Windows 8

What laptop should I get for college?

Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

Episode 1007

Kevin from La Crescenta, CA

Kevin's son is heading off to college and he's looking at laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets. He's wondering what would be the best choice for an accounting major. Leo says that Lenovo running Windows 8 is a real good choice. He should get a touch screen. Leo likes the Acer Aspire S7. It's very thin and light. Don't go cheap, because it'll be his main education and entertainment tool. If he can, he should get a professional grade laptop.

Which laptop should I buy my kid for college?

Episode 1001

Daryl from Henderson, NV

Daryl's kid is going to college and needs a laptop. Which operating system should he buy? Leo says that previous experience is important. Daryl won't be going Apple. So, that leaves Windows. Leo says that Lenovo's Business line is awesome and he can choose either Windows 7 or Windows 8. If he goes with Windows 8, he should get the touchscreen. Leo likes the Yoga.

Why do I get an error when I try to rip CDs in Windows 8?

Episode 998

Tim from Oceanside, CA

Tim has a Lenovo laptop running Windows 8 and now he has an error message that it "cannot find file" when he puts a CD in the drive. It will play a music CD, however.

Leo says that could be an issue with Windows Media player as it tries to rip the CD. Leo suggests trying a new media player and see if that will rip it. Leo likes Media Monkey. He can also reset Windows 8. When Windows 8.1 comes out in the fall, it should fix all these problems.

Why can't I get my webcam and blu-ray player to work on my home-built computer?

Episode 997

Bruce from Hisperia, CA

Bruce built his own Windows 8 rig recently. Leo says SSD drives would be great because Bruce doesn't have to wait for the drive to hunt and search for files. Bruce installed a RAM drive, something that Leo hasn't seen in awhile. RAM drives will always be fastest because it uses RAM to run the directory. Sounds like a machine that's as fast as he can get except that a RAM drive does have to push out the files and save them to the drive before shutting down. Bruce can always up the speed later with a GPU driven video card.

How do I transfer my programs from my old computer to a new one?

Episode 997

Bob from Manhattan Beach, CA

Bob wants to know if Laplink is still around. He wants to move his Windows settings and programs from one computer to another. Leo says he has a hunch that Laplink isn't around anymore, but Microsoft has a connection and transfer utility called the "EZ Transfer Wizard" that does the job rather nicely.

Leo says that in general, when getting a new computer, he should go with the most recent OS. Some of his old programs may not work under Windows 8, though.