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How can I get better audio in my videos?

Episode 1213

Robert from Pasadena, CA
Beachtek adapter

Robert is an aspiring filmmaker and he uses a DSLR to make his films. He's planning to upgrade to a better platform, but wants to know how he can improve his audio. Leo suggests Beachtek. They make devices that will allow him to run real XLR microphones into his camera's minijack and take advantage of better preamps as well. That's the best place to start.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1213

Dick DeBartolo

Developed by a mom who was shocked by how infrequently her son changed his sheets at college, Simple Sheets is a product that lets students strip off the dirty sheet, which is velcro'd to another one. You can do it in seconds and get to the 2nd clean sheet. Now the student has time to launder the first sheet to get it ready for the next quick-change. A 4 piece starter kit which includes a storage pocket for bedside electronics is $48.00.

Find out more at SimpleSheets.com

Google Announces New High Performance Router

Episode 1213

Google announced a new router called OnHub, but it's not cheap at $200. It has 13 antennas in it to guard against congestion. It looks at each of 11 bands periodically and switches to the best, uncongested band for best performance. It also has "Quality of Service" so users can prioritize web traffic. And you can control it via your Android or iOS device. It runs on and Leo has a hunch it's for home automation.

Find out more at on.google.com/hub.

Why does my Mac crash?

Episode 1213

Murris from Coronado
Activity Monitor

Murris has an error message that says she's out of application memory and she had to do a hard reset to get it back. Leo says that's called a hard crash. Murris should always make sure she keeps it up to date with OS updates and patches. But chances are, Murris left something on in the background and it may have crashed which caused it.

It could also be what's called a "memory leak," where an app doesn't free memory when it's done. Leo suggests opening up "Activity Monitor" on the Mac and it will tell her what's going on and what's using the memory up.

What laptop should I buy my grand daughter for college?

Episode 1213

Julie from West LA
Apple MacBook Pro

Grandma Julie called a few weeks ago and Leo advised her to get a MacBook Pro for her grand daughter. Leo says that the 13" version would last her all through college. But it may be a good idea to go to the Apple Store and check which one she likes best. There's also the MacBook Air, which is a nice light version. In the middle is the standard Macbook with Retina, but it's a bit pricey. Leo has a 13" that he carries around and it's not bad. The Retina display is beautiful.

Why can't I use Skype with Windows 10?

Episode 1212

David from Arizona

David is getting a blue screen when trying to use Skype and Windows 10. Leo says uninstall it. Then he should reinstall the desktop version of it, not the Metro version. The issue could be with a driver for his video camera. If the camera is built-in, then he'll have to go to his laptop manufacturer (in this case Lenovo) and get the latest drivers. While he's at it, he should get all of them.

What happens if my printer isn't supported in Windows 10?

Episode 1211

Robert from Long Beach, CA
Brother All-in-One Printer

Robert has an old Brother all-in-one printer, but it isn't supported with Windows 10 or even Windows 8. He can only do basic printing, but no scanning. How can he get around that? Leo says it's frustrating when support ends for a product. Leo says that Robert could get a third party scanner driver that will work. Ideally, he'll want a solution from Brother, but Leo says Hamrick's VueScan is a good option.