How can I extend my Wi-Fi signal?

Kimberly from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1076

Kimberly got a modem and router from her internet service provider, but the Wi-Fi isn't reaching to her bedroom which is 100 feet away. Leo says that's quite a distance and it sounds like Kim is at the edge of her Wi-Fi range. She could get an extender, but Leo advises using one that is the same manufacturer as her Wi-Fi router. Another option is to use the cable box router as just a modem and then get her own router and repeater. Leo suggests Netgear.

How can I improve my Wi-Fi Signal at home?

John from San Diego, CA

Episode 1073

John is frustrated with the slow speed of his wireless connection. Leo says it largely depends on the speed. 802.11n is the fastest, but it's being supplanted by 80211.ac. John has an 802.11g router and that's not as fast as n. The farther away a router is, the slower the Wi-Fi signal gets. Congestion by competing Wi-Fi access points can be an issue as well, since everyone is on the same spectrum - 2.4Ghz. That's why Leo recommends using dual band routers which also run on the 5Ghz band spectrum.

Why can't my wireless camera connect to my server?

Walt from Huntington, WV

Episode 1068

Walt and is using an old server as a home computer. He uses Alarms.com to monitor his home security system, and it works wired. But when he changes over to the wireless configuration on the camera, one of his cameras will not connect.

Leo says that there may be a DHCP conflict that's preventing it, or the password based security is the issue. He should try turning off security on the router to see if it works. It may be the older camera can't be supported with the newer security standard used by the router.

How can I wire my new house for high speed Ethernet?

Episode 1065

Rob from Laguna Beach, CA
Ethernet in wall

Rob bought an old church and he's remodeling it. He wants to install Ethernet to create a network in home. Leo says that if Rob wants Internet everywhere, the ideal time to lay down ethernet cable is when the walls are open. However, pretty much everything we do now is wireless. For music, he'll want to do wirelessly. A simple Wi-Fi analysis will show him whether Wi-Fi in his home is crowded or not. If it is, then going back to wired connections is a great idea.

How can I get my computer online if there's no internet access in the building?

Betsy from Clairmont, CA

Episode 1063

Betsy likes to play online poker. Leo says that the best way to learn how to play poker is online, although you can't play for money anymore in the US. Betsy says she's having trouble getting online and doesn't have internet in her building. Can she use her cellphone? Leo says that Betsy can use a MiFi card from Verizon. Then she could use that to go online via 4G.

Why can't my Mac print to my wireless printer?

Ray from Tennessee

Episode 1063

Ray has a friend who just bought a MacBook Air and he's having trouble connecting to his Canon wireless printer. He can print when it's hardwired, but not wirelessly. Leo says that he's used a Canon Pixma wireless printer for years. The question is, will it print with any other computer? If so, then it isn't a network issue. Leo says to remove the printer and then add it again. It may have had a problem when it was first added. Leo also recommends using the Apple drivers as opposed to the separate drivers from Canon.

Should I be concerned about my security with a long range Wi-Fi antenna?

Episode 1055

Bill from Los Angeles, CA
Wi-Fi antenna

Bill saw an ad for long range WiFi antenna that will enable him to pick up signals 1000 feet away. Should he be concerned with security? Leo says no. A receiver won't extend his Wi-Fi signal. For that, he would need a Wi-Fi extender. There are several of them.

If he's looking to "borrow a cup of WiFi," it won't work, and would be rather unethical without the permission of the Wi-Fi Host. Leo recommends FreedomPop. He'll have to buy the hotspot, but after that, the data is free.

How can I get internet radio without a smartphone?

Episode 1050

Lynn from California
Grace Digitial Internet Radio

Lynn wants to know she could get to receive internet radio without needing a smartphone. Leo says he uses one from Grace Digital which is also an alarm clock. She would have to have wireless internet access, though. Lynn also wants a portable option. Leo says that a radio over a 3G or 4G connection will do. A smartphone, for instance, can do this with the right app. An iPod Touch would also work. Again, she would still need an internet access, though.

Why are OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 causing so many problems?

Todd from Freedonia

Episode 1047

Todd has been having a lot of problems getting his 2009 iMac to boot with Mavericks, and he's been having problems with audio cutting out when watching videos. Leo says that Mavericks seems to have a lot of bugs, and since most of them are not consistent on every machine, it's hard for Apple to fix them. We put Apple up on a pedestal, and expect more from them, but there are bugs and problems nonetheless. Leo says that his installation sounds particularly bad, so he should try reinstalling Mavericks. If the problem persists, it could be that he has a failing hard drive.