Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1433

Chris Marquardt

Chris is about to go on a photography trip and he wanted to talk about packing for it. Chris says there's your checked baggage and your carry-on baggage. Never pack your camera into checked luggage. Always just bring your camera with you. Don't pack your film, either. It won't survive the security X-Ray scan. Batteries also need to be in your carry-on luggage. You can check your tripod in your luggage, though.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1285

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet took his dad to Kentucky to attend the Derby, about 100 yard short of the finish line.

App of the week - FILLD. It's like Uber for gas. If you need gas, they'll bring it to you for only a $5 service charge. It's available on Android and iOS. It's currently in testing in Silicon Valley, but there are plans to roll it out nationwide.

What's the best way to get data on your phone when traveling overseas?

Diane from Orange County, CA

Episode 1084

Diane is going to be traveling to Switzerland and wants to be able to use her phone and tablets locally. Leo says since she uses AT&T's service, she can request that they unlock her phone for the trip so she can buy a local SIM. She's also going to three other countries, and that will cause issues as well.

'Digital Nomad' Survival Tips From Mike Elgan

Episode 1021

Mike Elgan has become a 'digital nomad'. He sold his house, put everything in storage, and has been living wherever he feels like for the past year and half. He's written an article about his experiences on how to travel with technology.

Digital nomad survival tips you can use anywhere (ComputerWorld)…

Sebastian Harrison

Episode 989

Sebastian Harrison of Cellular Abroad joins Leo to talk about using a smartphone abroad. Most of Leo's friends are geeks and care more about data than making phone calls. Sebastian says that carriers have more solutions that involve not using your service, than using it! Everyone has different needs, but for a smartphone, it makes sense to take out your SIM and use a local SIM which will give you $10 a GB. Leo asks if international roaming is the issue? Sebastian says yes, it is, and it's expensive.

Johnny Jet

Episode 963

Johnny Jet says that American Airlines is testing a new boarding procedure which lets people on without carry on luggage right after first class and families board. Johnny Jet tweeted it and now everyone knows about it. Southwest, Alaska and Frontier are doing it as well.