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Should I pay to keep updating My Ford Touch?

Joe from Santa Clarita, CA

Episode 1204

Joe has to pay $150 a year to have his MyFordTouch apps updated. Why should he do that anymore when Waze is in real time? Leo agrees. There's a huge mismatch between how long it takes to build and update a car as an app. Ford no longer supports My Ford Touch and Ford Sync, since that was a Microsoft product. Instead, Ford got app developers to write for them. And the new generation has both Apple (CarPlay) and Android (AndroidCar). They're using the phone as an extension of the car and as such, updates will happen over the air. Unfortunately, it's only with new models.

How can I sync all my Macs?

Pat from Carson, CA

Episode 1204

Pat has four macs in various locations and wants to know if they will all be synced with iCloud like DropBox does. Leo says yes and no. It will sync, but not via a folder. The key is all the same Macs running the same shared Apple ID. Can she go work on different macs simultaneously? Leo says that could be problematic. To do team operations, a good third party app is GitHub.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1203

Dick DeBartolo

Dick wanted to know what tech Leo saw on his cruise. Leo says he was surprised that he saw a lot of selfie sticks and a lot of people taking pictures with their tablets.

Today's gadget is the Vivajennz wine purse, which has a bladder for wine in it! It holds up to three liters and includes a spout. Vivajennz purses are great for picnics, pools, beaches, etc. ...But wait, there's more! There's a man's version too. Prices range from about $50 to $70. Jennifer tells her story to me in the video.

Why can't I change my drive letters?

Chuck from Telohoma, TN

Episode 1203

Chuck recently restored his computer to Windows 7, but he's now having trouble with assigning drive letters. Leo says that Windows always wants to be on the C drive. The partitioner won't let Chuck go beyond D. Leo says that Acronis True Image could do it, as will CloneZilla. The Chatroom suggests going into the disc manager of Windows, then right click "select change drive letter settings."

How can we make drone operators fly responsibly?

Episode 1203

Louis from Hollywood, CA

Louis says that drones delayed firefighting helicopters from getting to a brush fire, causing dozes of cars to be burned on a freeway in Southern California. Leo says that's not only terrible, but likely illegal. The FAA has been trying to work out rules to prevent these things.

Leo says that firmware updates to prevent flying in restricted airspace (an electronic leash) can only do so much. The chatroom says that there should be mandatory transponders on drones to be able to identify those who fly in restricted airspace. That could go a long way to solving the issue.

Doctor Mom Reviews the Amazon Echo

Doctor Mom from New York, NY

Episode 1202

Doctor Mom likes the Amazon Echo because they keep updating it, and it gets better and better. Leo says he agrees, but he still hasn't gotten his. Doctor Mom says that the most interesting option is that it will stream Audible and whisper sync allows you to pick up where you left off on your phone. But Doctor Mom says that for $150 (for Prime members) it's fantastic. It also integrates with If This Then That, making it a great way to control things in your home by using your voice. Currently Amazon only allows you to buy one Echo, and they're taking forever to make them.