SpaceX Launches the Falcon Heavy

Episode 1461

Space X StarMan - Tesla in Space

Leo says that the Space X Falcon Heavy rocket launch, with two boosters automatically landing afterwards, was a triumph of engineering (even though one crashed in the ocean). The fun part was using Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster as ballast with a mannequin dressed in a spacesuit, playing Bowie's Space Oddity on the stereo. What a great test, and the PR stunt of the century for Tesla, with hundreds of thousands watching the live stream of StarMan orbiting the earth before heading off to Mars.

Tesla Announces New Roadster Car and an Electric Semi Truck

Episode 1441

Tesla Semi

Tesla founder Elon Musk has announced a new Roadster and an electric semi truck. Elon made a lot of money in his youth by creating an e-payment system that eventually merged with Paypal. He then used that money to fund a couple of other ventures, including SpaceX, with plans for colonizing Mars in the next ten years or even sooner. The other company he founded was Tesla which started with the Model S electric car. He then added other models like the Model X and more recently the Model 3.

How can I get AM radio in my Tesla?

Episode 1422

Wally from Fullerton, CA
Tesla Model X

Wally recently bought a Tesla Model X. It's a great car, but he can't get AM radio. Leo says that electric motors in the car generate too much interference, according to Tesla. But Leo doesn't buy that since the Model S has an AM radio. It also has streaming radio through the car's LTE connection and he can listen to TWiT's live stream before the radio station even gets it. It's on TuneIn. He could also connect his iPhone via Bluetooth and stream iHeartRadio.

Tesla Launched the Model 3, Starting at $35,000

Episode 1403

On Friday, Tesla launched its more affordable $35,000 car, the Model 3. The thing that's been keeping these cars so expensive is because of the batteries it requires. Teslas have a long range of 200+ miles, which means it needs bigger batteries. Tesla has put batteries in the chassis for this, which is a good place to put them because it gives the car more stability and keeps it out of the way. The price of these batteries has been dropping considerably, though.

Learn more about the Tesla Model 3 at tesla.com.

Are electric cars safe for the environment?

Episode 1403

Sandra from Fullerton, CA
Tesla Model S

Sandra hears that the lithium ion batteries in Tesla cars aren't recyclable and that Tesla simply dumps them in the ocean. Leo says that isn't accurate. They are recycling, but they can be difficult to recycle because if they're exposed to the air, the inside of the batteries can catch on fire. They are recyclable and it takes about a decade or two before they will be replaced. By then, the recycling technology will have improved as well.

Department of Transportation Concludes Tesla Crash Investigation

Episode 1357

Tesla Autosteer

An interesting fact emerged from the US Highway Safety Investigation of the Tesla on Autopilot that killed its driver. While it didn't save the driver in this case, the data from all Teslas with autopilot show that it does save lives. The driver of the vehicle in question wasn't paying attention, and as a result, was the victim of his own negligence.

Read more at Mashable.com

Tesla Model S Crashes Into Truck, Kills Driver While on Autopilot

Episode 1301

Tesla Autopilot

A Tesla Model S crashed into a truck at highway speeds, killing the driver, all while on autopilot. Tesla is the first car company to put true autonomy into its cars. Many cars today have some autonomous features, such as blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, lane control, and more. Teslas take it a step further, and can actually change lanes automatically and follow a route. Autopilot is disabled unless you opt-in for it, and Tesla says it's still in a public beta.

Is Tesla's autopilot feature safe?

Episode 1301

Bill from Glendora, CA
Tesla Autopilot

Bill has a Tesla with the autonomous driving feature and he likes it a lot, but sometimes it can "misbehave." It won't change lanes unless he uses the turn signal to do so. It really does its job though, when in stop and go traffic. Leo says that is part of adaptive cruise control and it's great. Bill feels safe using the autonomous features. Leo says that even so, it's important to treat it as a driver assist and pay close attention to how it operates so he can take action should he need to.

Autonomous Vehicles Have First Reported Fatality

Episode 1301

Tesla has become the first car maker to have true autonomy in their cars, but they also now have the sad distinction of being the fist autonomous car to suffer a fatality. Leo says that while tragic, auto pilot is not perfect. Autopilot is better than human drivers who are honestly terrible drivers, but it won't ever be perfect in the fluid nature of driving in traffic. And crashes will happen. Leo also says don't treat autopilot like it's infallible and ignore what's going on. Think of it more as "driver assist." Pay attention. That way if anything happens, you can take action.