Console gaming (XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo, etc) or PC gaming.

How can I fix video issues in a gaming laptop?

Matthew from Orange County, CA

Episode 944

Matthew bought an Alienware computer and he has issues with video. Leo says that after only six months, there shouldn't be video issues. But the video card looks to be failing and Dell (which owns Alienware) should replace it. There could also be an overheating issue. Either way, Dell should fix it. Check for updated drivers as well, that would be the quick and easy fix.

Is there anything I can do to improve the internet speed on my PS3 through Wi-Fi?

Episode 912

Jeremiah from Simi Valley, CA

Leo would first check to be sure that his parents haven't downgraded to cheaper internet. If it's fast enough when connected with ethernet cable, then there's something wrong with the router. Unless he's far away from the router. One of the problems with WiFi is that less than strong signal does lower the speed.

Would a faster graphics card solve problems with lagging while gaming on my PC?

Episode 896

Casey from Clovis, CA

Casey loves gaming, but consoles are slow behind the times. Leo says that console games have stagnated over the last 10 years, while PCs have leapfrogged into better graphics and faster processors.

Casey uses his PC for gaming, but he's getting a lot of lag. He's wondering if upgrading his graphics card would improve the performance. Leo says he could upgrade the graphics, but if his CPU isn't fast enough, it will still perform slow. They really work together.

Why won't WinZip or UnRAR open a Minecraft .jar file?

Episode 895

William from Redlands, CA

Leo thinks the Minecraft.jar is obfuscated or further encrypted, so he can't get into it. He wants to install modifiers for his Minecraft game. Chad of OMGCraft says that's not the way he'd want to go about it though. Chad says to use MCPatcher, which will patch the mods he wants into the Minecraft JAR files. This program will let him install his mods without having to do any coding by hand.

Why do I have to reseat my graphics card once a month to fix artifacting in games?

Christian from Norway

Episode 879

Leo says it's possible that the graphics card could be slowly working itself out of the slot causing him to have to reseat it, but then it would just stop working altogether. Leo thinks it's more likely overheating, but Christian doesn't believe that's the case and thinks it's the motherboard instead. Since Asus made the motherboard, Leo advises running the Asus PC Diagnostics. He also should try updating the firmware.