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Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1257

Dick DeBartolo

The latest gizmo for coffee lovers is the Ember Tech Coffee Mug, which keeps your coffee at your preferred temperature, and you can adjust the temperature up or down. Ember’s patented temperate-control technology combines a phase change cooling system with an active heating system, creating the world’s most precise temperature controlling mug. Leak-proof and highly portable, Ember will keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for up to two hours on the go or all day long when used with included charging coaster. Ember is currently available for pre-orders on Indiegogo.

What should I get to replace my iPad?

Episode 1257

Tom from Charlotte, NC
Apple MacBook

Tom needs to replace his MacBook and iPad with newer models and he's not sure he needs to replace both. Leo says it's a good idea to wait because Apple will be announcing new Skylake models soon. One thought though is that the new 12" MacBook would give him the portability of the iPad and the functionality of a MacBook. And it has a gorgeous Retina screen. But it's that Type-C connector that people don't like.

Is it safe to overclock my computer processor?

Jerry from Santa Clarita, CA

Episode 1256

Jerry has been playing around with overclocking his computer. Could he run it too high? Leo says absolutely. When he starts to see unreliable performance, then he'll know he's clocked it too high. But when overclocking, he'll need to cool it down more and some even rely on liquid cooling. So keep an eye on the temperature, and when he starts to see more crashing, then he'll want to take his foot off the gas a bit.

How can I transfer my OS to my new SSD?

Charles from Oxnard, CA

Episode 1256

Charles just bought a new SSD and he wants to know how he can transfer Windows 7 to it. Leo says Charles will need to have the license key to do it. Then all he needs to do is install the Windows 7 ISO, which he can download from Microsoft, input the license key, and he'll be good to go. If he can't find the product key, Charles can use Belarc Advisor, which will help him find it.