Why are stores not using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Episode 1183

Clarence from Norway, MI

Clarence has been using Apple Pay and he says more locations are refusing to accept it. Leo says that the problem with Apple Pay is that the merchant doesn't get any information about the customer, just the money transfer. And that information has real value to them. Walmart created a coalition of vendors that shares information about consumers and more businesses are using it for that reason, but it's a terrible solution that takes longer to use.

Are smaller wireless companies good?

Cell phone

Episode 1125

Brian from Orange, CA

Brian is looking beyond the "big three" of cellphone carriers and wants to know which one of the smaller mobile carriers are best. Leo says that most of the smaller carriers, known as "mobile virtual network operators" (MVNOs), buy their network service at a discount rate from the big three, often times Sprint, and then resell it. And it's often a better value than the big three. Straight Talk Wireless from Walmart, for instance, is one such MVNO. Which one is best will depend on which of the big three's are best in Brian's area.

What third party cellular service should I look at?

Episode 936

Gene from Los Angeles, CA

Walmart has a phone service which offers unlimited texting and calling, and Gene is wondering if that's a good deal. Leo says that Walmart is an MVNO (virtual network operator), meaning they resell another company's service, which is T-Mobile. They also offer Sprint's True Connect. There are some limitations because it may not include a lot of data, if any. He should read closely at what he's getting.