Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Why is my computer just shutting down?

Moe from California

Episode 1291

Moe's computer is just shutting down He's running Windows 7. Leo says that with the age of Moe's computer, the hard drive is getting unreliable. It's likely time to just backup your hard drive and then swap it out for a new one and reinstall Windows. But it may be enough to reinstall Windows. Leo does this every year as "spring cleaning." It keeps it more reliable. So try that first. Backup your documents and settings folder. Then format that old hard drive and reinstall Windows. See if that improve things. But it's going to be time to replace that hard drive soon.

Are smart hearing aids legit?

Dan from Lake Forest, CA

Episode 1291

Dan is starting to experiencing hearing loss and is researching the same Starkey Halo hearing aids that Leo has. Leo says they're great but they're not cheap. They are thousands of dollars. But they're also very smart as you can connect them to an Android phone with an app called TrueLink and fine tune them. It can also adjust hearing automatically via GPS. So if you go to a movie, it can change settings. You can use the app WHIST to find the necessary hearing frequencies and for tinnitus, it can create white noise that will mask it.

Why does my computer freeze up?

Bob from Burbank, CA

Episode 1291

Bob is having problems with his computer getting non-responsive. It suddenly freezes up until he reboots it. Leo says that it may not be crashing for freezing at all. It may be a non responsive mouse or keyboard. If the clock continues, then it hasn't crashed. But if the clock is stuck, then the processor has halted. But even then, the processor may just be busy. So wait. You want to be sure it's REALLY halted because by rebooting your computer, if it's in the middle of reindexing the hard drive, it could spew word salad and corrupt your drive.

Scott Wilkinson ... Virturally Cinemagraphic

Episode 1291

Scott attended a meeting that indicated that virtual reality is the next great trend in cinematography, but that it's in it's infancy and that cinematographers should start experimenting with shooting in VR by using cheaper cameras like the Ricoh Theta S. Leo says that may be true, but he prefers to be told a story, told what to look at. When you're looking around, if you think about it, the story teller has failed in telling that story.

Leo does say that Virtual Reality is great for gaming though. It blows their minds.

Google Announces Amazon Echo Competitor: "Google Home"

Episode 1290

Google Home

At Google's I/O developer conference this week, Google announced a new product called Google Home. This is essentially an Amazon Echo competitor. It's a small device that kind of looks like an air freshener, and you talk to it to get information and perform tasks. It won't have the Amazon services, though. We don't know yet when that will be available or what the price will be.

Find out more at home.google.com