How can I speed up my computer while I'm online?

Episode 1062

Jack from Liverpool, UK

Jack wants to know if an SSD will make his MacBook Pro perform better. He's noticed that it takes longer to open websites. Leo says it absolutely will. SSDs are very fast and it's likely that Jack's regular hard drive is starting to fail. So now is the right time to make a change. The other thing to do is reset Safari, which will clear out the cache, cookies, and website history. He should also remove his extensions. That can slow things down as well.

Is Windows Encryption safe?

Episode 1056

Brad from San Jose, CA

Brad is planning to build a Windows 8.1 rig and is curious as to how Windows 8 will handle the SSD drive and if Windows eDrive will be good encryption. Leo says it will work just fine. And you really do need to encrypt anything you put on an SSD drive because it doesn't really delete everything. But encryption software from Microsoft may have a back door on it for the Feds. But if that's not your worry, then Windows E will work great for basic protection. But if you're really paranoid and concerned, then Leo advises using TrueCrypt.

Can I boost my SSD performance with AHCI?

Episode 1052

Jeff from Oklahoma

Jeff just installed an SSD into his Lenovo desktop, but he can't enable AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). Leo says it's in the kernel, but it doesn't mean it has to be enabled. Leo suggests using native mode since Jeff only has one drive anyway. He'll get the best performance he can for SATA 2, but he'll still have a speed improvement over the old hard drive.

Why isn't my SSD faster than my old hard drive?

Crucial SSD

Episode 1046

William from Mont Claire, VA

William bought a solid state drive and didn't really notice an improvement in speed. Leo says that SSDs are faster at reading data than spinning drives because there's no seek time. However, if the PC is older, the I/O bus may become the bottleneck. The SATA port needs to be at least SATA3 to take advantage of the SSD. He may need to get a better motherboard. The newer way to do it is to use a PCIExpress SSD and add a PCIe card. Then he would see a significant boost in performance.

Should I get a hybrid drive?

Episode 1033

Scott from Arizona

Scott wants to upgrade to a Solid State drive but wonders about the hybrid drive. Leo says that Hybrid drives are basically supposed to be the best of both worlds, with the faster speed of an SSD and the storage capacity of the HDD. In reality, they don't work as well as the solid state drives Leo prefers. In fact, benchmarks show that they're very disappointing. Leo suggests getting an SSD for his programs, and an external spinning drive for data storage.

How can I replace the hard drive in a Macbook?

Episode 936

Luka from British Columbia, Canada

Most laptops make it easy to remove and replace the drive. Definitely make sure to backup all data first. Luka is also wondering whether to go SSD when replacing this drive. Leo says that SSD is faster, but also more expensive. The drives aren't as big as spinning drives, but Luka's mom may not need that much storage anyway. Check out for a good deal on a Mac hard drive.