How can I stream video with my DSLR?

Ron from Tustin, CA

Episode 1166

Ron's son has an account on The Cube, a high school sports streaming site. Ron would like to use his DSLR to stream live to it. But it won't work via USB. Leo says that USB isn't designed for a live video feed. Live video may be able ot be used via HDMI. So if that works, then you need an HDMI converter or video capture device to then be able to convert it for the stream. And if you're computer has HDMI in, then you're golden. He did get it to work, but his menu settings showed up in the feed. Leo says there's menu settings in the camera that can turn that off. Except the battery.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1165

Scott wants to chime in on Net Neutrality since it does affect Home Theater Geeks who rely on streaming video. If there had been tiered access, it could affect our entertainment options. Leo says that there hasn't really been a prime example of this, save Comcast and Verizon shaking down Netflix for "interconnect." But that's a prime example of what Scott calls "paid prioritization." And this Net Neutrality decision should stop that. But internet service providers are going to sue against the new rules as well. So it's not over yet.

Is the Chromecast a good way to get more TV content without buying more Dish channels?

Daniel from Lake Forest, CA

Episode 1161

Daniel is wondering if a Google Chromecast would be a good way to get more content without buying more Dish channels. He also was wondering if he could get local channels. Leo says he wouldn't get local channels with a Chromecast. The Supreme Court's decision against Aereo, a service that would stream local channels for a small fee, it will be unlikely for awhile to get local channels online.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1155

Scott Wilkinson

This week, Scott joins us to talk about how this week is one of the biggest weeks to buy a new TV. The Super Bowl is one of the things that keeps live TV going, and streaming the big game has been done over the last few years. According to Variety, NBC will be streaming the big game as part of an 11 hour block on There will also be 4K cameras shooting the action for instant replay, so they can zoom in and still have high def images. Leo would love to see a UHD version of the game.

Google Sets Prohibitive New Rules for YouTube Musicians

Episode 1155


A YouTube musician named Zoe Keating is resisting YouTube's latest demands that all musicians sign a draconian, 5 year agreement to provide ads on all music videos, make the entire music catalog available, and release exclusively on YouTube first. She would also be prohibited from putting any music on other free services like BandCamp or SoundCloud.

How can I troubleshoot my streaming buffering issues?

Episode 1153

Jeff from San Tan Valley, AZ

Jeff has great bandwidth - 100Mbps down - but when he's streaming on his TV, he gets constant buffering. Leo says that smart apps on a TV are terrible. So Leo advises avoiding them and going with a streaming box like the Roku. Jeff says it's also happening with the Fire TV, though. Jeff is mostly having a hard time streaming DirecTV content. He has a SWiM box which is connected over the LAN in his house to his DirecTV receiver. There shouldn't ever be buffering, so Leo thinks it's the SWiM box.

Is the Surface Pro 3 a good first tablet?

Episode 1153

Donald from Chicago, IL
Windows Surface Pro 3

Donald wants to know if the Windows Surface Pro 3 would make a good first tablet. Leo says that it's a great tablet that runs full Windows. But it's more of a computer than a tablet. That would give him the option to attach a keyboard and turn it into a full blown laptop. It's over $1,000, so it's not cheap for a tablet. If all Don needs is a device to play movies and such, then it's overkill.

What's the minimum bandwidth I need to stream Hulu?

Episode 1152

Brandon from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Brandon wants to know what the minimum bandwidth is that he can get away with to stream Hulu Plus. Leo says for a good quality stream, he'll want at least 5 Mbps down. But that doesn't meant that's what he would get all the time. Beware of the term "up to." Run to get an idea what the sustained throughput is. That will give him an idea. But if he's sharing bandwidth with the neighborhood, then it could be less.

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX a good tablet?

Episode 1151

Dora from Winnetka, CA
Amazon Fire HDX

Dora is looking to buy a tablet and she's looking at the Kindle Fire HDX. Leo says it's a good option, but it depends on what she wants to use it for. For the price, it's a good choice. How can she connect it to the TV? Leo says that some tablets have a miniHDMI port, so she would want to use that. Or she can use a technique called MiraCast, which will connect to the TV via DLNA, where it would broadcast it to the TV wirelessly. She would need a Chromecast, which for $35 is a good choice.

How can I start my own internet radio station?

Episode 1146

Louis from Ontario, CAN
Radio Microphone

Louis wants to experiment with ShoutCast. What is an affordable Shoutcast server hosting service? Leo says that he doesn't recommend running his own internet radio service and it could even be a violation of his ISPs terms of service. Leo recommends using They have a free version and paid version. It's where most people go for this live streaming option. It also does playlists.