Should I get a hybrid drive?

Episode 1033

Scott from Arizona

Scott wants to upgrade to a Solid State drive but wonders about the hybrid drive. Leo says that Hybrid drives are basically supposed to be the best of both worlds, with the faster speed of an SSD and the storage capacity of the HDD. In reality, they don't work as well as the solid state drives Leo prefers. In fact, benchmarks show that they're very disappointing. Leo suggests getting an SSD for his programs, and an external spinning drive for data storage.

How can I replace the hard drive in a Macbook?

Episode 936

Luka from British Columbia, Canada

Most laptops make it easy to remove and replace the drive. Definitely make sure to backup all data first. Luka is also wondering whether to go SSD when replacing this drive. Leo says that SSD is faster, but also more expensive. The drives aren't as big as spinning drives, but Luka's mom may not need that much storage anyway. Check out for a good deal on a Mac hard drive.