How can I create a web TV station?

Jay from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Episode 1238

Jay has a website that broadcasts youth sports, but now he wants to create a TV station online -- like ESPN for youth sports. Leo says that is a great idea and something he knows a little about. It's also the future of broadcasting. Leo says that there are a few sites that do this, and Universities are also taking hold of the idea. Jay can get started for free on UStream. That way they can handle the scaling up of bandwidth when more people get wind of the service.

Why should I pay for a music service when YouTube has it for free?

Dean from Denver, CO

Episode 1231

Dean wonders why people pay for Pandora and Spotify for their music when every song is on YouTube. Leo says that's a good question. YouTube also has it's own music service for $10 a month. It's really convenient. And many also use Apple Music as well. But if it's possible to just make a playlist and watch YouTube, then why not? The only thing is that he'd have to deal with ads.

Starting on Monday, YouTube will launch YouTube Red ad free for $10 a month, and if you already have Google Music, you get it for free.

Should I buy a Red Rhino streaming box?

Jacob from Cookville, TN

Episode 1231

Jacob has heard of a Red Rhino streaming box for $400. Is it legit? Leo says that price is crazy. It's based on Android TV and it could be that expensive because it has access to pirated TV stations, which is illegal. Specs are not impressive either. They're overcharging for what he'd get, and it even uses CODI, a free media center player based on XBox Media Center. But make no mistake, it steals movies and TV shows and there's a good chance it'll be rendered useless when Hollywood shuts them down.

Why won't my computer boot up?

Gail from Huntington Beach, CA

Episode 1226

Gail would like to listen to Leo's show live on her phone. How does she do that? Leo says it may be easier to just listen to it from the website directly. She can use the TWIT App in the Google Play store. Leo uses the one by FConn. Leo is having an official TWiT app made, so that'll be coming up soon. TuneIn is a great app for it, as is iHeartRadio.

Why can't my tablet stream Netflix?

Christie from Valencia, CA

Episode 1221

Christie just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note V. Leo says to be careful with stylus because you can easily get it stuck if you put it in the wrong way. She bought it because it came with a free tablet, but she has to pay an extra $10 a month for data and Netflix won't work. She's frustrated because everybody blames the other guy. When she took it back, it worked fine at the store. Leo says that indicates that Christie's Wi-Fi connection is suspect. Leo says it could be a problem with AT&T's UVerse and their router.

How can I stream music without exceeding the data cap on my phone?

Episode 1219

Albert from Henderson, NV
T-Mobile Music Freedom

Albert wants to know if there's any way to stream audio on his phone without killing his data caps. Leo says no. It'll use what it uses, but T-Mobile offers a way around this. They have deals with some of the streaming services and they don't count it against your data. T-Mobile calls it "Music Freedom".

T-Mobile is very aggressive with great packages that include stuff like this, which is one of the reasons Leo likes them.

How can I stream the games I play on the Internet?

Christopher from California

Episode 1218

Christopher streams videos of his gameplay on and his computer is starting to bog down. Leo says those "Let's Play" videos are huge, but it really does tax the processor power when it's juggling both high performance gameplay and streaming. Most use two computers networked together so that one plays the game while the other broadcasts the videos, but Leo says that's not ideal, actually.