How can I get updates to Windows XP?

Bernie from San Dimas, CA

Episode 1318

Bernie has an old PC that he has loaded up Windows XP. How can he get the service pack updates from online? Leo says you can get them directly from Microsoft. You can get right up to April 2015. After that, Microsoft killed Windows XP development. So you can't get any more patches after that date. One workaround is that Windows XP is used in embedded systems like ATM machines. And Microsoft supports patches for embedded systems. You can change a registry key in your system to get updates until 2019.

Why can't I get on the Internet with Windows 10?

Stephanie from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1318

Stephanie updated to Windows 10 and then couldn't get on the Internet. So he downgraded back to Windows 8 and still can't get on the Internet. Leo says something is messed up. And it's why most people should just use a Chromebook. it's way easier. If theirs someone you trust who can fix it, then Leo would recommend talking to them. But really, get a chromebook.

Why doesn't my new laptop have sound?

Dennis from San Diego, CA

Episode 1317

Dennis bought a new Dell XPS 9500 computer. Leo says that Dell XPS laptops are a very good choice. But Dennis has an issue with losing his sound capability. He's also having problems streaming video. Leo says it could be the sound card but his first instinct is to look at the software, the operating system. Update the drivers. You may even have to try reinstalling Windows. Then if that doesn't work, you can think about hardware.

Why is my computer running so slow?

Joe from Valencia, CA

Episode 1316

Joe has a Dell Inspiron i7 and it slows down a lot. He's found that the best way to speed it up is to reboot, but he doesn't want to do that all the time. Leo recommends looking at his system's usage with Microsoft's Process Explorer. It could point to what applications are experiencing a memory leak. That's when programs don't release the memory when he's done using them. It could even be an extension running in the browser or Flash. It could also be a flakey hard drive.

Microsoft's First Windows 10 Update Meets Widespread Criticism

Episode 1313

Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft's first anniversary update has broken many peripherals and applications. Leo says that since it's more difficult to roll back now that the Windows 10 deadline has passed, it comes down to waiting for your device or application to fix the issue with a new update or driver. Leo says that Microsoft should take a page from Linux and have a stable version when their updates start crashing systems.

The chatroom also says that Microsoft has reduced the rollback window from 30 days to 10 days. Leo says that still should be enough to determine if you like Windows 10 or not.

Why is my SSD running slowly?

Episode 1312

Michael from Fountain, CO

Michael bought an OCZ SSD to speed up his computer, and it's much faster than the SanDisk SSD. Leo says that's because of trim. SSDs don't have to be defragged, but with trim, they can accomplish something called "wear leveling." That way the SSD won't wear out prematurely due to an overused sector. It also allows it to be consistently faster. Without trim, SSDs tend to slow down over time. The good news is that trim is built into the OS now. He doesn't need AHCI, native command queuing, or hot swapping.

What happened to my icons in Windows 10?

Jakai from Atlanta, GA

Episode 1310

Jakai built his own super gaming and video editing computer. Now his icons are disappearing in Windows 10. Leo suggests clearing the icon cache. There's also a setting for hiding desktop icons, so that could have been enabled. Multiple monitors could also cause an issue as Windows will have issues knowing where the icons go on which monitor. Jakai should try disconnecting one monitor and see if it all goes back to normal. It may be that there's a corrupted sector on the hard drive.