Console gaming (XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo, etc) or PC gaming.

Why does my computer shut down while playing games?

Episode 973

Norm from Upland, CA

David's laptop shuts down while he's playing Call of Duty. Leo says that's a protective measure. If the laptop gets too hot, it will shut down by design. The best thing he can do is make sure the laptop has free flowing air all around it so it can cool itself. Make sure that dust isn't blocking the airflow slots. Look to see if the laptop's fans are working properly. It could also be the thermal paste has been misapplied to the processor. It may be worth bringing in to get looked at.

Does DSL Extreme's Router work with XBox Live?

Episode 968

James from San Diego, CA

James wants to know if DSL Exteme's router will work with XBox Live. Leo says that it will work with all internet services. XBox Live configures the router to use Universal Plug n Play, and that's a security issue. So he'll want to use port forwarding to get around that and keep UPnP disabled. There may be a bit of latency, but DSL has less latency than a cable provider.

(Disclaimer: DSL Extreme is a sponsor).

Should I upgrade my video card?

Episode 966

Serge from Canada

Serge is a gamer and has an older ATI gaming video card. He's wondering when he should upgrade it. There are two things to consider in terms of video cards. Cost, and whether the system is powerful enough to justify a more powerful video card. If the GPU is more powerful than the CPU, then he'd be "CPU-bound", meaning the CPU would be holding him back from getting the most out of the video card.

Why is Solitaire so slow in Windows 8?

Episode 961

Mary from Long Beach, CA

Mary has Windows 8 and she has to hunt around for solitaire. Leo says that Microsoft put Solitaire under Xbox games in Windows 8. Users can then install Microsoft Solitaire. She was able to install it, but it doesn't work quite right. Leo suggests uninstalling it, and then downloading and reinstalling it. It could be that when it downloaded, it wasn't a complete download or installation. Removing and reinstalling it often cures many things.

Why does the frame rate on my laptop start to decrease after an hour of gaming?

Antec USB-powered Notebook Cooler

Episode 945

Eric from Simi Valley, CA

Leo says it's likely overheating. There could also be a memory leak of a video driver. Updating his driver will likely solve the issue. He should make sure the fans are working, too. He can also get a laptop cooler that will run fans over the bottom of his laptop. They're pretty cheap.

The chatroom also says that going into his laptop settings and limiting CPU performance to 80% and turning the frame rate down will help guard against it as well.

How can I fix video issues in a gaming laptop?

Episode 944

Matthew from Orange County, CA

Matthew bought an Alienware computer and he has issues with video. Leo says that after only six months, there shouldn't be video issues. But the video card looks to be failing and Dell (which owns Alienware) should replace it. There could also be an overheating issue. Either way, Dell should fix it. Check for updated drivers as well, that would be the quick and easy fix.