windows 10

Why doesn't Windows 10 work after updating?

Episode 1502

Dale from Redondo Beach, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Dale updated to Windows 10, but when the January update came out, he ran into a lot of issues. Should he go back to Windows 7? Leo says no. That's not the answer. Lately, there have been issues with updates coming from Microsoft, and it's not unusual for some computers to have issues with large updates. A simple fix is to start fresh with Windows 10. Dale should back up his data, then format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. He should first go to Microsoft and download the Media Creation Tool. Then he can put that on a USB key and plug it in.

Why do I have to keep inputting my Windows Password?

Episode 1502

Sam from Los Angeles, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Sam took a long vacation and now he keeps getting a password challenge in Windows 10, rather than his PIN. Leo says he can't set up Windows with a PIN unless he sets a password. It's likely tied to his Microsoft account. Leo says to try that. Once he inserts it, then he's logged in. It probably reverted to the Microsoft password after a long time of inactivity. Once he uses the Windows password again, he'll be good to go.

Is buying a used computer a good idea?

Episode 1501

Sandy from Costa Mesa, CA
Windows 10

Sandy bought a used computer from a guy, and it's filled with software. Is that legit? Leo says that chances are, the computer hardware is fine, but it will be filled with pirated software that she doesn't have a right to or paid for. And chances are, it'll be a timed trial that will stop working down the road. That's a drag, especially if the timed software is Windows itself. But by then, the guy is gone. And he may also have hidden key loggers and stuff.

Why do I have to pay for Parallels again after updating to Windows 10?

Episode 1499

Terry from Amarillo, TX
Parallels for Mac

Terry has a MacBook Air, running Parallels so he can dual boot into Windows. After he upgraded to Windows 10, however, he had to upgrade Parallels and it trashed the drive. So he rebooted and reinstalled everything, and now Parallels wants him to pay for it again. Leo says that somewhere on the drive was a hidden file, perhaps in the application support folder, that has his registration data. So if he formatted the hard drive, Terry lost that data. Leo also says he'll have to reinstall Windows 7 again after installing Parallels.

Why can't I reinstall Windows 10?

Episode 1497

Marshall from Des Moines, IA
Windows 10

Marshall has a friend who needs to reinstall Windows 10. Leo says to download the Microsoft Media Installer and install it on a thumb drive. That will then enable him to install the OS from USB. Marshall says he's having trouble because it can't see his hard drive. Leo says that it sounds like it's a hybrid drive and Marshall may need to update his drivers in order to install. Leo says that Intel's 32GB SSDs were hybrid drives paired with a spinning hard drive. It's not a good solution at all. The OS is going to see two drives instead of one and when he goes to install, it may have issues.

Why can't I see my computer on my TV?

Episode 1496

Quame from Phoenix, AZ
Plugable USB 3.0 to VGA / DVI / HDMI Video Graphics Adapter

Quame routes his computer display to a TV screen using a splitter, but the TV is only being shown on one monitor, and not the one he wants. Leo says he can arrange the displays within the display settings. Leo says that the Splitter is his problem. That won't see all three devices. So he should take the splitter out. He'll need a laptop that supports multiple monitor connections.

Why can't I see images in Outlook?

Episode 1495

Ron from Charlotte, NC
Outlook Email

Ron has messed up his Outlook. Now he can't see any images in the body of the email, and it won't download any graphics. Leo says that's a good thing! Outlook disables downloading jpgs by default because they can be hacked to include malware. That's called HTML email and it's a bad idea. So he'd have to opt-in to enable it, but Leo wouldn't. Plain text emails are always best. But if he really wants to, he can go into the Trust Center and change the settings.