thumb drives

How can I image a hard drive to a large thumb drive?

Episode 1435

Mike from Norwich, CT
DriveImage XML

Mike has a 1 TB thumb drive that shows up as a 2 TB drive. Leo says it could have been mislabeled. He should look in his disk management console. He can get there by right clicking on the Start menu, and selecting disk management. It will give him a more accurate indication of the size. If it's 2TB, then it was mislabeled. Also, since Mike bought it off eBay, it's something to be careful with. Can he use it to copy another hard drive? Leo says sure. He should try DriveImage XML to do it.

Will USB become obsolete?

Episode 1335

Rowan from San Bernardino, CA
Transcend JetFlash 790 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Rowan wonders if USB thumb drives are becoming obsolete like so many other data drives before it. Leo says that no format will last forever, but there's still plenty of life left in USB. We need to keep an eye on how technology progresses and transfer the data over when the time comes, though. Rowan will likely be able to get an adapter for USB-C, which is the current standard. The other thing he can do is use an open source backup, like TAR, which will make the backup easily transferrable. The best way is to go into the cloud, though. He should have both.

How can I transfer images from my camera to a thumb drive without a computer?

Sam from Idaho

Episode 1225

Sam would like to create modern baby book via thumb drives, transferring the images from a digital camera directly. Leo says that there are Wi-Fi enabled SD cards called EyeFi, which allow users to transfer the images directly to a computer. Some cameras have something called "USB On the Go" thanks to their Android operating system. However, Doctor Mom also says that HIPPA privacy regulations could be an issue there, though. The best method would probably be just to give them the SD card.