Windows 8

How can I get Windows to see my new hard drive? (Part 1)

Episode 995

Asher from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Asher got a 2TB Seagate hard drive but after installing it, he just gets an error message saying it can't be read. When he initializes it and partitions it, he gets another error of being unable to write to it. Leo says that it sounds like the hard drive is just plain broken, or the USB interface to the external drive is defective. More likely, it's just DOA and Asher needs to contact Seagate or Best Buy to return it.

What should I replace my netbook with?

Episode 991

Damian from Rancho Santa Marguerita, CA

Damian has a netbook running Windows 8 and hates it. He's had it into repair several times. Leo says that since Damian has a computer that only costs a few hundred dollars, it isn't surprising that it would break often. It's the price vs. quality argument. Cheap computers have cheap components. That's why Leo advises getting a business class laptop for students.

Should I upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Episode 988

Kiki from Portland, OR

Kiki is a secretary for an organization, and needs to get a separate computer to manage it. She's using XP now, and she can get a good deal on a Windows 7 Dell machine. She's leery of Windows 8. She's wondering if she should just get the Windows 7 machine, or wait and go with Windows 8. Leo says that Windows 8.1 will be better in the fall, but there's no need to wait. Leo's office uses Windows 7. One thing to check out though is Microsoft Office 365.

What's the best budget laptop for a student?

Episode 986

Samson from California

Samson needs to get a laptop for school and wants to know what laptop is best for under $500. Leo says that he can, but under $700 or 800 would be better. Leo recommends Dell, but if he's price sensitive, Acer makes some good laptops for the money.

The Chatroom says the Lenovo Thinkpad Twist is a good option under $500. There's also the Acer VivoTab. He can also save money buying refurbished.

First Look at Windows 8.1 Coming at Microsoft Build Conference Later This Month

Episode 983

In what Paul Therrot calls "Microsoft taking a mulligan," Windows 8.1 may be shown on June 26 during Microsoft's Build Conference. It's expected to be a free upgrade. One of the features, among many, will likely be the return of the Start button! Leo says it most likely will be released some time in September.

Can I install older software on Windows 8?

Episode 982

Mohammed from Anaheim, CA

Mohammed bought a Windows 8 machine, but he hates it and wants to return it. Leo says that Start8 is $5 from Stardock and it gives Windows 8 the start menu. So there really isn't a need to return it.

He also wants to know if he can install older Windows 7 software on it. Leo says that there shouldn't be any problem with that. All Windows 7 apps should work just fine. Worst case scenario, he'd have to try compatibility mode. Mohammed may have to deactivate the software on the older machine and activate it on Windows 8 with some of his software.

Is it true that Xbox One has more than one operating system?

Episode 982

Matthew from Charlotte, NC

Matthew hears that the XBox One has more than one operating system. Leo says it actually has three! Under the hood, it has the central core of Windows 8. On top of that is Microsoft's HyperV, which switches in context. Lastly, there's the gaming interface for XBox. Leo says it's not really three separate operating systems so much as different user interfaces. The interesting thing is that Microsoft is using the Windows 8 kernel (even though they refuse to call it that), and Leo says it's going to be a very powerful PC with a gaming system on top of it.