What computer should I get for video editing and 3D rendering?

Doug from Sacramento, CA

Episode 1299

Doug has been taking a lot video classes with Adobe Premiere and After Effects and his HP computer performance wasn't all that great. Leo says that when you buy a computer at Costco you're not going to get a pro grade device. If you're being slowed down by rendering, you not only want a lot of RAM, but also put in an SSD drive That will make your PC scream. A good Nvidia or ATI Radeon video card will give you a fast GPU to handle the rendering instead of your PC's processor. That's what Premiere relies on, the GPU.

How can I get my Windows 10 computer to boot up?

Mike from Rockland, CA

Episode 1286

Mike is having an issue where Windows is just flickering. All he can do is shut down and reboot. It could be a bad update, so Leo recommends downloading a clean build of Windows 10 from Micorosoft with the Media Creator Tool. It will build him a key that he can put on USB and then wipe his hard drive and start over. That could fix it. If it doesn't, his computer may not be compatible and he may need to install Windows 8 instead. If that doesn't fix it, then there's a hardware issue. But a clean install should solve the problem.

Should I upgrade my iMac for editing 360° Video?

Episode 1283

Rich from Westville, IL
Apple 4K and 5K iMacs

Rich is looking to upgrade his 2005 iMac to process videos with Final Cut Pro. Leo says that Final Cut will use the Graphics Processor Unit to render, so he'll want to get not only a faster Intel processor, but a faster video card.

The new iMac has a gorgeous screen, but he may get more benefit out of a Mac Pro since it has dual graphics cards and a Xenon processor. Since Rich wants to shoot 360° video, it'll take about 4 hours for every minute shot to encode and process it.

How can I record and broadcast "Let's Play" gaming videos?

Episode 1252

Jeremy from Studio City, CA
Razer Stargazer

Jeremy plays Minecraft and several other video games and he wants to record his gameplay and broadcast it online. Leo says that if he's gaming with a PC, then Razer's Stargazer camera is ideal because it will make him look like he's actually in the game as he does commentary. For software, FRAPS is what he'll want. Some games have it built-in.

Why does it take so long to upload my videos to YouTube?

John from Yorba Linda, CA

Episode 1220

John records his daughter's volleyball games and he's having issues uploading the 4K video. Leo says that's not surprising. We're all uploading more, and bandwidth is usually "asymmetric" where download speeds are much faster than upload speeds. John could pay for the next tier of service. If he has Google Fiber in his area, it's symmetric which is much faster.

What camcorder should I buy?

Episode 1218

Timothy from Michigan
Sony RX100

Timothy wants to know what camcorder should he buy. Leo says that point and shoot cameras have great video recording capabilities now and the Sony RX100 is great. The Olympus OM-D will allow him to have interchangable lenses. But the bottom line is, he'll likely shoot most of his video with his mobile phone anyway. So he shouldn't get a separate camcorder. But what about long shots? Leo says he doesn't really want long video shots.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1217

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is the RICOH THETA S 360 degree camera. It has two 14 MP cameras, N/S, E/W and it shoots 1080p video. It's the size of a TV remote and after you shoot your video, it processes the video so you can see the entire 360 spectrum. Maximum recording time of video with the new model is 25 minutes using the 8GB of built in memory. It also does live streaming video. Supported by YouTube as well. Cost is $349, and will be available in November.