Should I switch to AT&T?

Episode 1029

Zack from Dickinson, ND

Zack is thinking of switching from Verizon to AT&T because he wants to get the Nexus 5 Google phone. But he just renewed his plan. Leo says he doesn't know what the early termination fee is, but it's not trivial. Leo says that if you want to just talk and text, you could use it as a WiFi device until then and use Tango or Skype to make calls when it suits you. But if you want to use 3G or LTE data, then yeah, you're stuck. Check out T-Mobile though.

What smartphone should I buy?

Episode 1024

Wendy from

Wendy needs to buy a new smartphone. Suggestions? Leo says that the first thing to do is look at your carrier. It impacts what phone you get because you may not have a choice of the phone you want. And Third party carriers like TING ties into Sprint. Page Plus has Verizon. Metro PCS is T-Mobile. So it's important to pay attention to coverage maps. And you won't be able to subsidize if you're not going under contract and that means full price.

What do I do if I think the phone I bought was stolen?

Episode 1004

Greg from Springfield, IL

Greg bought a used Samsung Galaxy S2 and it worked for a month before a previous owner blacklisted it, preventing him from using it. Leo says Greg likely bought a stolen phone. He can unlock the phone and that would allow it to be reactivated again. Then Greg can put an AT&T SIM in it and use it again, but it's dead with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Announces Jump Program, Other Companies Follow Suit

Episode 997

T-Mobile has announced the "Jump" program, which would allow T-Mobile subscribers to jump to a new phone after just six months with no penalty. Users will continue to pay the monthly fee and hand in their old phone to exchange for a new phone.

Almost instantly, AT&T and Verizon both announced their own upgrade plans -- "Next" and "Edge" respectively. Leo says that the upgrade programs are just not worth it because you end up paying fees for the priviledge every month. It ends up being over $1000 more. Leo thinks users are better off just buying an unlocked phone.

What's the best phone carrier for a trucker?

Episode 983

Herbert from Oregon

Herbert has a Sprint Unlimited Data Plan, but he's got bad Sprint coverage and he roams a lot. He gets roaming charges and even gets cut off until the next month. Leo says it comes down to getting a carrier that has good coverage where he is. As a trucker, it makes sense to pay close attention to coverage maps. All carriers have their quirks. Leo recommends T-Mobile because he has an unlimited plan for $70, and because it isn't widely used, he seldom runs into slow downs.