Is a cell phone powerful enough now to run like a desktop?

Tom from California

Episode 1356

Tom says that new computers will use cellphone processors that are so powerful, that you can undock a computer and move from terminal to terminal. Leo says that is going to be a new trend, enabling you to move your data and files along with your processor. It'll be interesting to see if it catches on.

How about fingerprint readers? Leo says that everyone is getting into that, and Qualcomm is creating their own called Snapdragon Sense. And now we're seeing that Apple is suing Qualcomm over charging royalties for patents they don't own.

Why is my internet access so slow on my computer?

Penny from

Episode 1356

Penny is having very slow access of the internet and remote desktop, sometimes it just times out. Leo suggests shutting down remote desktop to see if your browser works better, as it may be taking up resources. It's possible malware may be the culprit, but if you're not seeing anything with MalwareBytes, that's unlikely. Could be something simple like a bad network cable to your router. So start easy with swapping out the cable. Since her other computer works just fine, that eliminates the internet connection itself. So we know it's a problem with this particular computer.

Why does my Windows Explorer file tree collapse whenever I remove a USB device?

Episode 1354

Charles from Huntington Beach, CA
Multi Commander

Charles uses a lot of Explorer windows, and every time he pulls a USB device out, his entire file tree collapses. Leo would look for a way to create an Explorer window that is rooted to a specific directory, so it starts at that directory. Windows now has a "Quick Access" section in the Explorer window, and he could put folders there. This would be more of a workaround, though.

Why is Windows 7 taking so long to update?

Episode 1353

Bob from Pennsylvania
Windows Update

Bob's friend has a computer who's Windows 7 update is taking forever to install. Leo says that Microsoft has patched it seven times to try and and speed it up and in 2016 they finally fixed the issue. Chances are, an update failed and that's what caused the logjam. It also could be malware that disabled the update utility without his knowledge. Leo recommends clearing all the updates and starting over.

How can I get an old version of Windows and DOS?

Episode 1351

Drew from St. Louis, MO

Drew would like to know where he can download older versions of Windows. He has an old laptop that he upgraded to Windows 10. He's installed VirtualBox onto it so he can run an older version of Windows as well, but he can't find his old Windows CDs anywhere. Leo says that Microsoft offers older versions to developers if he gets a subscription, but it's not cheap.

Do I need to defrag my Windows computer?

Episode 1351

Jane from Manhattan Beach, CA
Windows defrag

Jane has been told to clean up and defrag her desktop every week. Is that correct? Leo says no. It's not necessary to defrag anymore as modern operating systems take care of this on their own. Additionally, for solid state drives, defragmenting is meaningless. Jane also doesn't need to use "CCleaner" to clean up her registry either. In fact, she could make things worse by trying to clean her registry. Sure, she can delete temporary files and clear caches, but all that stuff can be done directly in Windows.

Why am I getting error messages in Windows?

Mike from Calabassas, CA

Episode 1350

Mike got an error message that something had stopped working when he installed DropBox. He uninstalled it, but the error is still popping up. Leo says it sounds like the uninstall didn't get rid of all the necessary files and so the Windows registry keeps referring to them. He should go to DropBox and see if they have a removal tool. He can check his services in Task Manager too. That will tell him what it is and he can at least disable it.

How can I tell a phony email from a legitimate one?

Michael from Newcastle, PA

Episode 1347

Mike wants to know how to tell a real email from a phishing email. Leo says to hover over any link that would send him to a website, and see if the link is legitimate. He should never click on it. If it says to install something, or even asks for a credit card, don't do it. That's usually the first sign of an intent to do something nefarious.

How can I test my Linux network speed?

Jeff from Idaho Falls, ID

Episode 1346

Jeff is having speed issues on the internet with his Linux machine. How can he check for speed? Leo says that Linux has built in utilities just for this purpose. How about something that's cross platform with Windows? Leo says that is a different issue. He can run but that will only give him the speed of his internet connection, not his computer.