

Todd is a photographer who loves to take shots of firefighting and stormchasing. He wants to know the safest and reliable way to get images in storms. Leo says that Drones use Wi-Fi to communicate to operators on the ground. So there may be a Wi-Fi adapter that would allow him to remotely trigger cameras from a distance via their smartphone or tablet. Some cameras have Wi-Fi built-in. Sony's PlayMemories app can do that. But Leo doesn't know if anyone would want to take an A7S in a storm.

Why does my Mac have trouble waking up?

Episode 1176

Donna from Thousand Oaks, CA
Activity Monitor

Donna has a MacBook and it has trouble waking up. Leo says that could be due to her Time Machine external hard drive. She should try disconnecting it.

Sometimes Macs will wait until the drive spins up when it's asleep. OS X Yosemite has a safe sleep mode, which is a very deep sleep when the battery either runs low or is idle for a few days. It copies memory to hard disc and shuts everything down. It's like Hibernating in Windows, and it takes awhile to get going. Leo's not a fan.

How can I connect my laptop to my TV?

Episode 1176

Ed from Twentynine Palms, CA

Ed would like to connect his Windows laptop to a 40" TV. Leo says that if the monitor has an HDMI connector, and his laptop has HDMI, he's golden. He may need to go into his display settings to mirror the image out through HDMI to the monitor. That way it's sending it out.

If he's on a later version of Windows, the key stroke is + P. If he's changed the settings and the TV doesn't adjust, he should try unplugging the port to the TV and plug it back in. That will reset it so the TV will read it. He may also need to change his resolution to a lower setting.

How can I help older people with their PC problems?

Sandra from Bedford, IN

Episode 1176

Sandra has family that is relying her to be their PC support, but it's hard because she's in another state. Leo says that's the benefit of using remote access. But the danger is, that once they know she can do that, she won't have a moment's peace. Since Sandra's family is older, she could send them to The Elder Geek, where they can learn about computers. There's also How To Geek.

How can I find out if my Mac is recalled?

Episode 1176

Walter from Holland
Apple MacBook Pro

Walter wants to know if his Mac is covered under the recall. Leo says if he runs Mavericks or Yosemite, he can go into "About this Mac" and look at the last tab. It will search his serial number and tell him if his Mac is qualified under the current recall for video issues. Leo also thinks his issue could be a bad ribbon cable or screen. If that's the case, then repairs need to be made. But check for the recall first.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1175

Dick DeBartolo

This weeks' gadget is from the Luxury Technology show. And Dick brings back the Clio Invisible Speaker by Clearview Audio. It's an 80% clear acrylic glass shee with a 20% base bluetooth speaker. A thin, clear and beautiful Bluetooth speaker that harnesses the power of Edge Motion Technology to produce rich, room-filling panoramic sound from a gracefully curved acrylic glass membrane. $349.00