Windows 8

How can I keep my laptop from turning on by itself?

Episode 1030

Jake from Goldendale, WA

Jake bought a couple of new computers and he's trying to get them on his network. However, he's been told by Acer that he's been bit by a virus because his computer keeps turning on when he isn't using it. Leo says that he better be careful because that can be a scam. Leo says that it depends whether or not they ask for a $300 maintenance agreement. That's the sign that they're trying to pull one over on him.

Windows Releases 8.1 Update

Episode 1023

Microsoft has released version 8.1 of Windows, but it's still two operating systems vying for your attention which Leo says is very confusing to users. While 8.1 has improved the experience, the problem is still there. Leo claims it's because Microsoft wants to move to a tablet based operating system for all devices, but they can't seem to let go of the past. At least search has been refined and the Start screen is more friendly -- If, Leo says, you can find out how to set it up.

Can I install a blu-ray player into my laptop?

Episode 1019

Matt from Hillsborough, NJ

Matt has a Lenovo laptop and he wants to install a Blu-ray player in it. Leo says that because Blu-ray is more copy protected than a DVD burner, it's more of a challenge to use it on a computer. Windows 8 does support Blu-ray, but he'll still need HDCP support which could require more software. Leo recommends looking around to see if anyone's done this with his particular laptop before he proceeds. While he's at it though, Matt should also install a solid state drive, which will make it a lot faster.

Should I switch to an iMac?

Episode 1018

Jackie from New York, NY

Jackie is considering making "the switch" to an iMac. Leo says he prefers the Mac, but there's really not that much difference now between Mac and Windows. It's largely a matter of taste. Buy business grade hardware and it'll last. Not all PCs are business grade - a lot of them are low quality consumer grade computers at low cost.

How can I install Dragon onto a Windows 8 machine?

Episode 1014

Jim from Clairmont, CA

Jim has a new computer running Windows 8, and he can't run Dragon: Naturally Speaking on it. So far, no one has been able to help him solve the issue. The chatroom also says he can try copying the files onto the hard drive and install it from there. Jim says it installs, but won't run.

Leo says that a DVD can often just be bad and Leo says that taking it back and trading it in for a new one will certainly solve the problem. The chatroom also pointed to this technote on installing it.

Steve Ballmer To Retire From Microsoft

Episode 1008

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has announced he will retire as CEO of the company in one year. Ballmer, who's tenure at the helm is best described as rocky, said his biggest regret were the problems with creating Vista. Leo says that Ballmer's inability to see rising trends has been his achilles heal. Microsoft was very late to develop a compelling smartphone, and the Surface RT caused Microsoft to write off almost $200 million. Windows 8's metro and desktop interfaces have also caused a lot of confusion among users.