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The Giz Wiz ... Cooked

Episode 1137

There's a new gadget called Nomiku which does sous-vide cooking, which cooks in warm water. Anything from eggs to steaks and everything in-between. Most Sous-vide machines costs thousands but the Nomiku is $299. You seal the ingredients in a plastic pouch to make sure there is no air inside. You can use a bag sealer, or just Ziploc-type bags. Food is cooked in constant temperature circulating water for minutes or hours or sometimes days. There is a discounted price of $299 available on the company website with shipping in 6 to 8 weeks. (As of 11/20/14). But wait, there’s more!

Should I wait until Black Friday to build a PC?

Adam from Pittsburgh, PA

Episode 1137

Adam wants to build a PC, should he get stuff during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Leo says he doesn't recommend building computers anymore because you can pretty much get it cheaper from Dell and you have at least a modicum of support. It's a great project though. but you will be your own support. Leo recommends calling NewEgg and seeing about their price matching policy, so if you buy something now and it's cheaper on Black Friday, you'll get back the difference.

What happened to the iPod Classic?

James from Burbank, CA

Episode 1137

James is bummed that Apple pulled all iPod Classics. Apple says they stopped making them because they couldn't get the parts. And James doesn't know why Apple had all stores sent them back. Interesting. Could it be that Apple is going to use them for parts? Apple is very good about controlling the supply chain. And they probably weeded out most of them through sales. Apple is a very good "just in time manufacturer," and there really isn't a very deep backlog of inventory to pull from.

How do I restore Windows 8?

Debbie from Anaheim, CA

Episode 1137

Debbie just bought a new computer and she's not very tech saavy. And it's not working right. Lots of popups. Leo says that it's likely that Debbie has been infected with malware. Leo says that Debbie is a prime candidate for something much simpler like a Google Chromebook or a tablet. You really need to know more security stuff when dealing with Windows. With Debbie's issue, since she's already infected, she probably needs to backup her data, format her hard drive, and then reinstall Windows from a known good source, and then update it completely.

Can I use a smart watch with a tablet?

Joe from East Vail, CA

Episode 1137

Joe bought a pair of Pebble watches. And he's thinking of getting the Moto 360, but he doesn't want the data plan. Leo says that the Apple Watch will only work with an iPhone. The Moto 360 only works with Android. The Microsoft Band works only with Windows Phone. So that's where the state of the art is right now and it largely depends on your plan and what phone you want. Can he sync with a tablet? Leo doesn't think so. But in every case, the watches aren't smart enough to work independently. They're more like a second screen for the phone.

Leo Gets the Google Nexus 6

Episode 1137

Leo bought the largest Android phone on the market, the Google Nexus 6.It does come with Android 5 - Lollipop. And he says it's a beautiful phone. However, when it comes to battery life, it leaves Leo a bit concerned. Although it has a bigger battery, it also comes with a quad HD screen, which is gorgeous, but really sucks up the battery power. He likes the dual front facing speakers though. And that makes sense.

How can I stream concerts online to my TV?

Episode 1136

Jo from Riverside, CA
Roku Stick

Jo likes music and is interested in Umphrey's McGee. Leo says they're a fun group. Jo wants to watch streaming concerts on her television. Leo says that the Google Chromecast is the way to go. It's only $35. She'll use her laptop or smartphone to choose the content, and then it will hand off the content to the TV. Then she'll be watching on her TV, but controlling it with the phone.

What laptop should I get for listening to audio online?

Episode 1136

Stanley from Los Angeles, CA
Dell Inspiron

Stanley wants to use a computer to download talk shows and then burn them to archive them. What laptop should he get? Leo advises Dell. He can get an affordable Inspiron laptop for around $500 to 600, but he'll also need to add a CD burner because few laptops come with them now. He might also want to consider getting Dell's basic phone support as well, since that won't come with the computer.

Should he get Windows 8 or Windows 7? Leo says Microsoft doesn't allow Dell or any other manufacturer to offer Windows 7 anymore. So it'll be Windows 8.